Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 11, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Jesus. May the winds of change blow blessings upon your lives further awakening your souls and your minds to all that which is of truth and light and love, that those changes that are sweeping the Earth may bring its silver lining, its blessing to each one of you. May you come to see beyond a shadow of a doubt that what is happening in your world, those things that are manifesting in your world at this time, are both a reflection of the human condition and God’s blessings upon this world in efforts to counteract the human condition and the destruction that this condition brings to your beloved planet. May we begin our questions.

Question: Thank you, Jesus. The first question, will there be more geographical upheavals like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and more illnesses sweeping the world and economic consequences, war, civil unrest, or more an awakening of those involved with the dark forces who are causing so much pain, suffering, and inequality?

The crust of the Earth is always moving and changing. Therefore, there will undoubtedly be more manifestations of this in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, shifts of many kinds which will happen upon your Earth plane. Yes, the human condition does affect the intensity and frequency of these shifts for humanity does not realize the power of its own thought, the power of its own action to influence the surface layer of your Earth and to bring about consequences unforeseen. So even though the fluidity of change in the Earth’s crust continues and will do so for as long as the Earth remains an active and viable planet, humanity will indeed, given the opportunity and the means to do so, affect these changes and shifts upon the Earth. 

It is the only species on your planet that has such a capacity. Unfortunately, because this capacity and power is wielded in ignorance and a lack of true understanding of the consequences, so it continues to bring chaos to your world. It is so with the diseases as well, that it is the imbalance within this human condition that will continue to bring waves of disruption and challenges to the human body because of this imbalance and disharmony with God’s Laws and with the Laws of Love. Consequently, a great imbalance has been struck because of what I speak of, the inability of humanity to see and comprehend its own power and how the choices which come with free will bring about consequences that are not easy to live with and bring about difficult conditions which limit humanity so that it may not thrive upon the Earth plane. 

With the combination of Earth changes and all of the levels and aspects of it, the world is a victim of the ignorance of humanity, its inability to see beyond material, mindful deductions of this material world and see that there are spiritual consequences to the lack of spiritual knowledge and the activation of truth within each individual upon this plane.

So much continues to be a consequence of this inability and imbalance within humanity to see beyond its shuttered visions of truth and its scientific explorations which limit the possibility of seeing beyond the material. So as humanity grows in numbers, as the conditions which humanity has created continue to escalate into darkness, so the consequences will become more severe. The Earth indeed will shudder and try to defend itself from the onslaught of the human condition and darkness. Indeed, much comes that brings pain to both those who have initiated these conditions and those who are innocent. 

In and upon this Earth plane it matters not whether you are innocent, because these conditions, these consequences are felt over the entirety of the Earth and affect every being upon it. It is not that God will save the innocent for God cannot. God can only bring healing, protection, guidance, love, truth and knowledge to those who are receptive, who are in a condition of prayer, who align themselves with God. In this way, there can be intervention. In this way, there has been intervention for many souls. But for those who throw in their lot with the condition that dictates that humanity is independent of God and wish to exert itself independent of God, so these unforeseen consequences come forward with each day.

Though humanity has great power, it is also very weak in its ability to understand the complexities, subtleties and power of God’s Creation, the Creation that God has made for humanity to live and thrive upon this planet in order to obtain identity, in order to live a physical life, but along with the physical life, a life that is also spiritual, so that these two aspects of the humanity may be nurtured in tandem as one grows and experiences the many blessings and aspects of life on this world.

I am ready to receive another question.

Question: Thank you, Jesus. The second question is: will the energy that God is pouring into the Earth make the people in darkness more volatile, angry, or sad. Will it make people with a great deal of love more loving and compassionate? And why did God wait until this time, so long it seems, to make a correction?

The vision of God is something that none of you upon this Earth plane can understand fully. God’s sense of timing, God’s sense of planning, and bringing forward His plans are from a perspective of not years and time as you know it but in response to the collective energies and expressions of humanity as it continues to progress along the lines of human evolution and spiritual progression in accordance to the Laws of Progression towards harmony. With the power of humanity to determine its fate, the power to choose with each moment, so humanity has to some degree dictated the timing of God’s interventions. 

