Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 25, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

…I am Yoganada. I have been listening to your conversations regarding the dear soul who wishes to proclaim himself as the source of all truth upon your planet. There have been many in your world who wish to wear this mantle of authority and express their ideals as truth. Many spiritual teachers have come and gone, of which I was one, and I proclaimed truth in my own way and received many accolades and acknowledgements from a number of individuals who were eager to follow that which I spoke of, and to be my disciples, so to speak, of these teachings. 

Those who garner respect and followings on your earthly plane are those who utilize the mind to a great extent as their tool of communication. If they are able to weave together a train of logic and idealism, perfuming it with love and charisma, then they will indeed garner a following amongst many who are seeking upon this earthly plane, a plane that is of the mind. Utilizing these attributes of mindfulness shared in such a way that it is soothing to the mind, then the individual will have no trouble gaining acolytes, followers of their idealism. 

You, my precious friends, desire to be a channel for God, to put aside the mindful, or what you call ego desires, and bring that which is purely of the soul forward in hopes that others will recognize and acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. The soul in its expression is so very different from the mind. Foremost, the soul wishes to be a channel of love, to be well connected to the Source of all and to express truth in ways that inspire the soul rather than the mind. Our beloved brother Jesus did this well, speaking in parables, speaking in simple sentences and concepts so that all could understand. But most of all, when he spoke, when he shared his truth he shared it in love, and in the power of love came the blessings of healings and manifestations which struck awe within those who witnessed them. 

Truly, an instrument of God is able to do this. This is what brings them credibility, and ultimately, they are humble and wish to serve in love and acknowledge that all are equal in God’s eyes. Yet in your world, leadership is defined by those who rise above the crowd, who are stronger than, who bring a greater forcefulness and power to their words so that they have such confidence in themselves and what they say that none can contradict them, at least not in their presence. So, leaders emerge because they are supremely confident and indeed, they do believe what they say and are steadfast in their beliefs. Although I was often gentle in my presentation, I was strong and clear and unambivalent with my words, with my presence amongst those who wished to listen to that which I had to say. 

It is not so difficult, my friends, to establish a following in this way, but the true way of God is more gentle. You must think of your brother Jesus and his example; how he followed his guidance and he listened to God daily and prayed to God constantly in order to be God’s instrument. It was not for him alone that he did this, but he did this for God. His love for God was great and the truth that came through was more of a direct channel from God than those many prophets and seers who came before him or after him. It is the power of faith, of trust, of desire and humility combined that make a true teacher, one who teaches truth. Those who parade themselves and declare themselves and are so steadfast in their belief in themselves, honing their skills and their powers of logic and speech, are often listened to. The gentle teacher, one who is humble and brings truth in simple ways, is often ignored because they cannot in this world of the mind, compete with those who have spent so much time and effort and are gifted in certain ways, to make themselves great teachers, gurus in the world. 

So, you find yourselves in a dilemma. You see those who profess to speak the truth and yet through your soul perceptions, you see through this fog of error, but you are powerless to convince those around that individual that there is indeed error. I surmise that within you, you lament: “I wish to be that individual, that teacher, one who can stand up in a crowd and sway their thoughts”, and in regard to your motivations you wish to sway their thoughts towards God, open their souls to God, to be in a relationship with God. 

The time will come when you will have your day, my friends, and in that time, those who are the false prophets and teachers will be exposed for that falseness, and you will step forward, guided by God with all the beauty and light and manifestation of light and love and God’s blessings through you. Do not concern yourselves with those who perplex you, those whom you know are in error to some degree. They are living out their fantasies, their desires, their ambitions, and in time, as in all lives lived upon the Earth, they will suffer the consequences of error, as I did. Because of my understanding now and realizing the error that I taught, I come to you once again to help correct and to bring greater clarity to my teachings. Yes, my teachings have indeed been simplified and have been cleansed of much of the error and that I carried through as a student of the Eastern philosophies, that which I brought to the west which excited the imagination of many. Yet, the theme through all of my teachings was love. Certainly, my heart was full of love. My understanding though not clear within my mind, certainly within my soul, was that God is Love, and I urge you to step forward, not in a desire of competitiveness or to be acknowledged by others, but in a true dedication to God as His servant, to teach this simple truth and most of all, to demonstrate this simple truth to the world.

