Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 29, 2019
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. As I hear this dear instrument’s plea to you all to share the good news of God’s Love to whomever you encounter in your lives, I know and realize it is difficult for the stranger in the wilderness to speak, to bring this Truth to those who are so engaged in other thoughts and ideas. That it is difficult to stand out amongst your brothers and sisters, to be the other voice in the room that is often contrary to the beliefs and ideas of your brothers and sisters. Yet, when you speak the Truth, it rings within the souls of others. There is an inkling of understanding there and an encouragement and inspiration to reach out to God, to receive the blessings that God has to give.

For all of humanity live life without realising that before them are many doors and opportunities that may be opened, given the right key to open them. You have found this key, beloved souls. You have found a way to open these doors, to awaken other faculties within you. For most of humanity, the faculties that are engaged are not of the soul but of the mind. For the vast majority, that which determines their actions and perceptions of the world is overshadowed by fear and judgment. These elements within the minds of humanity are predominant and this prevents the opening of the soul to the consciousness of your brothers and sisters.

So the first barrier that must be overcome is fear, followed by judgment, followed by error, followed by a desire to hold on to those conditions and ideas of the mind that are long-held, yet do not encourage the flowing of love through individuals. The fear of rejection, the fear of vulnerability, the fear of being violated by another, in whatever manner, predominates the mind.

So you have overcome much of this fear. Though for many of you there is still a lingering worry that when you speak these Truths you will be pushed away and rejected. If Jesus had carried these fears, you would never know of this Truth. If Jesus had not ventured forth into the world with clear dedication to his mission, the world would continue on within the entrapments of the natural love and ideas of God. Though, of course, there would be progress, but the Truth of God’s Love would have been kept secret within our beloved brother, he alone tending the flames of this Truth for himself.

Is this your fate, beloved souls, to tend these flames within you merely for your own want and benefit? Or are you able to step forward, not with the attitude that others must know this Truth and you shall indeed stamp the Truth upon their minds with your insistence. This is not the way of love. The way of love is to gently speak of love, to give love, to express love for your brothers and sisters, and stand as that beacon of Light, an example to all.

God, as you wander this Earth of yours, will guide you, will direct you towards another in the possibility of some simple service, some kindness, some touch of love for that individual. In this way, you will express Truth and express love. If your simple act awakens another soul where they will ask you of your beliefs and how you have come to be this beautiful Light, then you may speak the Truth of God’s Love. But if you hide away, isolated, feeling alone, feeling as if the world is full of barriers and rejection, that this fear may hold you back, then you will not progress in the way that God wishes you to do so as His harbingers of Love and Truth.

You must pluck up your courage. You must put away your fears and your vanities and walk in the world as a channel of Love. Many of you do so already. I am not suggesting that all of you are entrapped in conditions that hold you back, not at all. But indeed, more can be done and more needs to be done. In order for this Truth to be known in the world, in order for avenues to be open, doors to be open, so that this Truth may flood the world and that all those who are seeking yet for what they know not, will find the avenue, the opportunity to know of this Truth, to be cognizant within the mind, and to know that within their soul is a longing for it.

This is your great challenge in the coming year, beloved souls, to bring this Truth to humanity in whatever way. There are many ways, many opportunities, provided you are open within your minds, that you put aside your reluctance, that you step forward in faith, that you desire to be a channel of Love in the world. You will find that God will open doors, surprising doors, opportunities that you had not anticipated but will come in many, many different ways, seeing each day as an opportunity, seeing each soul that you encounter as a child of God and one which will benefit from your prayers. No matter their demeanor, what they express, they are a child of God. Every child of God is worthy of His Love. The only thing that withholds His Love from His children are those who do not desire it, who have no idea that it exists and that there is this opportunity available to them, to all children in your world.

May you walk in the Light of God’s Love, my friends. May you have great courage that all of those fears and those reluctant ideas of the mind may melt away in the Father’s Love. May you walk with your head up high, with a glowing heart of Love, with the Truth upon your lips and a desire to serve humanity. In no matter what way that God may present to you, that you will accept this invitation to serve in Love and give of your heart, of your time, of your efforts to encourage Light in your world, to encourage service and love for your brothers and sisters.

May God bless you upon that journey. I am your teacher Augustine and I continue to walk with you, as do many angels. We will continue to encourage you, beloved souls, upon that journey of service, of your own soulful awakening, of putting aside all those barriers of the mind so that you are truly free and in the state of joy and openness that you may see the world through the eyes of your souls, beloved and beautiful children of God. God bless you. God bless you, beloved children. Augustine loves you dearly. God bless you.