Spirit: Augustine
Date: June 8th, 2017 
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My beloveds, we do not eavesdrop, for we know your thoughts and the conditions of your soul before you even know. You are plain to read; every soul is plain to read for those who have the perceptions within to know.

I wish to comment about how a soul is cleansed of the error and conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Love. As a soul yearns for this Love and is open to the inflowing of the Divine Essence, there is a reaction as the Laws pertaining to this Love are enacted within the soul. Those conditions that are not in harmony must, in time, be released, pushed out so to speak, by the Love. Some conditions are burnt to ashes, requiring no acknowledgement whatsoever, while other conditions that in subtle ways affect your thinking and being, need to be acknowledged and released. So the Love displaces these blockages, hurts, wounds, the imprinting of experiences from your path that are within the soul. These things are purified by the Love, but in this purification process there is a need to release what is still remaining within the soul for a complete healing to be so. So these conditions, these thoughts, these emotions, rise up into your consciousness, and when one truly acknowledges these things and does so in love, there is a release to God, and often a feeling of relief as another burden leaves your being.

Now, this release is subject to your free will. You may decide to hold on to that condition, which is neither then within your soul but not fully within your consciousness, so it becomes stuck somewhere, often within your body, somatized.1 This has its consequences, sometimes creating disharmonies within the body – disease, cancers, negative conditions. For, the resistance of the mind and the ego can be powerful, causing a blockage that is not readily acknowledged consciously. So, neither is the soul completely healed, or the body, or the spirit, as the process has been curtailed by the will of the mind. So, my daughter, it is indeed a powerful instrumentality and gift to help those souls that are seeking healing to acknowledge these conditions that are stuck, to dislodge these boulders from the beings of those who are prayerful and desire Light. You are correct in your assumptions that many do not understand how this works and why acknowledging these deep pains is important and necessary for a complete healing of your being.

Often, these conditions continue to circulate within the system, coming forward to consciousness and then being repressed once more, coming forward and then repressed again. This too, causes great damage to the individual. For, all of these disharmonies within the beings of humanity are causing such pain and strife, struggle, and unhappiness. It is time for humanity to understand the more subtle causal effects which bring forth those conditions and disharmonies within the body and the mind and the soul, and how these things can be eradicated, healed and released.

Yet, one must respect the free will of those involved, to allow the timing that that individual chooses for their healing; to be gentle and loving. When one has the gift of sight, of seeing clearly the obstructions upon the path of another, this does not automatically give permission to reveal these insights to another. It is not your duty to do so, my beloveds. But awareness allows you to have compassion. Insight with love can help with the healing process. With love comes allowing, accepting the other so that there is no judgment or insistence upon change. You may pray for that individual, my beloveds. Pray for the healing of that individual. Pray that that individual may have the strength to confront their true selves and to release those burdens, to continue to receive the Divine Love which gives the impetus for this healing and release. God will do the work.

It is inevitable that all conditions that are not in harmony with the Love will be released in time, and yes, the individual has control through their own power of free will and can determine the timing of this. As you are aware, my beloveds, desire is a very important element in the healing process. Without a true desire to be healed, a true desire to look, a true desire to release those pains that are often embraced and held dear to the individual, there cannot be healing. If one forces their insight upon another, this is a violation, not an act of love. So, discernment is very important in this regard.

We who are with you and work through you will help you so that you may be at the right time and the right place where others may receive the gift of your knowledge and insight, your love, and that you will understand in the flow of God’s Will what is required as you act as His Instruments, as His Healers, as you enact change in this world by bringing Truth.

Of course, the most important of all things is to heal yourself, beloved souls, to allow the process of God’s healing Love to work within you so that you may be healed; that you may become a pure channel of Love in this world; that you may be an example to act upon Truth in this world, to allow Love in every part of yourself and your lives, and to be humble. For, you cannot teach others if you have not followed the same path and are a little further ahead upon it. Without the experience of life, without your own individual struggles, you cannot truly understand the struggles of another. If you are not strong within yourself, you cannot be strong for another. If you lack compassion and grace, you are not acting as an instrument of God. These standards are high, my beloveds, but they are necessary. They are crucial to furthering these Truths in all of these aspects and dynamic ways. To thine own self be true, as is said, and to be true to God.

Yes, we do see you, and we do love you and we understand your struggles, for, we too lived in this world at one time and we know the difficulties and the hurdles that must be overcome. We see that each of you are becoming stronger with each day as you continue to pray for the Father’s Love, as the active energies of this Love heal, strengthen, and expand your soul. Indeed, it is often the case that your minds need to catch up to the progress of your souls. This takes some reflection, some self-compassion, and of course, to release those conditions that hover, not within your soul and not within your mind but somewhere in between, awaiting that release, awaiting your acknowledgment, awaiting God’s Touch, that you may let this go and allow Love to flood into those dark places within you.

You are forging a path for many others, my beloveds, and to understand the many twists and turns of this path, the many challenges that Love brings to you, is so important. How else may you teach these powerful but simple truths but to experience it for yourselves? To truly know it and be it in every way? We do not ask for perfection. We ask that you make those efforts each day in order to live the Love as best you can, to reach out to God, to continue to wade into that great river of Love, allow it to sweep you away upon the path that God has chosen for you. When you do so willingly, with eagerness, with faith, then all of these elements within you that are not in harmony will be washed through and through by Love, will be released readily because you trust that God is carrying you through your life. So, He is and always will be with you, and so the power of His love will always uphold you.

We in the Celestial Kingdom shall continue to accompany you on your journey and bring what assistance we can so that you may continue to grow, continue to learn how to truly love yourself and others. May your gifts continue to open and flourish, my beloveds. May your soul continue to expand in Love and become ever brighter and clearer as God touches you over and over again with His Holy Spirit and brings you nearer to that great Fountainhead of His Love. He has so much to give and you have so much to discover. It is a never-ending path, beloveds. Remember you are just beginning. You continue to learn how to be in the Love, to walk with God. Have compassion for yourselves and be eager to understand your true natures, the pulse of your souls, and to allow this to be a clearer and true expression of your life. In this all will fall into place, all will be in harmony, and God’s Plan for you will come to fruition in wondrous and powerful ways. You are loved. You are loved.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I am happy to comment upon your queries and enquiries as you continue to grow in the Love. God bless you and keep you. God is with you and I love you. God bless you.

Note 1. Somatized is the generation of physical symptoms from a mental condition such as anxiety