Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 11, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

How blessed you are, beloved children. In all the world you have come to the Truth in its purity and Light. I am Jesus and I come to be with you today in prayer. How many in your world have allowed themselves to be open and vulnerable to God? Rather, they wear their cloaks, those things so close to them which bring protection to their mindful ideas and those conditions within them which are not in harmony with love. Through this cloak they see the world darkly and do not understand and are afraid to remove their cloak and stand spiritually naked before God, vulnerable, seeking His Blessings, seeking His Love. Yet, those amongst you from many corners of the world have done so, asking God for His blessings. And you know I have not asked for complicated words or truths written as edicts making them steadfast in it’s ideas which are unable to bend and move with the growing soul, for you must realize that truth will change as you change. 

Understanding of the truth will come in ways that are not of your mind nor are they within a book. It comes with the awakening of your souls. It comes with your understanding that God is Love and that God’s Love for you is eternal and immense in its power and glory. For each of you and for every soul upon your world and every soul in the world of spirit, God’s Love is beyond measure. God’s Love is available to all, and in this gift of Love will come the redemption of the soul, the transformation and healing that every soul longs for. Yet, through this heavy cloak of armor it is difficult for the soul to truly come to God. So you struggle to find your way, to release those barriers, to be in harmony with God and in alignment with God’s Great Soul. In this way, all will be released, all will be cleansed, all will be awakened, and joy will abound within you.

Peace you will wear as a mantle of light where love will flow freely and abundantly. In this way you will be a channel of Light for God, you will be a blessing for yourself, for your families, your loved ones, and for the world. For as you are blessed, so this blessing amplifies out into the world. As you are changed, so you bring change the world. As you awaken, so you see the world through the eyes of truth and the illusions are shattered. All will be encompassed in love, expressed in love, awakened in love. It is that great gift of God’s Love that will lead you forward into the New Dawn, the New Age of Light that is coming.

Be that harbinger of Truth of Light of Love, and God will guide you forward, beloved souls. You will see beyond your imaginings, you will know beyond the limitations of your mind, you will love beyond that which is within your heart and God has placed there from the beginning, for this love will be transformed and amplified by the gift of God’s Essence. Each of you, within your hearts and minds and souls, know that you wish to walk this path and be this bringer of Truth and Light. 

May you find your way and know that we in the Celestial Kingdom continue to walk with you. I continue to walk with you, and we will never leave. Be assured beloved souls, that we are with you and that God is with you provided you are willing to release that cloak and be with God in joyous Light, in joyous abandon, that you will know the great wonderment of your own being awakened in Love. May God bless you upon the journey, beloved souls, and know that you are blessed beloved’s, truly blessed. You have come to Truth. You are to be awakened in Love. You are one of God’s children, truly embraced, and you shall know the journey to at-onement with God.

God bless you beloveds. I come to you as your brother, your friend, and Master of the Celestial Heavens. God bless you, beloved souls all, upon this sacred path, this journey towards Light and Truth. God bless you. I am with you always. God bless you.