Spirit: Adriana
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 6, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, you are strong indeed. God bless you. I am Adriana. I’m glad to see my beloved and dear soul who I am so close to, reaches out to be with her soul companions upon this path of light.

Many challenges are coming to each one of you in the times to come. It is good that you replenish in prayer, beloved souls, both singly and together, to be with God each and every day to dedicate your day to God so that God will be in your presence. God’s Light will be all around you. God’s Love will flow onto your souls as you so open yourselves to God’s great blessings and Love.

Few in this world have this great strength and light. Few understand the way to receive and to know it. You carry a great truth within your souls, a beautiful light that says to all who can see that I am claimed by God, that God’s Love burns within me. The strength and light will carry you through the days ahead and bring the strength that you need so that all those whom you met may receive a blessing through you as a channel of God’s Love and Light in the world.

Yes, a time of darkness is coming, a difficult time for everyone. But in this, there will be great openings and opportunities for light. Many will suffer but you, beloved souls, will not suffer as much as many. There will be adjustments and a need to anchor yourselves to God that every breath may be in the Light of God. In this, you may be God’s channels of love, instruments of light, a strength and a beacon of light for many.

May you come to know the great strength of your souls. May you come to know your true selves and your true relationship with your Creator. This journey of life that you are on brings many blessings and many challenges. This is how one finds strength and one understands their true selves and what they truly desire. There is nothing to fear, beloved souls, but a great journey to gain greater light and strength, tenacity, gifts, insight, wisdom, and love.

You will gain all of these things, beloveds, all of these things, upon the course and journey of this great river of life that brings you ever closer to God and God’s blessings for you. Let go of all material expectations. Release all your fears, your judgments, all that may hold you back from light. In this way, you are strong and free from the human condition that weighs so many down into darkness and grayness of your world. Rise above into the light. Know the deep peace that passes all understanding, God’s deep touch within your soul awakening so many things.

So much of you is still little understood or expressed and so much awaits as you continue on your journey. All that unfolds is guided and blessed by God. You are in His care, in His Love, in His Grace and will come to know God as your anchor, your friend, the one who truly cares for you and loves you deeply, deeply.

Be at peace, beloved souls and know that each of you has an Angel by their side always, guiding and protecting, God’s instruments of light and love. For those who are open and receptive to have this great blessing upon them, seek the Love God always. Long for this gift that opens the door to many gifts and you will be safe and protected, strong, insightful, and able to reach out to many others and to help uplift them all into light.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Adriana. I am happy to be here with this little group of souls so earnest and bright. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.