Though many of you are not aware of this, God has intervened in humanity’s course of evolution more times than you might think. Because human history often comes to a point of difficulty or extreme disharmony, God then intervenes and brings greater harmony to the human condition. One may see a parallel to your own lives. When one reaches a point of crisis, many will pray to God for intervention. In many cases, that intervention is given but it is the extreme nature of the condition in which the individual is facing and wishing resolution of so that their prayers are intensified and their efforts to reach God to receive healing or change within themselves or around them in order that they may carry through towards light and resolution.

On the grand scale, this is the case at this time. It is not that God has planned every moment and every era of man’s evolution upon this Earth because as we have talked about earlier, humanity has free will and has chosen its own course. But God will not see this world suffer beyond a certain point, ensuring that a measure of harmony will be maintained upon the planet and the time has come where serious consequences to man’s actions have brought about great disharmony and suffering. 

One of the attributes of God’s Great Soul is compassion and love. So with compassion and love, God is working with His angels and with the forces of the universe to bring about change upon your world that will ensure that the powerful inclination of humanity towards inharmony and tinkering with forces of the Earth plane towards destruction, will be neutralized so that there is an opening and an opportunity for humanity to consider the consequences of its actions, so to consider that indeed there is a better way, a higher way to express themselves upon the Earth plane.

Yes, there will be those who will react in ways that are destructive, in ways that bring greater pain to themselves and to their brothers and sisters, in ways that are a reflection of their inner rage and fear and desire for control and power. These unfortunate, negative conditions which reside within every human may be ignited given certain circumstances and may ignite more severe reactions within those individuals who are very vulnerable and who nurture these conditions. But indeed, the forces of change will become so potent and powerful that the ways in which humanity may express these dark conditions within them, and to do so collectively, will be greatly reduced because the instruments that humanity has created to bring war and destruction upon the planet will be neutralized by these waves of change.

As the world is reconfigured by the Breath of God and the forces of the universe to bring ultimate harmony, so these creations of men will no longer be viable within this changing condition, the expression that is the changing world. You have not seen to any great degree a manifestation of these great powers that are being laid upon this world in order to heal and bring balance, equity, and harmony, but they are coming and they will be awesome in scope, powerful in their capacity to neutralize that which man has created and invigorate that which God has created.

During these times of great change and turmoil and upliftment, there will be an opportunity for every soul to look within themselves to reconcile the truth within them, to see that which they have created in their own lives, and to come to understand that they have a choice. God will infuse insight into every individual. God will ensure that every individual will see to some degree that which is meant to be and that which is not part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. 

This wisdom will be a gift to every soul. Because of the power of free will, individuals may choose to ignore this, to hide away, to insist upon their old ways of thinking and doing in the world. Because of the scope and power of the forces that are coming, those individuals who firmly reject God’s invitation to inhabit a new world and to enjoy the benefits and blessings of this new world will surely perish as the old world fades and the new world comes to be. So many within your world are asleep but will be awakened. This awakening may come to some as a gentle breeze of hope and love and understanding and inspiration. For others, it will become a rude awakening, one which is not sought after nor appreciated. 

But indeed, all must awaken. All will come to that place of understanding that the Will of God is greater than the will of man, that the Will of God dictates at this time that His Creation, this vast and beautiful world that is part of God’s Universe will indeed seek harmony for this is the law. In what way and to what extreme this harmony is sought will be determined by humanity in its responses and actions which it applies to resist the Will of God. 

For eons of time, humanity has lived with free will and expressed it freely and has applied its actions and responses upon this world in accordance to cultural and mindful precepts which deem certain actions as in harmony with the Laws of Man. But now humanity has been and will be invited to gaze upon the Laws of God, to come to see what is truly in harmony with God’s Laws and come to understand these laws, every bit and piece of these laws that formulate the great harmonious function of the universe, for harmony comes because these laws are enacted whether humanity is ignorant of them or not.

Indeed, humanity cannot stand outside of the Universe of God and continue to assume that in this arm’s length relationship with God there are no consequences, that they may act with impunity and continue to see the world strictly from their limited vision. It is time to open the vision of humanity to truly see and understand the consequences of every thought and action, every aspect of the individual’s behaviour and expression which transmits its effects upon this world. 

