Spirit: Moses
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 27, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, FL

Seek for the highest always. For the greatest good, the highest blessings, the most gracious and beautiful outcomes of any spiritual effort comes from your own inclinations and prayers and desires and intentions to seek for the highest. When you walk upon this path, the path of Divine Love, the path of service, the path of being a channel of love for God, you must always set your intentions to the highest. In this way, all that you do will come in the flow of love. All that is possible will come with the flow of love and all that will be healed and cleansed and uplifted and awakened will come with the power of love.

The mind of mortals is limited indeed. It cannot comprehend the great possibilities that come with this highest blessing but with faith and trust, you are able to be instruments of God, to walk in the light of God’s Will, to trust in God’s Will orchestrating your life and orchestrating those blessings that are required for yourself and for those you love and those whom you minister to. These are all acts of faith.

In time you will know the details that you require for your mind. In time, the picture expands and the understandings grow. But for a mortal upon this Earth, having faith is the strongest component. It is that which brings the outcomes which are ordained by God. These blessings, the layers upon layers of blessings, the actions upon actions that are guided, the love that is of the highest that flows is all in alignment when one has great faith in God and seeks for the highest with humility, with the power of your longing soul to be awakened in love.

You cannot reach higher than this, beloved souls. For what you reach for is limitless yet what you can comprehend is limited by yourself. You must trust God to lead you upon this path, to awaken you ever so gently that you may emerge from your sleep to that place of awakening, slowly unfolding your beautiful souls so that they may inhabit all of you, influence all of you and be connected to all that is you. The wisdom of the mind will then be transformed into the wisdom of the soul. The knowledge of the mind will be transformed by that which the soul knows and is true. With this process you are engaging within each day, each day a little more awakening happens. Each day a strengthening and a transformation brings something new to your consciousness, brings greater awareness of God. You will see deeper into the mysteries of life and you will know more fully the extent that God loves you and is with you.

So my beloved, beloved friends, walk upon the path of Love. Trust in God’s guidance as your souls feel drawn and are pulled along this path and  fed by the Essence of God. This elixir that comes is a tonic for the soul and all mysteries will be revealed in time, beloved souls. Those of you who are deep seekers, who wish to know all that there is to know, be patient and know that God continues to awaken the faculties within you that will allow you to understand and see clearly. This does not come in an instant. It is a powerful but complex matter of awakening the individual soul and quieting the power of the mind.

You must allow for the transformation to take place just as the embryo grows into a child within the womb of the mother, so that seed within your soul that is so full of potential must grow within your soul and you must be patient. As the mother cradles the baby in her womb, loving, anticipating, praying for her child so you must nurture your own soul in this way, with great anticipation and love, with your prayers that that which grows the soul continues to flow within from God’s Divine Touch that goes so deep within you.

We too are anxious for you to grow, beloveds. We are anxious for you to awaken. For these powers and blessings of powers, these awakenings and deep awareness, this compassion and overflowing love to be so powerful within you that you may indeed do the work that God has laid before you and do so in powerful ways that will stir humanity to wakefulness. This we await with anticipation. Your nursemaids, your friends, your guides, all continue to support and bring their love in this transformational process. We see the awakening and in this sight we are joyed and full of anticipation. We glimpse what is coming and we know that what you may do in your lives will have profound impact in this world to bring greater light.

Beloved souls, have faith. Be strong and clear and consistent in your efforts. Do not allow distraction to take you from your greatest focus which is upon God, for in this all flows. In your relationship with God, all will flow and come to pass as is intended.

May God bless you, beloved souls, keep you in His Light, lead you upon the path that is lit, protecting you and guiding you, that His Love may continue to flow abundantly with greater abundance with each day. You will come to know your true and beautiful selves with all the potentials that lie within you, all the gifts that await, all those gifts that are awakening and yet continue to grow and come to fruition. Much awaits each of you, beloved souls, and you shall be blessed as you have been blessed, so you shall continue on this journey of light.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Moses. I have come a long way to speak to you and yet you are in my consciousness and the consciousness of the angels for there are so precious few who wish to follow the path of God’s Love in such a conscious and beautiful way. You are honored by the angels for your strength and courage, your tenacity and your efforts. You shall see when you come to our side of life how many know of you, how many have prayed for you, how many work with you. It is a great effort focused upon very few in your world. Yet within those few that you are and others who are with you and others you are to meet, comes the hope of the world to turn this great corner towards God. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you.