Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the Love of God continue to pour into you. May you have a deep and abiding recognition of this gift, that it may continue to be active and a powerful agent for change within you, beloved souls, for that is why God has given each mortal and spirit the opportunity to receive this gift so that it may activate great change within the soul and open up the chambers within, that so much may be awakened with this powerful gift.

The awakening of the soul will be the agent of change in the world at this time. For humanity has continued to awaken their minds, making their material minds and intellects powerful agents, active agents in the expression of humanity and as such has reshaped the world, creating a powerful reality, a powerful view of your world.

This perception, this mental construct, is your view and all who live within this world, their view of reality. Yet, this reality is an illusion. What men consider to be fact and truth is merely a reflection that is filtered through the mind, that does not show true reality, but that which the mind may accept as truth. The mind’s truth is built upon many constructs brought together and taught and shared, transferred from one to another over the generations until you have come to a place in which much of God’s Truth and reality has been obliterated by the power of the mind.

So little can be perceived in this way. So little of the Truth is understood because, sadly, humanity has gone upon its own journey, has seized its capacities and power for  reason and created their own truth, a truth that is not in alignment with God’s Truth. Although this was always the intention when humanity has been blessed with free will and blessed with many gifts of perception, not only of the mind, but of the soul. Unfortunately, humanity has used these gifts in ways that have greatly distorted and created unfortunate concepts and perceptions that are believed to be founded upon solid ground but instead, upon the sands of man’s thoughts. The antidote to these errors and conditions in the world are with the awakening of the soul, for the soul cannot come out of alignment with God, given its awakening with the Divine Love. The active agent that is the Divine Love will bring Truth into alignment with the perceptions of the individual. The soul cannot lie. The soul knows God instinctually and reflexively.

So, if these deep perceptions and capacities of the soul are awakened, then Truth may dawn upon the consciousness of men. Truth may come without the filtering and biases of the mind and may come in its purity and its power and its beauty. So very few in your world understand this. Fewer still abide by this Truth, this one singular Truth that God’s Love for humanity is a palpable thing that can be shared with each soul given their desire to receive it.

With what you call the ego of men, whose desire is for personal power and control over their lives, not wanting to engage God in any way, many not believing that God exists, that the universe is merely a mechanical manifestation of material elements coming together in some magical way so that life exists in the material world. Yet, when confronted with the Truth that life continues on beyond the material world to other dimensions and aspects in the spirit world, these ideas are rejected by their intellects because the intellect demands material truth and understanding.

Yet men are so blind, so unwilling to look beyond these constructs of Truth that are so firmly in place because so many do not trust their own deeper understanding and intuition. They cannot go beyond this rigid faculty of the mind to embrace a greater reality, a truer sense at life. And yet, within every soul is a yearning for more. Within every individual is a sense of aloneness if they have not come to God. Every soul is meant to be in communication with God, to receive what God truly wishes to give to each individual. God’s compassion and love, mercy and truth, peace and healing, upliftment and joy, these things are meant to be experienced and expressed through each individual.

So you are our little band of brave souls willing to go beyond what is conventional thought and wisdom, to struggle beyond these powerful constructs of the mind and go beyond the fear of that which lies beyond the safety of these constructs. This has come about because the desire of the soul has been made apparent to each of these individuals and all who are sincere in prayer, sincere in a desire for Truth, sincere in their actions and prayers towards God.

Faith builds in these individuals. The power of faith is a great untapped resource in life. When one puts aside one’s skepticism, one’s mindful desire for logical and linear thought and truth, a door is opened. A great opportunity comes to that individual to see beyond these illusions of men towards the reality of God. In this, great and powerful shifts of thought, of desire, of emotion, of knowing come as a soul is awakened and Truth unfolds in conjunction with the blessing of this great gift of Love within the soul.

God has a plan for the salvation of humanity. God wishes to enlist every and all souls who are willing to join God in this plan that will shift the reality of men and bring Truth to every soul who is willing to hear, to listen, to absorb, and to act upon that which will be given. Your Earth needs every soul to awaken, to awaken from their slumbers, this untruth that is their reality to a place of perception, awareness, honesty, and desire for change.

This is coming. This is upon you and will continue to be your impetus, your strength, the unfolding of your own consciousness in Love. So much is coming to each one of you and all who are open to God’s Will and ministrations upon you. We in the Celestial Kingdom will continue to stand by you and all who are in alignment with God’s Will and plan for humanity. You will be strengthened and guided. You will be given all that you require to walk in Light, to walk in Truth. Seek first this blessing from God. Seek the opening of your soul so that all the faculties and gifts within are awakened and infused with God’s Holy Touch, this Essence of His Soul that will bring all Truth and strength and joy to your being.

May you come to know the Love of God as your mainstay, your foundation, your Truth. In that, all will unfold. All that you desire to know will come. All the power and strength and wisdom and knowledge comes from this gift of Love.

Though men are used to struggling for all of these things in their lives, there is no need. With faith, all these things come as a gift. With God, all the nourishment that you require both physically and spiritually will come and manifest in harmony with God’s Will, in harmony with your life. But first faith, faith in what can be, faith in the Will of God and faith in that deep part of you that is your soul, your true self, must be awakened. The power of your faith will open that mighty door never to be shut again, for you have, with this desire, with the impetus of your own will and faith, the will to tread upon this path towards at-onement with God and all the blessings and wonderment that comes with this gift and journey.

God bless you, beloved souls. I’m John, John the Beloved. I am with you in your prayers, in your efforts where I am one of many, many thousands of angels that continue to assist you in this most critical of times, this most important journey, this most important transition in your world. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.