Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 21, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Matthew. We see great promise in your efforts for to see a group of individuals band together in their desire to bring the Truth of God’s Love to the world brings cause for great rejoicing in the Celestial Heavens. For how far this world is from these truths? In just about every instance and respect, the world lives in error and an atmosphere that lacks love, and with conditions that are contrary to God’s laws. 

How else might the world know of this error? How else will the world be confronted with its condition and lack of love but with those brave souls who are willing to step forward and speak truth in the form and way that they are able? So, we continue to work with each one of you to help you to expand the light and understanding of truth with soul perceptions and awakening of the soul through God’s Love so that you are prepared for the times to come.

As you are prepared and come to a place of readiness, so God will open many doors to you. Many manifestations may come through you to help others who are blind and deaf and dumb to their own spiritual nature and come to understand who they truly are, to understand that God loves them dearly and that their life is meant to be an expression of all that they are including their own souls.

Your message is simple, beloveds, but that message needs the power and expression that will resound not only within the souls of those you speak to and demonstrate the truths to, but also within their minds which is a far greater challenge for all of us. The minds of humanity have become so developed and focused upon that the soul is lost in a sea of thought, a sea of darkness.

So, we come to this challenge together to help convince humanity of the truth and we all step forward,  we in spirit and you upon the fleshy plane to help humanity see clearly, unequivocally, what is truth. If but a portion of humanity could see without the distortions of the mind turning truth into error, distorting love so that it becomes a desire of the flesh or a desire for power, control, and all human conditions. Rather to see love as it clearly is and created by God, both the love that God has placed within you and the Love that God yearns to put within you.

Love is the key to the awakening of humanity. Each of you carries the key to open up the treasure trove of the soul. Each of you are instruments of God. Each of you have been given the gift of this key, a clear understanding of its power, the power of the truth that resides within each of you. As such, you are given a great deal of responsibility for very few carry this truth and understand its power as do you, beloved souls. 

We beseech you to continue to prepare yourselves, to walk clearly in the Truth of God’s Love, and to put aside those things that continue to reside within your minds, the patterns of your minds, the emotions of your minds which inhibit the flow of love and the expression of light. For when you step forward into a world in chaos, a world in deep need, a world filled with fear and mistrust, if you carry these vestiges of darkness, these patterns of behaviour that do not reflect love, then those who gaze upon you will be quick to judge. 

If you are to be the instruments that you so yearn to be and your souls surely can be, you must discipline your mind and weed out all of those aspects of your daily expressions that are not wholly of love, respect, empathy, acceptance, clarity, and love. This is not an easy task for it is the most challenging task that you have before you. But we cannot continue to coddle you and put aside the issues that are laid before each of you.

This is not a common refrain from an angel but indeed you have elected to step forward and step up in light and truth and to demonstrate truth in all aspects of your life. It is human to rationalize and to ignore those things that are so very common and deeply attached to your personality and your behaviour. But if you are truly to be a clear channel of God’s Love and the expression of God’s Will in your life, then those things that are not in harmony with this must be released.

I am not suggesting that you are required to go through every detail, to what you call “processing” every thought and word that comes to your mind and to expunge all emotions by willfully doing so. This is the path of the natural love, this process that I speak of. Rather, it requires an expression of the faith that continues to build within you and the love that continues to cleanse you. 

You are not children any more. You are coming to a place where God is placing more responsibility upon you and is upholding you in accordance to your own efforts to uphold yourself. We have talked of the power of prayer, the power of receiving the great gift of God’s Love. We have talked about your responsibility often. But we find that the words that we speak and the efforts that we make are often ignored though you appreciate what we have to say and you carry those thoughts forward to some degree. But often they are lost in the great blizzard of thought and experience of life.

So, we repeat ourselves numerous times, for we are patient and our love for you is great as you well know. But in order to achieve what you have elected to achieve, the onus is upon you to remove the vestiges of darkness that is within you, not through intellectually rationalizing them away for this does not accomplish the task. It is through prayer and vigilance for any time you allow a negative and dark thought and emotion to enter within you, to be created by you, you open the door for the influence of dark spirits and the influence of others upon this world and the power of the human condition to sway your thinking and doing.

This is all too common in your world. Unless there are those who can be examples of how to combat these conditions, this temptation, this sin as it has been called, then how can you teach? How can you convince? How can you lead others upon the path of redemption and light, love and freedom? 

You band together upon a path that seeks for the highest, upon a path where love is expressed freely, clearly, and beautifully, upon a path that is in deep relationship with your Creator and all that is of your Creator. Ideally, you would all be free of these conditions that are contrary to this. Ideally, you would know the deep joy, the wonderment, the satisfaction of being within the flow of God’s Love, that mighty river that God places before you at all times. But you are human, though you continue to strive for something that is not human. You strive for a soul redeemed in Love, transformed by this forever more.

So we will continue to work with you, to help you to fulfill these desires, fulfill the mandate that God has placed before you. We make great effort to do so and we urge you to make great effort to increase the light within you and around you. To not allow the human condition to lessen this light and to bring you to a place of mediocrity rather than the vitality, the power, and the wonderment of a soul expressing its true self.

Yes, deep challenges for each of you. Know that we do not expect perfection. We are realistic in our expectations of you but we urge you forward to indeed strive for the highest and the greatest good, to not allow your minds to control so much of your behaviour that is not loving or reflective of truth. We do not say these things to engender guilt. We continue in our love and appreciation of each and every one of you. You are beautiful souls. Our desire is that every aspect of that beauty, that wonderment which is you be expressed fully in your lives for this is the way forward. 

This is the way that you may bring the key that you possess forward to humanity as your gifts are expressed and the wisdom of your soul illuminates your actions so that the power of the Love of God within you dictates every word, every breath, every aspect of your life. This is possible. This has been demonstrated by others who have walked the Earth. Now it is your turn to demonstrate the truth of love, the power of love, the transformative qualities of love that will heal the world from all the wounds and the darkness and the error, the pain, and the fear, and transform these things into joy and love, truth and expression of truth.

We are all with you, beloved souls. We all continue upon this journey together. You are deeply loved, deeply loved. Yes, God continues to uplift you, even when you do not feel this upliftment, do not look to God but look to yourself and think about what it is within you that continues to hold you down from that place of light and openness and expansion which is God’s Touch, God’s Grace upon you. 

Every day presents its challenges but every day also brings to you great blessings and opportunities to grow and to learn, to express yourselves as God’s channels of love. May you continue to see each day in these eyes and in this way so that you have the impetus and encouragement within yourself to strive for something higher and in greater light.

Each of you are deeply blessed. Each of you are worthy for none of God’s children are unworthy. God does not hold back His blessings to anyone. Put aside your fears, your doubts, those thoughts which impede your efforts and be constantly in the Grace of God for this is where you belong and this is where great effort is being made to sustain you in this light.

 I believe I have said enough today. Yes, we speak with seriousness. Our words may be challenging to some but we must speak of the truth for it is the truth that you have elected to live. It is indeed an open door to each of you to examine yourselves and to act accordingly in ways that you are not ignorant of but indeed understand and know well.

May God bless you on that journey. With each day, may you expand forth in light and love and express this in everything that you do. God bless you. I am Matthew and I too work with you in these great efforts. God bless you.