Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessed be the children of Earth who express the desires of their soul to be in alignment with God. I come, I am Jesus, and I will add to this discussion that has been proffered by this beautiful soul.

The first expression of free will comes into its effect with the incarnation of the soul in the flesh. Once the soul has incarnated in this world, the Law of Free Will is activated and awakened, and many other laws are in effect as well which influence the soul. The Law of Attraction is also a powerful influence upon the soul. Yet, the soul has the capacity to resist any outside forces that may attach themselves and influence the soul, but the strength and power of a soul incarnated in your world varies greatly. Though every soul has a purpose and a place within this great teaming interaction of souls upon the Earth plane, some have gifts and strengths, wisdom and capacities born within their souls which make clear to some degree the choices of everyday life.

Though every soul has a goodness within and a desire to be with God, not every soul is entirely free of the conditions which come with incarnation on the Earth plane. It is often those conditions, the dark conditions which you call the human condition, that play a big part in the choices which a soul makes in their lives. They are drawn to certain aspects and expressions of the human condition and may enact these energies and inclinations within their lives. The sins of the parents back to the third and fourth generation also have a great bearing on the original inclinations of the newborn child through to adulthood and beyond. Yet within the soul is knowledge and wisdom and a desire to be in the light. The mind, the material mind, absorbs a great many of the messages and conditions of the parents as well as the cultural information that is given in childhood.   These experiences of life all conspire too often to influence the individual towards sin and error, thus being out of Harmony with God’s Laws.

It is because the power of free will allows the individual to act in accordance to his or her desires and inclinations, that these inclinations are often informed by the energies and conditions of which I have spoken. And the soul of the individual, at least those parts of the soul that are good and pure and beautiful, are repressed by these conditions and the power of the mind to take control of the actions of the individual. So, through the power of the mind, the individual is free to enact whatever inclination is part of that mind’s expression and desire.

The powerful influence of humanity upon the Earthly conditions of the world, the psychic conditions of the world and the mental frameworks and ideas of humanity, all conspire to direct the individual towards that which is not of God but that which is of man. The pure desires of the soul are often distorted and perverted by the mind that has been swept away by the human condition. Those who are brave enough and strong enough to resist this powerful force upon your Earth plane and the lower planes of spirit, have indeed a great struggle and a great choice, a conscious choice, to choose light, to choose harmony, to choose truth, to choose love. Once the individual has made a clear choice, often informed by those inner aspects of the soul, then the work of cleansing, releasing and healing of these dark conditions begins. Whether that be upon the path of the natural man or that of the Divine path through receiving the Divine Love, each soul must struggle with the human condition. The values, the thoughts, the inclinations, the desires of each individual which, from the perspective of those energies admitted by the individual, whether that be through thoughts or the auric field of the body or the inclinations of the soul, all blend together to create a miasma of dark and light energies in the world.

Few can resist the dark that draws one into many earthly experiences that come with the fleshy body and the curious mind. These lower inclinations and desires of the individual are often acted out readily, and in your present world are accepted and also  encouraged by what is displayed in the technologies and messages which bombard each child. Thus, making for a very confusing and complicated mindful condition. These conditions are repeated over and over again within so many souls upon your Earth. Because of the power of this condition, often the free will choice is that of darkness and inharmony. This is why we in the Celestial Kingdom and those of the higher spheres of spirit are working so diligently with humanity on Earth. For, how else may we stop this great cycle of darkness that comes as each soul is born within the Earth and initiated into it and becomes an active part through the laws of free will and desire. This is why we continue to uphold you, those of you who have made the choice for light, for you are our hope. You are the ones who are resisting this great tsunami of impure thought and action.

Even for you, despite all of the beautiful blessings and angelic support that you receive, you too at times choose the darkness over the light. You choose to bring forward the lower and baser human condition expressed through you, rather than that higher thought and deed that comes with the soul inclination that is imbued with the Light of God’s Love. Free-will choice comes to each individual with each moment. Free-will choice is necessary so that the individual may express itself in ways that either reflect light and harmony or darkness and disharmony. This is the Law which God has put upon humanity. Every soul that has existed and incarnated has been given the possibility of choice, and this will always be so. The power of choice has many potentials, igniting many potentials within the being of each individual. Without the power of free will, much of that which is the potential of each individual could not be brought to fruition, for the alignment of the individual with such potentials and gifts shall we say, given to you by God, could not be fully expressed. As such, one would be a part of the animal kingdom which has a limited palette of expression and being in the world.

The human potential is great indeed and full of many possibilities and potentials which cannot be ignited without this gift. Unfortunately, very few understand the purpose of life and the blessing that comes with these choices and potentials. Few allow themselves to go deeper into their consciousness towards the soul. They are content with the superficial experiences of life. They are enamored by those things of the flesh that bring pleasure and distraction as most pursue a life of material well-being that becomes an addiction for more pleasure and accumulation. The mind becomes the predominant player, repressing the inclinations of the soul, in which the conscience, the expression of love, the wisdom, the higher motivations and perceptions are usurped by the material experiences of life. The mind is powerful but, in truth, the mind requires the wisdom of the soul to act in harmony with the innate Laws of God which the soul has access to through its faculties.

Little wisdom is expressed on the Earth plane, and a great deal of darkness and inharmony are the common lot of each individual upon your Earth. This is not meant to be, beloved souls. What is meant to be is harmony and light. I urge you all, through the expression of your free will and desire, to continue in your pursuit of God through prayer and thought and deed. To attempt to be in harmony with God’s Laws always and to receive His Great Love which invigorates the soul, awakening and strengthening these aspects of the soul which will guide you forward in your lives, bringing wisdom, clarity, strength, passion and desire for all that is of God.

Each of you struggle, as we know, but rest assured that God is guiding you. God desires that your souls awaken and become the primary active agent of your life. Where the gift of free will and all that is given, all the laws pertaining to your life, act in harmony and in concert with one another, balanced and beautiful. This is what is meant to be for each soul who incarnates in your world, and we are all working towards these ends, are we not ? To teach your brothers and sisters of the power that they possess, the power that influences every thought and action, the power that informs and guides and can be in alignment with God. The soul, the soul, my beloved brothers and sisters, is what needs to be activated, and through your will, it shall be. Place your thoughts upon these higher things of life and of God, and you will not be so influenced by the desires and negativity of the human condition that often brings you from God. You will be strengthened and awakened through your prayers. You will be upheld and guided through your will and desire to be so.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am your brother and your friend, Jesus of the Celestial Kingdom. I come to teach you of the ways of love and harmony and light. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.