Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 02, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, beloved souls. I come. I am Jesus. I come to be with you in prayer. My beloved brothers and sisters upon this world, know that I am close with each one of you and that I have prayed with each one of you. At times when your prayers are earnest to receive the great gift of God’s Love into your souls, know that I have come and doubled the intensity of that prayer through my presence with you, opening a great portal of light that is to your benefit. 

So I come today for the same purpose. I wish for you to know that this portal of  light that has been opened through your prayers is powerful and intense, filled with many colours and blessings from God pouring forth upon you all and upon this world. As you continue to pray together, you strengthen this great web of light, this Lattice of Light as you call it. You intensify the bonds between you. You create a structure of light in the world that is a powerful benefit, not only to you but to humanity and to this world.

Continue in your prayers and your efforts together to strengthen this Lattice. Think of your brothers and sisters in love. Think of this purpose that God has given us all to create this light through His blessings and our efforts in prayer. As te Lattice intensifies, as the light grows within your souls and between you and your brothers and sisters, so God may utilize these blessings and benefits of this Lattice for those who are connected to you.

As you continue in these efforts, so other souls will be ignited in their desire to join you. So the Lattice will grow and encompass the world as it is meant to be enveloping your world in light, a light that will heal, a light that will bring peace and comfort, a light that will change the minds of men from that of the material desires and open the opportunity and possibilities for their souls to communicate with their conscious self and bring the desire to reach out to God. This is God’s plan for humanity, to awaken to their own deep potentials, their own beautiful souls, and for their souls to be ignited by God’s Touch upon them whether that be through the natural love and the purification of their soul or the Divine Love and the transformation of their soul.

So it must be in your world that all of humanity must awaken to their true selves, to the great potentials which lie within them, to the transformation that must come to the entire world so that this world may flourish in light and harmony and peace. We work together, beloved souls. We in the Celestial Kingdom, you upon the earthly planes, and all the beautiful spirits that join us, we work together in a mighty movement that is blessed and guided by God to awaken humanity to truth, to awaken humanity to light, to bring all the blessings that God may give provided those of you upon the Earth have a deep desire to receive, to be attuned, to be in harmony with God, and to be in alignment with God.

May that humility and grace of the soul bubble forth to the consciousness of each individual, bringing them to an understanding, a truth, a knowing that God loves them and that they, in turn, may reach God and that God may be a Truth, a Living Truth within them and in their lives. Thus, with your efforts, bringing light to the world and enriching this Lattice of Light. Thus bringing to your own minds each and every day thoughts of God, thoughts of light and love, thoughts that do not include the fears and errors that humanity is so engaged within. So you serve God in light in this way, so you are a light in the world.

May you continue to be a light, beloved souls. May you be blessed with God’s Hand upon you, that you may feel and know and envelop this truth within you. That God’s Love may enter your souls in great abundance, that you may know the deep peace that comes with God’s Touch, that you may feel the fluttering of your soul, its heart in response to God’s Touch upon you, this awakening continuing, this awakening bringing the life, the truth, and the way that is God’s Love.