Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 6, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

Beloved souls, I am Mary mother of Jesus. I come to bring my greetings to you from our side of life and to say to you that we are very happy that you come together in this Circle of Light, that each soul here has a Light within them and a true desire to know the workings of the Holy Spirit to convey God’s Love into your souls. Each of you have ventured in your life with a desire for the spiritual understandings and Truth that God has created in this world and in the universe. So you have come together, not only with this desire, but with a desire to be in like company. Yes, you are together in these souls’ desires, a unity amongst you, an understanding that may not all agree with the minds ways thinking, but within the soul is a resonance that reverberates around this beautiful Circle and brings the Blessings of God into your midst.

When you pray in this way so you attract the angels, so you bring the Holy Spirit, so you bring God’s Blessings upon each of you. Open yourselves to the gifts that God has to give to each one. An awakening, beloved souls, an awakening of the spirit, of the true self, to God. This awakening will come in different ways, in unique perceptions and understandings that are only for you individually to experience and know. So this experience that you have is a gift from God and is acknowledged by God.

In your search and journey for Truth, you will uncover many things, much understanding of true spirituality, true Love, true Light. These things will dawn upon each of you in its own time and place. Together, as you gather in this way, you bring a powerful blessing, a powerful gift to each one of you. God is pleased beloved souls, that you seek for His Love and that you seek to love one another.

May you walk upon that Path of Light and Love, a surety in your step, a joy in your heart, a knowing in your soul that you may indeed come to the true awareness of God’s great Love for you and great Love all of humanity. This Love, this blessing, will be yours within your soul provided you long for it and ask for it and open yourself to it. That you may feel the glory and the wonderment of this great gift, the Essence of God flowing into your soul, awakening your soul, bringing your soul into alignment with God and bringing your conscious awareness of things that are true and clear and powerful that will guide your life and guide your journey into Light.

God wishes to give all good and righteous gifts to you, all loving and gracious blessings to you. Nothing can hold you from God except your own self. All will come to you with the power of your true self. Seek, beloved souls. Seek for the blessings. Seek to be at peace. Seek for the upliftment, the gift of God’s pure Love for you.

I am Mary and I have great love for you all. Each of you has given much in your life to help others. Each of you have a nurturing heart. Each of you has a deep caring for this world and for all who are within it. In this way, you draw me close for I too have a deep affection for humanity, for all the children, all the mothers, the fathers, the souls in this world who within their deepest selves long for at-onement with God.

This yearning within, so rarely understood or acknowledged, but still an ember of hope and faith, of desire and longing, burns within every soul. So it is that you beautiful souls have come to acknowledge this desire, have come together to seek what it is that your souls long for to be together in fellowship for these times that you share in prayer and joyful togetherness.

You are blessed, beloved souls. We will seek to uplift, to bring you to that place where you may truly come to know your own soul in deeper ways of knowing and being in the world so that you may communicate with God, uninhibited, pure and beautiful. In these times together, the barriers will be dissolved and the understanding will come in flashes, in upliftment, in knowings and joy, feeling the Love of God with every breath.

Breathe deeply, beloved brothers and sisters, and know that God has a deep desire to fulfil the true desires of your soul. These gifts will come as you allow yourselves to truly acknowledge these desires, these longings, this need within you to be acknowledged by God and know His Love for you.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Mary and I come to pray with you and be by your side as many from my side of life crowd around you creating a great Light that goes up into the spheres of spirit, drawing many souls who are curious and desire to know these Truths of Love. May God bless you, beloved souls, and be with you with every breath, every step, every prayer. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.