When humanity collectively does so as it is at this time, it creates a great force of disharmony, for much of what is transmitted through every soul, every individual is not of love, is not of light, but a feeble attempt to express itself in the ways which it deems to be correct. This attitude, the source of these thoughts and assumptions comes from a mind, a material mind, which has been infilled with many facts, pieces of information, thoughts that are of mankind’s making and fabrication. Some of which is and does reflect the truth of the universe but much of it is a distortion and is in great disharmony with that which is in alignment with truth.

The time to reveal the truth is coming, beloved souls. The revealing of truth to humanity is a great gift from God. This is the outcome. This is the greatest outcome of God’s intervention towards humanity to open the eyes of all so that they may see the truth of themselves, of their life upon this Earth, and of their collective imprint upon this beautiful yet vulnerable place that you call home.

Yes, this truth and understanding is starting to emerge in different pockets in your world, different individuals, those who are of the light, those because of their souls’ commitment to come to the Earth at this time are being guided and shown the way as activators of light and truth in the world. The power of their gifts and abilities to do so will continue to grow as the many influences from God come to this Earth plane. Many feel a sense of great change. Many souls feel restless. Many do not see that the status quo is something worth adopting or expressing. There is in many a sense of alienation from the cultures and edicts of your various societies.

This is all part of the beginning of a great breaking away of many from that which is the human condition and discovering and adopting the understanding and awakening to that which God intends for each soul. Those who are undergoing this transformation and restlessness which comes in response to it may be assured that there is a bright future ahead and that each one of you who are willing to forego the restrictions of the mind and the errors of the human condition and seek for something higher and brighter and more in harmony with God’s Creation and more in alignment with God, will see their way through whatever tumult may come as the world continues to change and shift and respond to the great energies of God’s creative forces which are bearing upon your world. 

Much will come, beloved souls, wave upon wave, like upon a seashore where a child has built a sandcastle and the great tides come and work their way upon that structure until there is nothing left. So this is how it will be. The illusions of men will be washed away with the Truth of God. So those who are willing to accept and adopt that which is truly of God and truly of God’s reality will thrive upon this world and will build and reflect the great Truth and great harmony of God’s Creation that will be so very different from that which you live today, so very different but indeed a world which will thrive in beauty, thrive in vitality, thrive in the creative forces that are a part of your world. Humanity will thrive in its understanding of its true natures, of the true forces that are within, and how these things will be married together, the physical and the spiritual, the mindful and the soulful in a way that will bring deep wisdom, powerful perceptions, understandings that will foster great inventions and possibilities for your material life upon this world. 

These things will reflect harmony and will not go against the great flow of the natural order but will indeed be a part of the great spiritual awakening of this planet of yours. So you will see, beloved souls, a wondrous transformation, an awakening, a doorway opening to a deep and profound truth, a hand proffered by God and His angels, and all bright spirits so that they may be assisted in this great awakening. Those who are willing to reach out, to be vulnerable yet sure, to be gentle yet firm, to be wise and accept the Will of God will surely find their way in this great transforming world and know that they are embraced by God and awakened by God. That their souls may come to be awakened by His Love, that their hearts may be filled with joy, and that all the fears and trepidations and worries of the material mind may be washed away by the great peace and Love of God upon them. Those who accept this gift, who yearn to be a part of the great journey of humanity guided by God will know a fulfilling life, a life of harmony and peace.

Though there will be much that will be lost and much to grieve for because many will not survive this transition because they are lost in the darkness and the illusion of the human condition. Those of you who are steadfast, those of you who pray for your loved ones and this world, those of you who are strong within your souls and come to acknowledge this strength and put this awareness of the soul before all else will be used as powerful instruments who will activate these changes in some way. Their loved ones who are willing to listen, to be led, who are willing to release their fear and replace it with faith, will follow in your footsteps and come to enjoy the benefits of this new world. Those who do not wish to follow will make their transition into the world of spirit where they will be given every opportunity to live their lives in this place.

Either way, humanity will benefit greatly. It is God’s great mercy upon humanity that is bringing change to your world so as to neutralize the intensity and vastness of the suffering of your planet and of humanity. To bring through God’s Grace and great compassion to His children a new beginning, an open door, an opportunity to thrive in light. So each individual will find their way to light. That light may be manifest in different ways, different means, but indeed it will come to each soul.

