Spirit: Martin Luther
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 2, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is Martin Luther. I accompanied you all upon your journeys in that place of such beauty and yet, such deprivation. I wish to thank you, beloved daughters, for the efforts that you have made to support my beloved charge who indeed, carries a great love and who is often used to working alone. But you, beloved daughters, showed her great love and support as you have been doing while you reside here, so far away. But it was the love in your eyes, the commitment and dedications and prayers that you made together that was a great support to our beloved, beloved daughter.

Is it not a beautiful gift to have some form of service which you may dedicate your time and efforts towards, helping the lost souls, helping those who are hungry and in need, bringing love, bringing love in many ways to many souls? I would urge you all to dedicate yourselves in some way to serve those who are lost, to help uplift the children of the world who are incapable, for whatever reason, to find their way to a better life.

God’s desire is that all be uplifted, all be cared for and ministered to and that when you can step forward and work towards the betterment of another, that your strength and abilities and situation may be utilized to help uplift those who are not in such wonderful circumstances and lives as you are. Yet, in their condition, have they not educated you about love, about caring, about joy? It is reciprocal, this giving, for every time you step forward to give, you also receive. In this beautiful touch, one from the other to another, you find your own soul, my beautiful friends. You find the capacities and gifts of your soul. For when love is involved in such beautiful ways, so much is revealed and opened and given.

Yes, there is always much to learn and there is always much to give. The world is a very needy place, full of deprivation. Here, where you live, this deprivation is not so acute or obvious in the material sense but so many are in need. Their souls cry out for love. Though the material needs may be supplied and for many, abundantly so, but yet their hearts ache for love. Their need to be embraced, to love, to be loved, to be shown the way to love, is acute.

This is where God will guide you, my beloved friends, to walk along a path of service that is an expression of love, simple love, open, heartfelt love, caring and joyful love. So many ways the soul may be expressed in a world such as yours. God will provide for you many opportunities to serve in this way, to give abundantly and to receive abundantly, beloved children. For as I have said, it is not a one-way thing. When you give, you receive. If not from that individual, God will bless you deeply. Others will come to bless you as well. In this Circle of Love, giving and receiving, thinking not for your reward but thinking, in what way you may give, so much comes, such a flow that comes unbidden and with such abundance.

You have all received many, many blessings and gifts. You have been embraced by those whom you invited into this Circle of Light. You have seen in their eyes their appreciation and love for how you have reached out and embraced all who came. So God provides many opportunities to serve in many ways.

Do not restrict your thinking or your doing in terms of what you might give. Be open to the guidance of God. Be open to the flow of His Love that may flow through you to others. Your service may be simple and practical or it may be somewhat complex, yet heartfelt. All in the dedication and love for God, you will find great service in many ways, through many means and opportunities to do so.

May you walk in the Light of God’s Touch always, beautiful friends. May you continue to serve in love, to gather and pray, to be earnest in your desires to serve in love, to be a channel of love, to utilize what opportunities and abilities that you may have and express in this great flow that God has guided you upon, the great River of Love. Much you may receive and much you may give. So this never-ending circulation of love continues to blossom and strengthen and grow.

May God bless you, my beloved friends. I am Martin Luther and I have been with you very often as you continue to serve God, as you continue to grow in God’s Love and God’s Truth. So many of us accompany you and have great interest in your growth of soul and mind, in your efforts to serve and love. God bless you, my friends, God bless you.