Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 7, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you my friends, my name is Michael Collier and I am known to some of you. I have come to speak to you about soul awareness and soul communication. I do not think that many of you are aware of the possibilities you are opening by praying for the Divine Love of God. You get a glimmer of certain awareness’s and experiences, visions and understandings, feelings and intuitions, some of those deep thoughts and awareness which come as you pray and meditate and contemplate on the Truths of God. Yet, the power of the Divine Love entering your soul brings forth a fundamental transformation of your being, of your soul. You have heard your teachers speak of the faculties of the soul, that they are awakened by the Divine Love. So they are, my friends, so they are.

Aspects of communication, of awareness and understanding, of vision and knowledge, of truth, of wisdom come with the opening of your soul, slowly awakened by the Touch of God. There is soul awareness, my beloved friends. This awareness is very deep within you. It is not often a conscious awareness. For the vast majority of individuals upon you world, it is almost completely unknown and certainly misunderstood.

There are many spiritual teachers and what you call gurus in your world who combine this soul awareness with their mindful awareness creating an interpretation and amalgam of various levels of understanding. With the imagination of the mind, they create certain perceptions and dialogues and teachings that are often quite distorted. For the mind has a tendency to complicate, where the soul has the ability to simplify in the way of fundamental understanding. Yet, the soul when awakened utilising its perceptions, will see things in a multi-dimensional fashion which would be difficult for the mind to describe or to even comprehend in all its facets and levels of consciousness.

So on one hand, the soul sees many things from many different angles at one time creating prisms upon prisms of awareness, each segment almost a whole world within itself. Yet the mind is extremely limited in this regard. Yes, there are intuitive faculties of the mind but these faculties are still somewhat one-dimensional where the faculties of the soul are so much greater and deeper.

The awareness of the soul, this level of consciousness runs deep in every individual as a potential of opening and bringing to that individual truth. Truth in all its dimensions and facets may come to that individual once the soul is awakened. But indeed, many do not know how to awaken the soul. Many are very dependent upon the mind and are rooted within the comfort and knowings of the mind. So they go no further in their pursuit of truth. So their understanding of truth is limited by the material mind and the limited faculties of the mind in terms of intuition and understanding.Yet within the soul is another mind, a mind that is capable of such perceptions as I speak and describe, that for you to understand these things, you must go within your soul and pray for God to awaken your soul with His Love, adding that Elixir that will nurture the capacities of the soul with His Love. Think of your soul as a great seed pod full of many, many seeds awaiting to sprout and be awakened, adding again more and more perceptions and depth of knowing that is so poorly understood by many of you at this time but will come to be in time as your soul awakens in its gradual but beautiful blossoming.

So, you see when Jesus walked the Earth, the many blessings and healings and so-called miracles that he performed were possible because his soul was fully awake. Yet, even for he who was born with a purified soul and yet still needed to develop his faculties of the soul through his relationship with God, did not enter into his ministry until he was somewhat older. So, my dear and beloved friends, you must be patient with yourselves for many of you long for these faculties, you long to understand, to know, to express your gifts. Yet they come slowly and emerge in subtle ways, influencing your thoughts and your actions.

In many ways, these gifts are manifest in such a deep way, on such a level of soul, that you are not aware of them at all. Until you are comfortable and familiar with your soul and until you are able to dive deeply into these soul faculties and awareness, until you have come to discern between the interpretations of your minds and the knowings of your soul, so these things that are so wondrous and beautiful and have many facets, will not come to the fore of your consciousness. Until you are ready and you have exercised your will towards the awakening of your soul in prayer, in contemplation, in the practice that comes as you exercise the faculties of your soul,  you continue to dive deeper and deeper into these aspects and facets that are so different from the human reality that has been created by the mindful perceptions that are so prevalent in your world.

Yes, in some ways, often the intrepid adventurer of the soul feels somewhat nervous, fearful of what they may discover as these perceptions and experiences are very different indeed from that of the material world. So as one goes deeper into these matters of the soul, one becomes less aligned with the matters of the material world.

It is not that you cannot be in both places ,for you can, but to do so will take some practice and some confidence and some faith. For to live in these two world, one of the soul and one of the mind, is a great challenge. Because of the soul’s capacity to be in alignment with God, to be in alignment with all that is love and light and beauty and joy, there is a natural tendency to gravitate towards this beautiful condition of light rather than to deal with the mundane matters of the world.

But indeed, you live in this world and you must deal with those mundane matters that assure your comfort and existence in this place. It is common for those who are aware of their soul and live within this soul awareness to desire to transition into the spirit world where these matters are much more readily dealt with and appreciated and exercised in harmony. But this cannot be the case, for each of you have been given the gift of Divine Love, not only because you have prayed for it and that God has gifted you with it but also that we of the Celestial Kingdom continue to nurture you along this path so that you may walk upon the world as teachers and healers, examples of this beautiful gift of the soul. For how else will others know of this? How else will the world be changed if you cannot take part and provide your gifts and efforts and purpose for this undertaking of healing the world?

Each of you are a part of God’s plan. Each of you may find your way to that plan as your souls continue to awaken and be in harmony with God’s Will. So much awaits you, my beloved brothers and sisters. Soul awakening is a wondrous adventure. It is full of surprises. It is full of wondrous experiences, visions, and truth. Truth that can only come to the awakened soul, love that pours forth in such great abundance that one can only feel joy, deep joy and gratitude for life.

You will find your way, my friends. You will find your way. God is guiding you with every breath. Your souls long for more and more of this great Love that awakens it and brings it to a place of full truth and love and grace.

God bless you, my friends, and thank you for listening to me today. I know that often these prayers are for silence and contemplation but we do from time to time take advantage to teach, to give you greater insight into what is to come in your lives, what is truly happening within you, and what can be expected as time goes on in your journey towards God.

God bless you, my friends. I am Michael Collier. I thank you and my love is with you. God bless you all. God bless you.