Be that beautiful soul that you so desire to be and acknowledge those aspects of your life which detract from this desire, this effort to be God’s shining and beautiful instrument upon the world. You may certainly be God’s teachers and healers, those who are in God’s employ to bring truth to the world and you are doing so, each of you in your own way. Yet, in your heart of hearts you have a deep desire to do more and to influence more individuals upon the world. As I say, the time will come when this will be the case. But for now, is it not important that you strengthen yourselves within your bodies, your minds and your souls, so that you are well equipped to enter into the fray, that place were many wish to tear you down, who do not wish to believe your words or to see you as you truly are? Certainly, in Jesus’s day this was the case, and this condition, the human condition has not changed much over the millennia. Human souls often wish for power, control, and to be acknowledged in truth at all costs. So, they give away something very vital in this deep desire to be acknowledged. They give away their opportunity to truly be God’s instruments and to be so with humility and grace. 

This you must do, my friends, this you must do, to be that clear and beautiful channel of love. Thinking not of who you reach and how many and when and why, but to be that beautiful instrument of love for every moment of every day and to ask to be guided every moment of every day. You will find that God will answer your prayers almost immediately, and certain events will take place that when you are experiencing them or contemplating them later, you will wonder, “How did that take place? What were the circumstances that brought these elements together in this way?” Well, of course the answer is that God orchestrated these events and opportunities. They may be simple and humble, but they also may be far reaching and powerful in their reach. 

It is the gift of the moment that is so important, not the extrapolation of the mind’s speculations towards the future, not the desire to be greater than, more than, more powerful than the individual you are at this moment. But rather, to long for God, to long to be a channel of love, to do so trusting that God has a plan that all will unfold in accordance to His plan. In this way you take the burden of responsibility off you, my friends. Instead, say: “God, this is Your plan. I am willing to participate in any way that I can, provided You guide me and show me the way. If I see this clearly, I shall follow You, dedicated to Your plan and Your Will.” This is humility, my friends. This is being in the Grace of God and knowing the Love of God, the power of the Love of God that will inform you in every moment, every thought, every day. This is what you seek, my friends. You seek this often because we have talked about this many times, but also in your hearts and souls, even in your minds, you realize this is the truth. 

The world is such a superficial reality in the minds of humanity; thus, great errors that are perpetrated with every breath reflect this shallow understanding of life. It is for you to help your brothers and sisters to go deeper in their thoughts, to go deeper into their hearts and to discover their souls. For, when one does this, how can you perpetrate this shallow perspective of life. With depth comes truth, wisdom, and an understanding that life flows and evolves as we live it. And if we can incorporate God’s blessings upon it, so it will be a wonderful life, a life of depth and meaning and purpose, where love is the cornerstone of all things in your life. You know this, my friends, you know this well, and each day you attempt to live this as best you can. 

I know that if you look back upon your life, you can be assured that you have changed and grown and have deeper faith, as God’s Love has had its mark upon you and has transformed you into who you are today and will transform you further tomorrow. It is the way of God’s Truth, of God’s Love for you, and it is a wonderful journey towards peace, truth, true understanding and love.

May you find your way, my friends, may you find your way. May you be patient and persistent. May you be prayerful and dedicated to truth. May you find God in all that you do and all that is in the world. For, this world is God’s Creation and God has left His mark upon it, as you are His Creation, and God has given you all that you require to live a life in harmony with His Laws and His Love. God bless you deeply within your souls, my friends. We continue together in love. God bless you. I am Yogananda, I am happy to be with you today. God bless you.