Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 18, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May the grace of God’s Love continue to infill your soul, my beloved students. I am your teacher, Augustine. Have you made your life a life of prayer, that every expression of who you are and what you do in the world is a reflection of prayer? And what is prayer, but putting forth your desire to God to be in alignment with God, to be in alignment with the flow of God’s Will, God’s Love, God’s blessings?

In your world there is a tendency to compartmentalise your life. Though not all of you are within that framework, but many of you are. You see this part for God and this part for yourself, this expression of something of you entirely, and that, of something of God. Yet in reality, it is an amalgam of both, always. Yet, there are times when you are aware of the flow of God’s Love and Will through you, and you feel the upliftment and joy of this experience and expression. You see manifestations of it in your life in various experiences and contacts that you make in your life. Other times, you are idling away in your minds, seeking distractions, entertainment, things that bring you away from yourself. This is common, one might even say normal, in your earthly life.

Yet, if you are to fulfill your desires to be God’s instruments, and especially the intention to be a medium that may manifest those of us in the Celestial Kingdom, Jesus and others in the world so that others may see and hear and acknowledge the presence of the angels of God, is this accomplished by compartmentalizing your thinking and your doing? Unfortunately, it cannot be so. It is comfortable to have various compartments of thought and doing in your life, separating out that which satisfies your mind and your habits of mind, from that which is of your soul and the desires and intentions of your soul. Yet, this cannot be so in this particular commitment that you have made, this very high intention to be God’s instruments in this way. For, how can we manifest through conditions that are so checkered in light and greyness? You are not of the darkness, my beloved friends. You are not entertaining the darkness, although at times you fall prey to it and at other times you react to it in an unloving and unharmonious way. Still, your intentions are of light, and this shows up in your demeanor, your soul, your character, and your behaviors. Still, those veils of intention are laid against your actions and thoughts that make for certain separation, things that are not congruent with love, not in harmony with the laws of God’s Love, not truly an expression of your soul which is in great harmony with God’s Love. 

So we encourage you to continue to align yourself with your soul, to come to understand truly what your soul is, who you are as a soul, so that you may break down those veils and barriers of behaviour that so wish to delineate between that which is of the earthly plane and that which is of God. It is not that I condemn you, beloved students, for you are human. Yet, it is clear to us that you make subtle choices with each breath, with each thought, which indicate these delineations, these compartmentalisations of your actions, that which you do in the present. It is time for you to be aware of this, beloved souls, to take responsibility for these patterns of behaviour, those old and comfortable ways that continue to separate you from God. For, if you are truly to be God’s instruments, then you must not have this separation. You must be in alignment as fully as possible with God, that you will know His Will, that you will feel His Will and recognise His Will flowing through you at every moment, every breath. In this way, many manifestations may happen, may be a part of your life, may be a part of your journey of service and instrumentality in the world. 

You cannot go on in this acquiescence of compromise, of not fully dedicating yourselves to the pursuit of the soul, but sneaking in various ways the inclinations of the material mind which are not in harmony with the laws of God’s Love. It is time for you to take full responsibility for your actions and thoughts. It is time for you to see beyond this veil, this barrier of consciousness and understanding that keep you from fully acknowledging and acting upon the truth.

 This is difficult and it is often painful. Indeed, when you look and see these lackings, often you turn to self-admonishment and reprisal. You insist on flagellating yourself and denigrating yourself because you are imperfect. This too is not the way of love. The way of love is to see the truth, acknowledge the truth, but also with great faith. You know that you may transgress and go beyond the barriers and conditions within you that are not of this love. It is the strength of faith, it is the strength of allowing yourself to see but not judge, to have compassion but not acquiescence to these conditions that still lie within you. 

Each day brings its own tests and rewards. Each day you are compelled to act in harmony and love. But there are many situations in which your mind continues to rise up in judgment and perceptions that are in alignment with your human condition. This you are attempting to mitigate and to eliminate. Yet, I say to you that more focus and prayers are needed. This I have said many, many times before. To be in alignment with God requires the effort, the prayers, and the discipline of thought that brings the harmony and peace and joy that comes with this very alignment, this very closeness to God.

Can you continue to compromise and still expect that in some miraculous and wondrous way, that you will manifest in a material way the forms of we in the Celestial Kingdom on Earth? I have not spoken to you as plainly as this and others have not either to any great degree. But indeed, as you grow and as you increase your expectations and as you continue to live a life that is compromised to some degree, then plain spoken guidance is required. Of course, who is better to be that instrument than myself who is often there to speak plainly to you of the truth? I do not do so because I judge you, that I do not love you, that I do not see the many imperfections and flaws that your carry, for I do and all angels do. This we are quite capable of doing. But our mandate and the reflection of the love within our soul that has brought about this great transformation to making us Divine angels, dictates that we do not judge, we do not condemn, but merely that we guide and advise and speak the truth. 

So, we do. At times, we do so gently and lovingly and often, I see that the point is missed with this gentleness, this inability to truly penetrate your thoughts with truth. So I, in my way, am trying to garner your attention, to help you to see more clearly the road ahead and the challenges that you face. But I do not wish for you to go to your corner and flagellate and ruminate in a sense of failure and dejection. This, my beloved and beautiful students, is truly a rejection of the power of love and how that love may manifest in all aspects of your life. 

Be true to love. Be true to your soul. Be true to God. Realise that indeed the journey of your life upon this Earth comes with many challenges and many rewards, that you, in your efforts day by day, as some days bring great rewards and some bring great tests. Each day is a gift that God has given you so that you may grow in love, that you may truly be that bright shining soul in love, with each breath an expression of light and in alignment with the flow of God’s Will and blessings.

You can attain this, my beloved and beautiful students. It is not beyond your reach. Yet, often you seek comfort over the discomfort of truth. You seek to tell yourself a story about how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are, how perfect you are. Though I do not suggest that this is your daily mantra, indeed, there are times when your self- perception is inflated in order to bring you to that place of positive regard. I do not see this as a sin, but rather, I urge you not to participate in this somewhat illusionary process for too long. For this path, this road that you walk is an arduous one. Though I cannot say truly that it has great expectations, for expectations are not what is the case here. Rather, it is a road that urges you forward, ever forward, to progress, for this is the law. Progression forward is always the possibility, the potential that you carry in life. Whether that life be in the material world or the spirit world, there is always the opportunity to progress, to change, to be better, to be in greater light.

 I urge you to continue in your prayers to receive the great gift of God’s Love which will urge you forward, and assist you in releasing those conditions that are not of love. That you accept yourself in love and realise that you will change and grow in love and that someday, with your dedications and your intentions and desires, we will truly manifest as you wish. These things and many more things will come on the heels of your growth, your light, the harmony within and without, the harmony within all of you, all parts of you.

My beloved and beautiful students, the road to redemption is not an easy road. It is straight, it is clear, but it is not easy. So I come to lay before you the challenges. I also come to say that you are loved, truly loved. You are surrounded in light. You are upheld by the Hand of God and the blessings of the angels. How fortunate are you, beloveds, to have these blessings, to be so gifted by light and truth and love? We will progress so that these things will magnify and magnify, and you will truly be those beings of light, those powerful instruments of God, those beautiful souls captured by the Hand of God, embraced and transformed in love.

God bless you, my beloved friends. I am your teacher, Augustine. You are good students, faithful students, earnest students, and so we continue to come to uphold you, to teach you, to bring blessings and light to you. God bless you. God bless you deeply, fully in His Love. I love you. I am Augustine, your teacher. God bless you.