Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 24, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Australia

God bless you, beloved souls. I come to you to answer your questions. I first wish to comment on the dear daughter’s gift of perception and creativity. Her gifts will intensify and open more fully as her soul continues to grow in the Father’s Love. These perceptions of the soul will grow deeper and deeper as she journeys upon this path to reveal secrets of the soul in such a creative way. Yes, these images that you create stir the soul of the individual who is perceiving them. This can only intensify as your soul grows and expands in Love allowing the gift that God has put within to awaken more fully.

My suggestion to you dear daughter is that when you are creating these beautiful images, to continue to write your impressions upon paper and when these images are complete, to write a commentary or essay on the meaning of each image and your own experience of it. This would be very helpful for others, especially those who are not as perceptive or as sensitive as you, dear daughter, so that you may help them and facilitate some experience and insight into the meaning. This is a gift that is meant to be shared and a gift that you may wholeheartedly ask for remuneration. If you do not feel comfortable to ask for a specific amount, ask for a donation from those who are sharing this experience with you. You will find that those souls who are touched deeply by your art will give generously and with love. In this way, all is within harmony with God.

Now, dear and beloved daughter, will you please read the first question? And I wish you to start from the right to the left.

Question 1: Is it okay to misrepresent Truth, exaggerate, not tell the whole Truth, or even if you believe the end result will be more loving, can the end ever justify the means?

This is most assuredly a question coming from the mind’s inquiries as to what is moral and correct. Indeed honesty and integrity in your daily life is important and is one of the pillars of your spiritual journey as without these two elements, one becomes lost in one’s own illusions and delusions expressed in ways that are dishonest and not correct. Error comes from dishonesty, beloved souls. It is not necessarily a dishonesty that is intentional but it is an assumption, a formulation of the mind interpreting a truth. This is the most common source of truth in your world for humanity continues to utilize the faculties of their mind in order to express spiritual truth without engaging the faculties of their soul.

Of course, those souls who are not awakened by the gift of Divine Love have a great deal of difficulty discerning between truth and error, lies and that which is honest and reveals honest truth. So humanity is within a dilemma, for how can you know pure truth? How can you discern pure truth without the engagement of the faculties of your soul which is quite capable of knowing Truth and expressing Truth in all honesty and clarity.

So with these dilemmas of the mind, the question comes, how can I not hurt another with my honest truth or perception that is contrary to theirs? How must I manipulate the situation which I am faced with hoping for the correct outcome? How do I use my mind to influence my relationships with others in such a way to garner what I require and need in acceptance and love? These mindful things, beloved souls, are difficult to discern.

Indeed with a foundation of honesty and integrity, it is important to be truthful. The question is, may I be truthful and honest with another even though I know that my honesty and my truth may indeed bring some pain to that individual? Now with the discernment of the soul and the expression of Love from the soul, the answers are easy. Often it is better to say nothing than to bring a brutal truth to another that causes barriers and does not reflect love. Whether it is a soul perception or a mindful perception about another, compassion is always the key. Gentleness reflects love. Simplicity gives clarity. To hold back from another what you perceive takes strength and to put the question to God must I reveal the truth that I perceive? Is this your Will dear Father that I do so? Am I to help that individual to learn and grow? If I am to do so, will you put the words in my mouth? The words that are correct and that will uplift and assist that individual.

Within the human condition, it is more likely that this directness is the easiest route but is it an effective avenue to support and uplift and to teach another? Often not. For there is an aspect of violation of that individual when such harsh words and harsh perceptions are shared. For many who are not particularly perceptive and yet feel a great deal of intensity around these perceptions, what they perceive and wish to share is a mixture of their own ideas reflecting their own condition and some truth.

In this way, it is a very volatile expression given to another and often does not lead to any positive resolution. It creates barriers, hurt feelings, rejection. Is this love? No. Acceptance, compassion, nurturance is love. This, for each of you, whether you perceive something or not, whether there is a situation that does indeed present a dilemma in your life, whether it be the behaviour of another soul towards you, whatever their behaviour in the world, is it your responsibility to correct them? In some cases where you are raising your own children, that is part of your duty. But your children know that you love them and your children may feel some pain in your correction but underneath that is not a feeling of rejection but a feeling of love that they are secured in your response. As long as your response is constructive.

