Spirit:  Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 27, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the Father’s Love find a great inflowing into your souls, my beloved and beautiful friends, I am your teacher, Augustine. I ask you to quell your minds so that your souls may come into ascendency and the consciousness of your souls may become your daily bread, that which sustains you and guides you in life. Though, most come upon this path with a mind that is filled with many things and ideas that are predominant and powerful, and it is the mind that often demands proof of these truths. Yet, proof comes with the opening of the soul receptive to the deep Touch of God. Many must struggle to find their way to that place so innocent and pure within them, so that they may come to know the value, the power, the grace, the love within their own soul. For God’s Touch is reflected within their soul, and in many ways, God’s touch may be recognized by the mind. But the mind, in itself, has great trouble in reaching to God, in knowing the yearnings that will reach God and to be satisfied with the experience that comes with the soul uncovered and vulnerable and Touched with the Grace of God, His Love flowing within.

This dichotomy within you creates a great struggle. We are well aware of your struggles. Those of us who have been with you, some for many years, understand fully those conditions which are inhibiting your soulful progress to at-onement with God. There are no souls within your world who do not struggle in this way, although their struggles may be unique and may to some degree be closer to God than others. In the great journey that is at-onement with God, the positioning of one to another in your world is very small indeed, for you all, in many ways, begin this journey together. Each of you have your strengths, the strengths of your mind and the strengths of your soul, and in this way, you can uphold one another. 

Some have access to the wisdom of their souls in a clear way while others have faint understanding of it. But still, those compelling aspects of the soul continue to influence and inspire you forward as God reaches each one of you, His great Soul touching your beautiful souls. In so doing it ignites the journey of releasing all conditions within you that are not in harmony with love, awakening those conditions within you that are wondrous and beautiful and loving. Seek to put aside those conditions within your mind, the doubt and worry for your own progress, protection, understanding. The power of faith is the power to release those conditions of the mind which hold you back from God and to state your prayers so that as you continue on in this building relationship with God, you will come to know the power and beauty of your own soul’s longings and desire for God. In this knowing comes an awakening, a conscious awakening of this experience in prayer.

Put your worries and cares aside, those earthly concerns that are part of daily life. Allow your thoughts to drift away. Allow us who are with you to help you to release those conditions. In this release and upliftment, may you truly come to know the grace that is God’s Touch, His Love upon your souls, awakening the light, lessening the darkness, bringing clear and simple truth to your conscious self and experiencing the Glory of God. These things are yours at this very moment, provided you are willing to release the conditions that hold you from it. It is God’s gift to you, God’s promise and our promise as well, that all is working towards your awakening, this great and beautiful experience and blessing from God. Open your souls, beloveds. Open your hearts and know the joy that comes with God’s Touch upon your soul. 

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher, Augustine and I pray with you, as do many. God bless you and keep you in His Love.