Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 1, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Prologue: It is not often that I receive such a powerful message from any of those angels who speak through me as a medium. This two part message came on the heels of having heard a talk from a Pastor in Kentucky who received a series of prophetic dreams regarding the near future. I too have had some visions and warnings about coming times, not to mention a number of messages regarding what we call Earth Changes. Jeanne and I were intrigued with his message, but not wholly believing it because it conveys a warning to arm oneself with guns in order to protect against violence and chaos. This is a very typical view of the world in some parts of the US and certainly is not something we endorse personally or as Canadians.

After hearing the pastors talk, we set ourselves to prayer, as we always do every morning. Although the Pastor’s message lay somewhat heavily on our minds, we did not expect any commentary on it from the Angels. But, indeed, we did receive a message from Jesus suggesting that the core of the message we listened to was correct but also highly subject to this man’s perspective . He went on to give his commentary on coming disruptions and changes. Both the pastor’s and Jesus’s message were quite sobering, but Jesus continues to stress preparation in prayer with some practical advice to stock up on food. He says nothing about arming oneself against the coming onslaught or to even be afraid. He says that faith and prayer will be our strength and will protect and guide the individual and their families. A very different message than that given by the preacher. So I urge you to read this message from this point of view rather than allow oneself to be overridden with fear and apprehension. I am confident that the great majority of us will get through these challenges and as is often the case, will be strengthened spiritually by it.

Also, please note  that this message has been slightly edited by myself so as to convey what I feel is the correct message from Jesus. I have done this in a guided way as is usually the case. If you listen to the recordings of these messages, you may pick up on some changes in wording but not in a substantial way.  With blessings and gratitude…….Al Fike 

Part I

Beloved souls, I come. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens, the one who leads you all towards at-onement with God as your souls continue to grow in the Father’s Love.

You have listened to the words of a soul who has received some guidance about the future and future events..] You have speculated about these words, wondering what is true and what is not. I say to you, beloved souls, that in essence what this man has been given is the truth but you must realize, as with every channel and medium in the world, there will be interpretations upon that truth.

But indeed, we have warned you more than once of coming events that will be somewhat chaotic and will challenge each of you. This individual’s soul has received some specific information which you would be wise to take note of. We have told you in the past that it would be important to stockpile food for your well-being. It would also be important not to be in those large cities that will undoubtedly be in crisis and difficulty because the systems of your cultures, your countries will be extremely stressed. There will be a measure of chaos.

Yes, many souls who have been repressed for so long, those who see the injustices in their lives, who understand that they are not seen as equal or loved or appreciated, that their lives, all of their lives have been a struggle. In a world that is so bountiful and yet this bounty has been denied to many. So when the conditions in the world put further stress upon them, their rage will emerge in a blinding fire of anger, retaliation, confusion, and a need to set right the injustices that they have experienced  So, many will prey upon each other and those who are weak and vulnerable.

Because it has been through the history of humanity, that the strong prey upon the weak, so many become victims, innocent victims, of the rage of those who seek to control and have power and those who are blinded by their own vision and desires. This eruption of negative conditions and violence is also caused by the reaction of the blessings of God upon this Earth, causing humanity to look upon themselves to reveal their true natures and to see those conditions in which they live. The scales will be peeled from their eyes. There will be a great awakening, not just of love and positive thoughts, but also of those dark conditions within each soul. Thus the energies of your world, the conditions of your world will become very intense as these conditions are unleashed within each soul, revealing what you call the human condition.

In this situation, you will all have great opportunities to assuage those that are in pain and confused and seeking Truth. God will call upon you and many, to reach out to those who are reaching forth in their confusion and their stress and anxieties for something to grab onto, for some anchor to bring a semblance of order into their minds and their souls.

As we have promised and encouraged you to develop and prepare yourselves, the opportunities that will be laid before you will be great. Many manifestations will take place through each of you. I speak to all those who are listening to this message that God will use you provided you are willing to sidestep your own fears, to put aside those conditions within you which cause darkness and confusion and error and go straight to God in faith seeking His guidance and blessings.

Yes, every soul upon your world will be challenged. Everything within your world and your ideas, your realities, your perceptions of your world will not be as they seem. The veil will be lifted. The true conditions will be evident. If you are prepared, beloved souls, and as you can see, the time is very short, then you will be strong enough. You will be in a great alliance with God and in alignment with God and work for God to bring about His Will, His plan for the salvation of humanity to this Earth.

Yes, much is coming as we have said many times. You need to be strong, beloved souls, very strong indeed. Strong in faith, strong in wisdom, strong in love, strong in your prayers, strong in everything that you do, for you must move in the world with a conscious realization that each action has its consequence. As you pray to be of service to God and God puts before you the opportunity to serve, know that as your souls grow in the Love, as you shift your consciousness from that of your mind as the predominant way of viewing your life towards the soul and its relationship with its Creator, you will have no difficulty navigating the changes that are coming and the opportunities that are coming.

It is very important at this time to pray intensely, to pray often, to consider whatever may hold you back from God and hold you back from light so that you may release this, so that you may walk in the world in purity and light.