Now to those who are not so close to you. It is not your task to go about correcting those who you see are living in error. Some of these erroneous behaviours are very obvious indeed and easily perceived. Yet, God asks you to go out into the world and embrace others, to accept them and not encourage erroneous behaviour or thought but to embrace them in love. For it is love that will bring truth, love that will bring honesty in its gentlest form, love that will correct the error in time. When you encourage another to receive, to pray for, to yearn for God’s Love, this is the correction. This is the remedy to all error and it is your most honest response.

In this world, it is easy to point out the flaws of others for they are numerous and often very obvious but is this constructive my friends? Is this the way of love, the way of God? When you pray to be a channel of love for others, it is not within this sacred duty of being God’s instruments that God asks you to point the finger at your brothers and sisters and to list their sins and their errors and to say that they must correct these things. This is not an expression of love. This is an expression of a desire for power and control. It is damaging.

It is important that you develop the discernment of your soul, beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, so that when you are in these dilemmas of life, God will inform you through your soul the correct avenue in which to take. If you feel that you are at a roadblock in terms of knowing what route to take in a particular situation that is important to you, then pray, beloved souls. Pray to God. Ask for guidance. Ask for God to help you to forgive, to have compassion, and to see the truth. Often God will give you insights into that individual so that you may understand why their behaviours are disturbing to you and insights of course into your own perceptions and psyche. Human interaction is very complex given that the human condition is dark, that there are many influences in your world both of mortals and of spirits.

So I will answer the next question.

Question 2: Can you tell us about soul attachments and what to do about them?

With every mortal upon the world, there is spirit influence caused by the Law of Attraction. When one draws certain spirits to them over and over again, that relationship between them and the spirit can become intense indeed. If that spirit is dark and weak and in need of comfort or has a desire to do harm, then the relationship grows very intense. This is what you may call attachments. Just as you are attached to your loved ones through love, so these spirits are attached to another mortal through desire.

The Law of Attraction brings them together for these energies within the mortal and the spirit resonate and feed upon one another creating a very strong bond. This will make for a difficult condition in life when there is such a strong attachment. When the individual, the mortal, is unaware of this condition, they feel as if it is a part of themselves and in some respect, it is. There is kernel that is a part of them and their motivation and their thinking. Whether they are truly aware of this is not the issue. The fact remains that like draws to like. It is up to that mortal to discern the condition in which they are feeding through their thoughts and desires and realizing that the power of their thoughts and desires will draw influence of spirit to them.

It is important for all of you to know this, beloved souls. That you must discipline your thoughts and uplift them. Bring them to the highest and your desires may they be for the greatest good, that they be for Light. In this way, you protect yourself from such dark influence. For the Light will not be able to be penetrated by this dark condition. Instead you will draw to you Light spirits and angels into your midst. This is obviously preferable to this condition of what you call attachment.

Now you may pray for that individual. You may indeed be able, if you are gifted, to help sever the attachment. But without a clear understanding with that mortal of what the dynamics have been and they continue in their thoughts and actions and desires to draw dark conditions to them, then in all likelihood, that spirit that has been attached in the past may return. Or another may take its place.

So in your world that is so dark and so ignorant of such dynamics, there are many who have had attachments, dark spirits who are influencing them and causing havoc and reinforcing negative thoughts, destructive thoughts, difficult thoughts, unloving thoughts. The energies and allurements of your world are great indeed in terms of these negative conditions that are dark and not of God. It is more the case than it is one of Light and freedom from this darkness.

So we beseech all of you beloved souls who are seeking Light to continue to grow in Light, to grow in the Father’s Love, to awaken to Light and Love so that you may be an effective instrument to counteract these negative and dark conditions in the world, to flush out the darkness so to speak. God will use you in many ways to do so if you are willing and open to being used as His instruments.

I am not suggesting that you sit in Circle and draw the dark souls to you to help heal them and show them the way to Light. This may be a possibility for some who are inclined in this way. But generally, I am asking you to be in the Light, to walk in the Light, to live your lives in the Light. When the dark thoughts, those thoughts that are out of harmony with love come into your thought patterns, be aware. Make that choice to change those patterns, to transform those thoughts into something higher and more in alignment with love.

