Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 11, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

…and I have come to further clarify my statements of the other day which has caused some consternation and confusion amongst your friends who have listened to these statements. In particular, I wish to comment on the lack of cooperation and unity with the human race, a race that is divided into various camps and perspectives that are held close to their hearts and their minds. Therefore, they are unable to see beyond those vested interests that live within them and those things which guide their lives and their perspectives so that their actions are in alignment with these ideas and paradigms.

Humanity has in its grasp the answers to many of the dilemmas there upon your Earth plane, whether that be economic, political, religious, or any other structures on your Earth plane that are subject to the will of man. There is a deeper wisdom within them, a deeper part that can perceive and know the best course of action in order to bring greater harmony.

As I have stated, the willfulness of the individual acts as a great barrier to this. They strive to be independent and to cultivate their own desires for independence over all else. So, the world is fractured. It lacks harmony. It lacks love. It is a very different world from our own. We find it somewhat fascinating to see how humanity strives to ensure this fractured condition, to feed it, and intensify it by their own actions and thoughts and fears.

I have mentioned the dilemma of immunization and how there are many perspectives and ideas around this particular issue, even considering that there is a global pandemic and that many have lost their lives in that pandemic. Though I have indicated that the solutions of men are available to them through their delving into the deeper wisdom, understanding it can be had with soul awareness and even greater mental acuity. But within the conditions of your world, each solution that may be applied, each effort that is set forth has its drawbacks and its price because the level of wisdom of man and understanding is not great. So therefore, the solutions that they may apply to any given problems are not perfect nor are they without their consequences.

So, those of you who are sensitive come to know that are risks involved in immunization and there are consequences. But given the dangers of this pandemic and the problems that it is creating within the many countries and cultures of the human race, a somewhat satisfactory solution has been found and presented in a variety of forms. Of course, those countries that are prone toward supporting free will and choice cannot force the individual to comply with these given solutions. So, it is understandable that certain individuals will not comply because they see the risk as being greater than the benefits of these solutions.

So, they risk themselves in terms of the possibility of infection but are willing to take that risk so as to satisfy their own perceptions and perspective regarding this matter. God respects free will as do we and all highly evolved and enlightened souls in the universe. We cannot tell another what they must do. We can only provide our perspective and possibly give some guidance to the individual but we do not expect compliance as one might expect compliance from the government of some institution. There are no consequences brought upon the individual when they are not in compliance with a set a guidance or ideas that may be given.

There are consequences to every action and to every thought and to every deed, some of which is positive and beneficial and some of which can be the opposite. The world is a very complex place and many of you are reluctant to engage in the mainstream of thought and action because of these complexities and because of the overall condition of humanity. In many cases, this arm’s length approach is preferably and is very beneficial in regard to your continued spiritual growth, upliftment, and light. But God also wishes for His instruments to engage in life, to be within the mainstream but not be of the mainstream.

This poses a great challenge for many of you, many who are very sensitive and find a great challenge in your daily life when it involves close contact with your brothers and sisters. Yet, if your movement and flow and activities are guided and in alignment with God’s Will, how can you come to harm in your efforts? 

This ambivalence continues with many of you whether to step forward and act or to draw back and be with God. Each day will bring guidance for one or the other or both. It is a dance, a dance of intimacy with your brothers and sisters. As you do God’s Will, you can rest assured that you are protected, keeping in mind that your minds often govern the actions and expressions of God’s Will in your life and that your minds are filled with certain biases and predispositions that will bring certain influences and acts and decisions that govern how you may enact God’s Will.

You have recently received a message that suggests that all individuals upon your Earth plane are subject to some degree to the human condition and to the condition that lies within them that is a result of life’s experiences and integrations. It is important to realize that all who act with guidance from God as their foundation are also governing their actions so as to satisfy their mindful expectations and attitudes. You have also been told that in time these conditions and filtering will disappear and so they will as you continue to step forward in your own spiritual growth. In this, you will be strengthened greatly. In this, you will know with clarity what you must do in compliance with God’s Will.

It is a dance indeed, between the will of your mind and the desires of your soul. It is a great struggle and a great challenge. So my friends, you can see that the world is imperfect, that those conditions, solutions, efforts to bring about greater harmony which are instigated by the precious souls upon your world, are flawed and imperfect. But indeed, there is a greater momentum toward light than toward darkness when one is motivated by the soul and the soul’s desires to serve and be in alignment with God.

As one sets forth upon this path, so you begin to see and formulate a new perspective, a new way of being in the world. As this strengthens, so you become a new being in the world, someone who is motivated not by the human condition and perspective but by that which is more of the divine and more of your own soul. I urge you to release those mindful conditions which inhibit you from the flow of love and service to humanity. Although I do urge caution at times. It is not beneficial to be reckless and to abandon the good sense that comes with a soul in attunement with God and with their environment. Discernment is required as is wisdom, as is understanding your true motivations.

May you find your way in the world, my friends. May you find the solutions to your dilemmas and may those solutions be considered as personal choice rather than projecting and informing  another what must be done in their lives. But indeed, if you are able to uplift others, to support others toward light, then do so in ways that are gentle and loving. 

It is time to put aside judgment and projection and to be beautiful, kind and loving, the wise, insightful souls that you are, living in a world that often does not appreciate these beautiful qualities but in time, will come to see how these elements are necessary in order for the world to grow and expand in light. You will all find your way given your desires and motivations that are from your souls to seek for the highest and seek for light.

I hope this helps to clarify what has been a somewhat reactive response to the original answer to your questions. It is not that one must do as we say or guide. It is rather, we lay out the perspective and the possibilities so that you may be informed in your choices. This is all we might do. This is all we can do so that when you ask for guidance and you wish for clarity, we may give to you, in whatever way is possible, the answers. It is our desire to help inform, to bring blessings of truth and love, joy and light to the world. 

May God bless you in these beautiful gifts and blessings that are freely available to all. I am your servant and your friend, Orion. I am glad to be with you today to continue to work and strive toward truth that may be shared with humanity. We are all servants of God and shall continue to be so for all eternity. May God bless you with His Love and know that our love is with you all. God bless you.