None of you are redeemed souls as of yet, so we cannot ask of you the impossible. Yet we ask of you what is possible. What can flow through you and what can manifest around you and what can be within your souls provided you open the door to God’s blessings to flow within. As you well know, each has a choice. Each is given the opportunity. Each is guided in their own way. Each knows within their heart and their souls what is right, what is meant to be for them, what can be in this great relationship between yourselves and God.

The only thing that will hold you from this is yourself, for you have been given every opportunity, many messages and counselling from your angel friends and God’s Touch deeply upon you. Each of you has been guided. Each of you sits within Light and the possibility of greater Light. Do not let fear overshadow this fact. Instead of fear, put yourselves in a position of great faith, for faith is the strength that will guide you through that which is coming.

For now, as the storm approaches and you feel some droplets. The sky is darkening and  you sense the coming onslaught. Would you merely stand in the rain and watch as these conditions roll towards you? Or will you be active and engaged in ways that will protect you, protect your families, and in ways that you may warn and help others to gird themselves against the onslaught of these great changes and conditions?

None of you can do this alone. You must rely upon one another. You must be strong within yourself but also tender of heart towards your brothers and sisters, being humble, prayerful and of great faith. This is the greatest test that you will ever face, beloved souls. But within these tests come great shifts and rewards and blessings. There is nothing to fear, for even if your life is taken from this world, you will enter into Light. You will find yourself in a place of great joy and relief and understanding.

So there is nothing to fear and yet everything to gain from your efforts, your instrumentalities, all the gifts that are within you shining forth as God shines a great beacon of Light through each one of you showing to the world that His agents of love and light walk amongst you and are here to comfort and guide you. For when the storms pass and there is peace in the world once again, who will guide the rebuilding of your world more in alignment with God’s Laws and Will? For humanity will be greatly humbled and lost and will look to those of you from whom the Light shines and the Truth is evident.

We will walk with you every step of the way, beloved souls. We will ensure your safety provided you are willing to listen to your own guidance and to support one another as conditions continue to escalate.  So guidance will be given. So you will know within your soul what you must do and when and how. This will be given, I assure you, beloved souls. You will not be left in the dark, instead you will be in the Light. Great blessings and Love will shine upon you and radiate out through you to many who will be seeking comfort and strength and assurance.

May God bless you on your journeys, such great journeys of discovery and awakening of your souls. We are with you. God’s Hand rests firmly upon you. I am with you. You may call upon my strength in times of great duress and I shall be with you in those times. This I promise, and many angels shall accompany you always.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and your friend and my love is with you always. God bless you. I am Jesus.

Part II

I come to clarify some misunderstandings of my message that was given earlier today. I in no way endorse war in any way and by any means amongst humanity. This is a great sin and something that I cannot condone and will not nor do I encourage those children of God, which is all of humanity, to take up arms against one another, to be in conflict with one another.

What I wished to convey in my previous message is that the pain of humanity will manifest in many ways in your world as it has throughout history and that the choice that individuals have to express this pain and bring it to resolution, is dependent upon their free will choice and what wisdom they may carry within them. It pains me that the world is in such turmoil, that the world continues to live in great error and darkness for this is not meant to be.

Yet, I am also hopeful and wish to emphasize that God has a plan for the salvation of humanity and that no matter their decisions and expressions, whether they be of anger or of love, may be expressed in your world, God’s great plan is greater and more powerful than any of these things. So humanity will be compelled to seek harmony in time. At this time, and in times very close, many in the world will see for themselves that which is within them that needs to be released and healed. For some, their choice will be to express their anger and frustrations. For others, they will turn to God and come into a place of Grace and healing.

This is not dependent on race or religion or creed or culture. It is dependent upon each individual who wishes to change their ways, to let go of their error and their feelings of pain and despair. To release themselves with humility to God and ask for God’s blessings to heal them in Love. I have asked you all to be aware that God has a plan for each one of you in service to God. You must be strong and in preparation within your soul and within your material lives so that you may be in that fortuitous position to help minister to your brothers and sisters and to uphold your families and loved ones.

This is an important message. I understand that in conjunction with the dear soul’s visions, there could be great misunderstanding of what my meaning of the previous message was. I say to you, if you release your fear and your judgments, you will see that what I had to say was truth. It is for you, each of you, in your souls discernment to understand and discern that truth, to see from the perspective of the soul what these words are meant to convey.

Indeed, the dear child who shared his vision has many fears and much distortion in his thinking. Yet, even with these things, he was able to bring forth some clarity as to the coming times. It is easy for each one of you to see where the distortions lie and the errors in his thinking are and his interpretations of this message. As for my message, if you know me and know my message, you cannot possibly think that I would endorse evil in the world. This cannot be and shall not be in the world. Coming times will insure that much of the darkness created by man will be expunged from your world and light and harmony and peace will come.

This is my message to your world. Listen to the wisdom of your own souls, beloveds. Do not let your minds and imaginations run away with you creating something that is wholly not of truth. Be confident that you will be guided and that I, with many, will guide you and God is guiding us all.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Jesus. I come to reassure you that the evil in the world will not overtake the Light. Contrary to this, the Light will dissipate the evil. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I come to speak of the Truth of God’s Love and all that may come with this Truth. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you all. I have great compassion for those of you who feel fear, who are worried for the future. It is understandable, but know that God is with you and that you will be carried through the tumult and will discover the Light that is coming. God bless you. My love is with you.