When you do so, you help to lighten the world. There are many spirits who come to humanity to help them understand this Truth though it may not be in the way that I am speaking today. But the influence from these beautiful souls is felt upon those who are open to that influence. There are changes made, encouraged to transform the thinking and actions of mortals. But it is a very large job indeed for the vast majority of humanity upon your planet at this time are more in harmony with the darkness than the light. They live in a grayness and sometimes in deep darkness. They suffer from this, suffer greatly because they are unaware of their true natures and in the different ways of reality of the soul and spirit and the mind, they are ignorant.

So it is important that teachers teach this Truth, that in some way you offer to your brothers and sisters the Truth of these conditions. There are those who are gifted who may indeed help to sever these attachments, but the most effective use of this gift is when the individual has a desire to change. Often when the attachment is severed, there is a deeper dawning of Light within them, an opportunity for them to change, to consciously choose to walk in the Light, to change their actions and those kernels of darkness and desire that are within them.

Of course the most powerful vehicle for change is prayer to elicit the assistance from God and the angels and the spirits of Light to assist each soul upon their journey. It is important for you to share this information that there are great potentials and possibilities within each soul given a desire for light, for improvement, for soul growth and awakening, for mindful knowledge that is of Truth, and for actions that are of love.

So there are many opportunities to help other souls who are in darkness. Yet the flaw in this is that the free will of the individual must be activated towards the decision for Light. Often the individual has cloaked themselves in a way that they are skeptical and unwilling to look. The truth is too difficult. The condition that they carry is hidden upon layer and layer of mental activity and distraction until there is barely any acknowledgment of that deeper self. Indeed, when that mortal that is so cloaked has some inkling within themselves for light, for change, for comfort and love, then those spirits and angels of Light take every opportunity to assist them, to encourage them and influence them. Again the Law of Attraction works to their benefit in this regard.

For you dear souls who continue to strive for the Light, have come to understand the dynamics and laws of life, it is important that you are out in the world as examples, as beacons of Light for you know not how you may influence another. For often it is not in words or even in actions. It is something from your soul to another soul. That something is ignited by God who uses you and works through you to ignite something within that individual, a desire for change and light. So when you walk in the world, pray that you will be an instrument for God to bring Light and Truth, comfort and healing to your brothers and sisters. Do so with all innocence. Do so as your particular day flows and evolves and so the opportunities will come. As I’ve said, often they are unbidden or even unknown. But your prayer is answered and God has great joy in your decision to be an instrument of Light, a channel of Love. The world needs many, many more like yourselves. We are working diligently to help ignite these Truths in the minds and souls of humanity. Continue to pray for the world. Continue to be God’s instruments of Light. Thank you.

Question 3: I think you’ve probably spoken to a lot of this question but in case there’s anything to add. The question is about the influence of angry spirits, particularly angry woman spirits. The other part of the question is what is the difference between guidance and influence? Do any spirits have the power to influence against free will?

Yes, I think that I have answered most of that question already. There are many angry individuals in the world whether they be men or women. The intensity of the anger is great in many of them for they feel such deep hurts. They have experienced a life that has been unfulfilling and they wish to project blame upon others rather than take responsibility within themselves for this condition. It is so much easier to project the anger. It is in a way satisfying to the individual and often very gratifying. Within the mind, there are many ways in which they can justify their anger. Yet this is not the way of love. This is not a reflection of love. It is a reflection of their own inner darkness. In this way, one must be compassionate and possibly truthful with that individual.

Spirit influence is all around as I have said. Guidance comes from the higher spirits and angels and God. It is different from influence in as much the darker influence from spirit is one of the mind, a connection to the psyche of another. Of course this can be true for the higher spirits as well who will indeed come to influence the mind of mortals. We do as well. God touches the soul of the mortal and the spirit. In this Touch, God will bring guidance, a Truth, a sense of direction, an understanding, a key, a vision, a revelation, with many things a blessing will come from God as guidance.

We who are God’s instruments will also bring guidance to the soul and to the mind to help you along your journeys. There is much that each of you may receive in this way. Again, as you set your sights upon the highest, as you pray to receive God’s Love and to receive all the blessings that God has to give you, so you open the door to guidance and to influence in your life that is of Light, that will help you and assist you upon your road, that journey towards Light, towards God, at-onement with God.

