Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Date: February 17, 2019  
Location: Abbotsford, BC

Beloved souls, it is Seretta Kem and I am with you as are many, many Celestial angels with each one of you. As you reach from your souls for the gift of God’s Love and Presence in your life, do you feel that beloveds? Do you feel the touch of God, the breath of God upon your souls? Take this moment, feel and receive this Love. For it is by the gift of receiving this Love that harmony comes, that peace lives within you and that your expression is joy, is compassion, is empathy, is love. The journey of the soul beloveds, is one as we have told you many times, which is eternal. As your soul exists in this Earth plane and becomes enlivened by the gift of God, this gives opportunity for your soul to awaken while here on Earth. 

Many of your Celestial friends who now teach you were not aware of this Gift and it was not available to us while we walked your Earth. This Gift we came to understand and were introduced to while in spirit. We consider you beloveds, living in a time of great challenge on your Earth, but also living with a key that will unlock the essence of your soul, and this key is the gift of Divine Love. For with this gift, your soul’s purpose is more readily realized, has great potential for expression, and provides God with the potentials and many avenues to use this Love that you receive in ways of bringing healing and comfort to others. 

Please understand that you are at the beginning of this journey and with these continued awakenings your soul, the depth of your soul, the gifts within your soul, will grow and expand and your purposes will broaden and expand as well, continuing to serve God for all eternity just as we are. You are forever soul. Though we, your Celestial friends, have attained a certain soul growth, we too are growing by the grace of God’s Love upon our souls.  And part of our work and our service is to share our love, our wisdom, our guidance, and our gifts with our beloved friends who walk upon Earth desiring to bring great light into their world. You beloveds, are pioneers upon this path and have chosen to be upon your Earth at this time to usher in this great change which is upon your world and underway.

Though there is much darkness in your world, you have chosen this time, for you knew that with the help of God and your soul’s purpose and mission, all would be possible and all could be realized. It is a great time to be upon your Earth. In times when you feel the condition, this Earth condition of darkness upon you, my friends, go to God and ask God for healing, for relief, for guidance and wisdom. In these times when you are challenged by the condition, it is often that you are in your mind. At this time, beloveds, tune in to your essence, tune in to the loving grace that your soul beholds. Bring forth the tenderness and the compassion that your soul desires to share. Allow the mind of your soul to guide you, for the wisdom that resides within your soul is gifted by God.

As you sit in prayer communing with your beloved Creator from your soul to the Soul of the One who has created you, inflows to you this Love sprinkled with truths and wisdom and guidance.  Allow your essence to overtake your physical body and mind, allow the essence of your truth to circulate within you, within every part of you and bring comfort to yourself by allowing this part of you to be awakened. Use your discipline when the mind is very busy, full of confusion. Use your discipline to invoke the wisdom and the essence within your soul. This will bring great comfort to you during these times and you then may be that channel of love to others that you so desire to be. You will be in service to God and you will be fulfilling your purpose, for every soul’s purpose is to bean expression of love. Now, there are many ways love can be expressed as there are souls upon the Earth. This is how creative God is, for no two souls are of the same combination of gifts and potentials. Your uniqueness is needed by God and God places the individual souls before you that can receive your unique way and expression of love.

It is important not to view yourself through your mind’s understandings of what is your purpose and what is the truth of God that resides within you. We understand that this is a very challenging task for you, for it is upon your Earth that the mind is revered. You have chosen a different path, the path of revering your soul, illuminating it by the gift of God’s Love and aligning with truth. So, in your uniqueness open, open your soul and open your mind to the potentials and possibilities that you and God can create together. For everything, beloveds, can be seen as an action between you and God. All situations may be blessed by the grace of God. All situations may have the loving Hand of God upon each situation that comes before you.

Can you see the gift you are, beloveds? Can you for a moment, stop and feel the gift that God has created in you? Do you feel that now? Do you feel the essence of your soul now? Can you embrace that? Can you allow that to bring a smile upon your face that which God has created? Rise up, beloveds, rise up and allow yourselves to feel and to know this gift of your soul that God has created in you. What a joy to see the illumination that happens when you do such for, beloveds, at this moment in time you are brighter than I have seen you before. You are recognizing the gift God has created in you. I ask you to fall into that place, recall this experience when you are challenged by the human condition.

God bless you, beloveds, for each of your unique souls is a great gift created by our Heavenly Father and we, your brothers and sisters, love you deeply. God bless each of you. My love is with you. I am Seretta Kem, God bless you.