Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 8, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am your teacher Augustine. Soul discernment is an important faculty to exercise in your lives as you begin to grow within your souls and come to know the capacity of your soul to receive information, blessings, inspiration, guidance, and to awaken gifts of healing, of mediumship, of communication with us in spirit, of perceptions of things spiritual and the many aspects that are of the soul, much of which you do not understand at this time nor could you understand until more maturity comes. As your souls awaken more in the Father’s Love, so your understandings and perceptions will grow.

But while you are in these beginning stages, while you continue to open to the many experiences of the soul and of your mind’s response to the soul,  it is important to cultivate discernment. Discernment comes from wisdom. Discernment comes from experience. Discernment comes from knowing the voice of your own soul and the voice of God.

When you begin this journey, you are like a child stumbling around in the dark and you know very little. Although you think within your mind that you are competent and well-versed in spiritual matters. Indeed, your mind may absorb many things and may come to know many ideas, understanding certain concepts and simple truths. But indeed, the functioning of your mind, your material mind, and that of your soul are quite different. Because of this difference, you often have trouble discerning between that which is of the mind and that which is of the soul. Because you are new to these realities of the soul, it is easy to be confused, to misinterpret and misunderstand the information given to the soul through the soul to the mind and processed within your concious mind.

Hence, many elements of guidance, many perceptions and visions and what you call downloads to the soul, are all jumbled together within your consciousness. So, in this rather confusing collection of ideas and experiences, perceptions and blessings, the mind attempts to sort through these aspects of information, feelings and conditions within you, to create logic out of the experience. In this process, the door to misinterpretation is readily opened. For as I say, the understanding of the mind towards the soul is meager.

The soul in many respects is weak. It is just beginning. It is like a child learning to walk, a child coming into its own that must grow and strengthen and awaken. With your minds, you must insist that you are strong and knowledgable. It gives you a sense of power and control of this journey of the soul. Many of you do not truly understand what it is that is happening internally with you, with your soul and your mind in this constant duel that brings some consciousness of the soul and some consciousness of the material mind, trying to put together a solid understanding of the truth.

As you continue on this journey of finding truth and affirming truth within yourself, you will stumble. You will make mistakes. You will have situations in which you totally misinterpret the cues and the information that is given from your soul to your mind and from God to your soul. But this is how any child learns to walk, is it not? Stumbling about, exercising those faculties and aspects of your soul, bringing it to consciousness, bringing yourself into alignment with truth and bringing yourself in alignment with God, allowing your soul to awaken and stretch and inhabit your being in a way that it is a full-fledged part of yourself.

So you continue to debate within yourself and with others, “What is truth? What will bring to me greater truth? How do I know truth? How do I understand truth? How do I know my own soul and understand my own soul?” This is where faith comes into play, to be able to truly understand the difference that exists within you that is your soul, for it is different from your mind. It carries a consciousness that is unique and different and in the beginning is difficult to integrate into your everyday awareness and consciousness.

As you continue to grow in the Father’s Love and the power of His Love continues to exert its transformative influence and affects upon you, you will come to know your own soul. This is inevitable. But what your mind may expect to be this knowing and understanding of the soul may be very different from what it truly is. Again, faith will bring you there. Trust in the unfolding and awakening that is in the process of becoming within you.

I urge you to be patient, beloved souls. I urge you to be open-minded and open souled, open in your prayers and in your desire to know truth. To ask God to show you the way, to ask God to put within you the powers of discernment to know the truth that the faculties within the soul will bring to you powerful discernment capabilities to see between the truth of the soul and the assumptions of the mind. You will know this and work with these dichotomies of consciousness and truth within you. Integrating the beautiful and harmonious and truthful aspects of both into one firm and powerful perception of truth. That you may walk in the world as a channel of love and truth, of light and peace. That there be no ambivalence within you, beloved souls, rather the strength of knowing, the strength of discernment, the strength of being a clear channel for God.

For these things to manifest in the world through you given your trust, your faith, your desire, your willingness to continue on this journey, though you will bump your knees at times, you will fall at times and you will make mistakes, you will understand the depths of your own humanity and those inner desires that often you are not aware but which lead you into incorrect assumptions and ideas. These things will come to the fore as you walk upon this Divine path, for God’s intentions, as are our intentions, is to lead you to truth, to help you understand truth, and to give you the powers of discernment to truly clear away the debris of error and misinformation and misunderstanding towards clarity and light, towards enriching your soul and your consciousness with truth.

The power of God’s Love opens the way. The power of your own desire and willingness to walk towards these things will surely bring them about and will be a beautiful awakening of the soul.

May God bless you on this journey, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I am pleased to speak to you of soul discernment today, this blessing that will bring to you truth in all its beauty and facets, all its glory and wonderment, all that God wishes to give you will come in time as you are receptive, as you clear away those things that hold you from it. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you always. God bless you, beloved and beautiful souls.