This you know, beloved souls. This you have proven to yourselves over and over again that this guidance and influence is with you. Though you may not receive it in ways that your mind desires it to be so, you will receive it and know it in some way, a sense, an intuitive understanding, a flash of realization, those moments that you call aha moments. It comes and it awaits you, each one of you. It awaits you so that you may indeed receive with openness and love and gratitude and faith and trust what is given.

As to what you will do with a particular bit of guidance or information that comes to you is of your own free will. The mind is always busy interpreting and reshaping and reforming what is given to the soul making it into its own image. The mind is gratified by adding and formulating and complicating the simple vision or guidance given. Be forewarned of this, beloved souls. Your goal is to release these complications of the mind and these things of what you call the ego that wishes to utilize this information to empower the mind, empower your vision of yourself in action in the world.

Beloved souls, there is a way of interpreting guidance and expressing guidance that is in greater harmony with God. It is in as much as you are able to release the ambitions of the mind and embrace the humility and simplicity of the soul in love. This is your challenge, beloved souls. The more that you can do this and you will know that you are in that place of Grace, then the more guidance will come to you, the more your mind will acquiesce and allow the gifts that God gives you in this way to be realized in your lives, in your being, in your Truth.

It is important that you take very seriously the power and beauty of your soul, that there are many, many faculties and gifts within your soul that may be activated once you have tamed the ambitions of the mind and allowed the subtlety of powerful aspects of the soul to be predominant in your conscious self. This comes with the empowering gift of Love from God. It is working within you at this very moment. It continues to clear away the obstructions and the conditions that are within that keep your soul from truly being in communion with your conscious self. For some of you, this is not a great difficulty or an obstruction but it is your normal existence. For others it is a great struggle with great consternation for the mind wants what the mind wants. Indeed within all of your minds there is a deep desire to have this communion between soul and mind in harmony and activated as a powerful motivation for your life.

But rather than the attachment to it in terms of emotion and feelings of inadequacy and frustrations and anger, the key is to release these things, a detachment from the ambition so that you might feel free of all these expectations of the mind. Expectations that you have built within yourself that have come from others, that have come from books that you have read, and even messages from the angels that you have interpreted as yet another edict, another expectation that God has upon you. Yet the only expectation that we have or the only expectation that God has of you, beloved souls, is to be in alignment with God to receive His Love, to be awakened by His Love, to pray intensely for this gift. In this way, all these other things will come into place, will be in harmony, and will be awakened in time.

Have confidence in your journey to God, beloved souls. Do not allow your minds to rule your expectations and expressions. Though this statement alone is the greatest obstacle to your true understanding. It is what each of you needs to acknowledge and to overcome not through willful desire, mindful analysis, a sense that you are inadequate and unworthy. No, beloved souls, it is truly loving yourself, appreciating and accepting your own self through the intensity of prayer that penetrates all that is not of God that is within you and goes to God.

This penetration is the result of your true desires, intense desires to receive this gift of Divine Love, this Holy Essence that will resolve all your dilemmas, bring Truth to your conscious self, and allow you to be an intense light, a Channel of Love, a gift to the world because you have overcome all the great obstacles, all the difficulties, and all the pain, the complications, and mindful toing and froing and have come to peace and joy and Love. The expression of Love that will permeate every part of your being, everything that you are, and make you a great Light, a great gift to the world. It is yours and it is for everyone but it is for you and your responsibility to be in the Light, to walk in the Light, to be a true child of God. May you truly understand this with a deep compassion for yourself and a deep love for yourself and for your Creator. Thank you.

Question 4: The last question the group has this morning is: Does Divine Love enter us through our crown chakra or directly into our heart as a vibration and light and do blockages in your crown chakra make it harder to receive or feel God’s Love?

So when you refer to crown chakra and the heart and these concepts, you are referring to the spirit body, are you not? And yes of course, the Divine Love must enter through the spirit body and in the case of yourselves, through your flesh. Through all these layers of your being, the Divine Love must enter in order to reach the soul. Now the flesh is easily entered because the flesh is somewhat irrelevant to this inflowing of Love. Though you may be distracted by your flesh that is out of harmony and has pain and aches and these things distract you from your prayers, it is not necessarily so.

