Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 28, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved souls. There are challenging conditions coming as the changes in the world continue to mount and conditions all about you become somewhat chaotic and difficult.  You must be strong, beloveds. You must be focused and connected with your Creator. I urge you to be more fervent in your prayers, more consistent in your thoughts that they may be positive and constructive, that you may take a deeper look into your patterns of behavior and those things that are bringing difficult conditions to yourself. These things within in you that are not in harmony with God’s Laws must be accounted for in your consciousness so that you may change them. You may ask God to assist you in this and your angel friends who continue to uphold you and support you on your life’s journey. 

The power of God’s Love is strong within each of you, all of you that are a part of this group of seven. This is not an issue, beloved souls. This is not something I wish to admonish you about, for your souls are strong in the love. You continue to grow in the love as you receive this blessing drop by drop, increment by increment. No, my beloved, beloved charges, it is the human condition that concerns me. It is your susceptibility to that human condition that compromises your light and often brings you to a place that is less than ideal with your own spiritual condition. 

This is not because you desire this. Rather it is an error of omission where you do not take precautions. You do not discipline. You do not put effort into monitoring your own behavior and how you are joining in in these conditions so readily. This is habit beloved souls, and habit as you well know is difficult to break and to change. Yet you have everything within you to do so. You may say, “I cannot, I am too weak.” Yet, this is not true. You are strong. You have the power of God’s Love within your souls. You begin to awaken in many different ways and the many different facets of your soul are infused with God’s Love. This is a powerful generator of light and truth and insight and strength within you. It is your choice, however, whether you are attuned to your own soul with every breath or not. Yet God beckons you forth to awaken fully, to live fully in the Light, to be a clear and beautiful channel of His Love in the world, to express the wisdom of your soul, the love within your soul, the many capacities and gifts of your soul. 

This does take discipline, beloveds. It does take effort. Yes, we do not suggest that you neglect parts of your life that are important to you. This is not what is required. Rather, it is important to infuse the light of your soul, the wisdom and beauty of your soul, and everything that you do in this world, every moment and every breath. I’m not suggesting that you closet yourself away in prayer with each and every day for each and every hour. No, it is important for you to be in the world, but not of the world and to be true to yourselves and not be fooled by those tricks of the mind that so wish to avoid issues of pain within you, difficulties of thought, error, and lack of love.

Beloveds, you must be strong and look within. What you see, you must both accept and act upon. For to be strong, you cannot have a foundation that is weak. To be a true channel of love, to be God’s instruments in these times of change, you must have a strong foundation. Those conditions that hold you because you either will not look or feel helpless to release and are not of love, you must confront this and you must pray about this. 

Ask God to help you move forward and with sincere prayer, not prayer that is laced with guilt or a mindful sense that this must be done, but a prayer that is of the soul truly, a prayer that recognizes that true change within you is a collaboration between you and your Creator. God is eager for your healing, beloved souls. God seeks for balance and purity within His children that love may be the predominant part of your expression and your well-being. This is possible and it is probable that you will walk this path further into greater light where all that does indeed hold you in the human condition may be released. 

But as with any effort of spiritual progression, you hold the key and the power to move forward. It is your choice. We have said to you many times that we have a great need for instruments of light and truth in the world. We have been with you, some of you, for many years urging you along, assisting you with those struggles of the soul and the mind. For each of you in this circle of seven have made great progress within your souls. 

Now it is time that this progress may manifest in every part of your being for the time grows short, beloveds. The time when you are needed, most needed, where great opportunities and doors of service will open and God will use you in astounding ways, powerful and beautiful ways, loving and revelatory ways is coming very close. It is for you to be prepared, to utilize this time of relative peace and tranquility to continue in your awakenings, your self-reflections, to change those things within you that are not of love, and to release those conditions within you that encrustate your soul. It is time for action within. The time is coming when you will be called upon to be God’s active agent in the world. This is a crucial time, beloveds. 

Yes, many potentials lay within your soul. Many gifts have been developed through your efforts and prayers together. But these fruits ripening within your soul may wither and die without your attention and nurturance, your prayers and efforts to clear away all obstructions that will hold these gifts back. It is an important time, beloveds, a time of deep prayer and reflection, of summoning your faith, of summoning your understanding of truth, of summoning God to bring you close to His bosom and embrace you in His Love ever more fully. 

Do not squander your time but make efforts in prayer and self-reflection. Release all that is not in harmony with love and seek to be God’s clear and beautiful channel in this world. We who are with you are eager to assist you but we cannot do the work for you. We merely help to guide you forward and encourage you in ways of light and healing and release of those conditions that still cling to your being. 

Know that all the resources, all the capacities and the power and beauty of God’s Healing Touch is with you. A great effort is being made and you must meet this effort yourselves on the path that you have chosen and walk upon. It is for you to be in the light, to walk in truth, to release yourselves from all that is not of this beautiful gift of life that God has given you in ways that are of light.

May God bless you, beloved souls. Your teacher, Augustine, continues to assist you in your education, to assist as you struggle in life. Know that I am with you always and will continue upon this great journey to God with you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. Augustine loves you. God bless you.