Spirit: Samuel
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 31, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you, my friends, I am Samuel. God, who is the Creator of the universe, is focusing His Love upon this world. This world that is in transition, continues to be out of harmony with God’s laws, so a great effort is now taking place to bring humanity back from this distortion to a place of greater harmony with God. Each of you continues to pray for this to be so. Each of you, in your hearts, wishes that all humanity may come together as you come together from different parts of the world, different ideas, different cultures, different backgrounds, and yet you come together in love. So, you represent a great example to the world of how you may all commune together in prayer, acknowledging the beauty and the grace that is each soul present here today.

As God continues to awaken humanity, urging humanity to come together in love,  God is implanting in each soul a desire to receive His great gift, the gift of His Love, the Essence of His Soul, infusing your soul with the great transformational blessing and power of Divine Love so that you may be more able to love, to accept, to know and to feel all the beautiful blessings that God has to give, all the wonderment of God’s Creation, all the Love that is possible between each soul and each soul to all souls. 

This gift is being given to you at this moment. Each of you has an angel by your side. Each of you are opening to this gift. Indeed, your minds continue to accept, although often it is a struggle, the truth that God wishes to give, the blessings that are coming, the gifts of the soul that wish to emerge in the fertile ground that is being blessed by God. Your minds will continue to accept and open to these blessings and this new way of being in the world, for each of you are being tutored and led and guided by the angels of God. As you continue in your daily life, so your attitudes are changing, so you are becoming a soul of light in greater alignment with God.

May you continue to pray for His blessings. May you continue to pray for the world. May you continue to pray for each other, for it is the power of prayer that continues to open the doors to the soul’s awakening, to the soul’s purpose and the soul’s gifts. So much is given in prayer. And after prayer, may you walk the world as a channel of light and love. May it be within your consciousness, your desire, your efforts each day. Not to shrink away from humanity but to go boldly into the midst of your brothers and sisters and be that channel of love. 

Though you may not speak the words which you wish to speak, you may still be His channel, bringing Love, that beautiful Light emanating through you to others. This uplifts the world. You have no idea as to the power of love within the soul, the power of that channel of love that is being created within each one of you so that you may walk the world and help to uplift the world, to bring comfort to the world, that the blessings of love may transform the world. 

You are all His channels, His instruments, and so we take special interest in you. We do what we can to nurture you, to uplift you, to protect you, to uphold you and to inspire you. For, you are the hope of the world, beloved souls, you and those who continue to struggle and find their way to God. So, all are the lights of the world, the hope of the world, and this message will reach many. In times to come, there will be many avenues and opportunities to walk in the world as God’s messenger and instrument. Do not fear exposure, beloved souls, but be bold, be true to your hearts, be clear in your voice, in your actions, that all may be in harmony and in sync with God’s Will. 

Each of you continues to grow, to evolve, to transform, and so this is reflective with each day, and with each day may you step a little further along the path, that path that God has designated for you, that path that opens as you walk forward, lit by love, given all that you require to be His instruments in the world. 

May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you within His embrace, protected and loved, oh so very deeply loved by God, by His angels, by the bright spirits, by one another. A great network of love is in your life, beloved souls. May you come to see your life from that perspective, even when you are challenged. May you come to appreciate how loved you are and how beautiful is your soul. 

We walk together, my beloved and beautiful friends. We are together upon this path, walking side by side in the Grace and Love of God. So we are His children. God bless you; I am Samuel, my love is with you all. God bless you.