As for the spirit body, there are many dynamics and energies and aspects of the spirit body which has been greatly studied in your world although not greatly acknowledged by many. Nonetheless these are operating systems within your body, your true body that will be with you for many, many eons of time depending upon your soul progression. So this does have an influence. It can be obstructive towards receiving the Divine Love. But often it is an indicator of receiving Divine Love. That indicator may vary from individual to individual where the focus of energy may be. The more sensitive may be that focus, so with that sensitivity there is the sense of the energy of Divine Love entering into your being from whatever portal you are quite sensitive to.

Yet this is not altogether Truth that the Divine Love may encapsulate the entire being, but can only enter into the soul. That soul is situated within the center of your body. It does have location. As we have said many times, encrustations around the soul often prevent a substantial amount of Divine Love to enter therein. But there are always cracks. There are always openings in which that Love comes into the soul. The soul rejoices and longs for that blessing of Love to be carried withinl.

The greatest obstruction to receiving Divine Love is the mind. It is the state of mind of the individual. The state of mind of the individual carries such an influence upon the being of mortals that with such a heavy cloak projected by the mind it is difficult for the Divine Love to penetrate. Yet with the intensity of the soul to receive this gift, it can be penetrated and may be felt.

These dynamics are very complex. When you are speaking of energies, there is the reality of energy in many different forms, in many different interactions. The mind projects much energy through thoughts and through emotions. So you are always cloaking yourselves, beloved souls, with many different forms of energy that are changeable and are fluid in their expressions. This affects your sensitivity and receptivity to the blessing of Divine Love during prayer. If you are able to quiet the energies of your mind, then you become more sensitive because there is a reflexive deepening of sensitivity of the soul. In this way, then the blessing of Divine Love is more readily felt. But if the mind is active and the energies are intense, intense projections from the mind make it more difficult to recognize.

Many who begin upon the journey of receiving Divine Love remark that they feel very little. It is because they have not yet learned to quell the energies of the mind to go deeper within their consciousness of soul. But even if the energies of the mind are not quelled, but the desire within the soul is great, that individual will feel some experience that often has a physical component, a pressure that is felt pushing against the soul as God’s Holy Spirit conveys this blessing of Love. So the intensity of that blessing, that energy makes itself known on many levels to those who are sensitive enough to feel it. But many are not sensitive enough. Many have great difficulty in feeling this. Many have times or experiences with God when that feeling is quite evident but then there are many dry periods of prayer where there is no feeling. This is indeed a reflection of the human condition and all the conditions in which they are subjected to conditions which may influence them, energies that may be with them at a particular time and mental constructs that often shield the true perceptions of the soul.

Many aspects of the human existence and reality come into play when you are eliciting the deepest and most profound Touch that any soul, whether they be mortal or spirit, may have. So much may stand in the way of this experience. Yet with enough faith and prayer, trust and a desire to release the expectations of the mind and the constructs of the mind and all the negative emotions of the mind and all the fears of the mind and all those senses of being inadequate and undeserving, when these things are quelled or at least put aside in some way, then the experience of receiving Divine Love as an actual physical, emotional, spiritual, soulful experience in prayer may be had in all its fullness and richness and glory and wonderment and joy.

It is your struggle, beloved souls, living in this Earth plane, all the demands and expectations that come at you and are within you, all these aspects of life that carry you away from this consciousness of soul, all those things that you carry as encrustations can prevent you from feeling the reception of the Love. But I tell you, beloved souls, it does not prevent you from receiving this gift. It may curtail it to some degree but it cannot prevent you from receiving God’s gift of Love within your soul. So whatever you may feel or not feel in your prayer, be sure to offer up a prayer of gratitude to God for His wondrous gift of Love to you. Have faith, beloved and beautiful friends, even if today may not be the day that you will feel this blessing, be reassured that the day is coming. For those of you who feel these things in some mild and subtle way, know that this will intensify and grow and become a very tangible and desirable state of reception, of being in the Grace of God and receiving His Love.

Now I must leave you. I am Josephus and I thank you for listening. I thank you for your questions and I will come again to this instrument in some time in the future and continue in these inquiries of the eager souls who wish to know Truth. In my humble way, I hope that I have conveyed a sense of Truth for as I have said Truth in Truth comes from the soul. But in these words, my desire is that you may be directed in the right direction, that you may come to understand that you will come to this Truth of the soul gradually, beautifully unfolding like a flower basking in the Love of God. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. God bless you.