In the shifting of consciousness within humanity, within those souls who are open and receptive to this shift and awakening, they must come to accept that life persists always. No matter whether that life is expressed upon the earthly plane or in the planes of spirit, it persists. The progression of each individual will be accomplished always. That progression may lead to the heavens of the natural man where they may come to a state of perfection of their God-given attributes or may come to the great Heavens of the Celestial Kingdom where they may progress beyond that state of perfection, knowing the glories and wonders and potentials of their soul in alignment and at-onement with God through the gift of His Love. 

The great purpose of life on Earth for each individual is to be transformed from a soul which has no physicality to a soul that has the gift of a physical form and expression. From soul to the Earth is but one step of many which the individual may progress towards in the eternal life that comes from a soul redeemed. Every individual is given the gift of life and every individual has the choice in how they may honour this gift. It is not for another to judge the individual journey of the soul towards its own realization and light. 

Each of you has chosen your journey. Each of you has done so in unique ways. In understanding this, it is important that you have great compassion for your brothers and sisters. Replace judgment with love. Replace ignorance with the truth. Replace reactivity with wisdom and grace. You need all of these qualities, beloved souls, in order to face what is coming, in order to be guided by God so that you may reach out and pull your brothers and sisters towards the light, towards the understanding of what is and what can be in relationship to God’s great plan for the salvation of humanity. You cannot know your destinies at this time. God will not reveal all that is part of His plan, but He asks you to commit yourself with deep faith and dedication to pray for the great gift of God’s Love, to pray for the opening of your soul, to pray that you are strong enough and equipped to accept the truth in its pure form and gift to each individual from God. 

In order to do so, it is the faculties of your soul, the compassion and love of your soul, the desires of your soul to follow the course of God’s Will so that you may find your way through, that which will inevitably be difficult and challenging but not impossible to traverse for a soul in alignment with God will be deeply blessed and guided and protected while all about you may come the ruin of humanity, its great ambition and illusions dissolving and the tumult of Earth changes. 

You will find your way and see your way to a place of light, of peace, of true awareness, of strength and deep compassion for all. You will be an example. You will stand as a light, a beacon where others may come and find their way to that place that you have found, that God has gifted to you, of peace and harmony.

As those changes manifest and those that have already manifested have come upon individuals in your world and some have affected all of you upon this world, what has been your reaction and response? Is it that of fear? Is it that of judgment? Is it that of lack of compassion? Or is it that you have come to understand that these things that have manifested are not truly the hand of God but the hand of man. 

In response to these things, God continues to pour His Love and compassion upon humanity. But indeed the choice of whether each individual seeks harmony and seeks to accept that the condition in which they live, and this is all of humanity, is not what is meant to be in this world of yours, that they must come to realize that change is inevitable and necessary in order to bring about harmony.

One cannot say I choose this but I do not choose that in terms of what is part of God’s plan. In your prayers and dedication to God, do you not ask to be a part of God’s plan, to find where you may fit within that plan and the flow of His intentions and Will for humanity? If you do so and you accept, then you must accept that changes are inevitable and that you will be guided towards change. Allow yourself to accept it. Go within yourself, within that deep place and find confirmation that indeed the guidance that is given is true. In that confirmation, may you act upon this guidance and live your life accordingly. 

God’s children are being cared for and guided and led upon a path towards the light. May you all find your way upon that path. May you all find peace within yourselves. May you all find the strength and deep faith that you need in order to accept the outcomes, the outpourings of God’s Will upon this world. May you find deep and abiding love, beyond all that that any one individual may give to you. It is beyond that. It is deeper and stronger and more powerful than human love. It is the Great Essence of God, His highest of blessings, His most beautiful and most wondrous gift upon humanity, to give to you His Essence that it may pour within your soul and awaken you and bring you to that place of pure spiritual fulfillment, great love, and joy. Truth abounds within that place of the soul. You will feel at-one with God and will know no other need than this at-onement and will realize that you may live a life in harmony with all of God’s Creation given your soul awakened and true to all that is of God’s Creation.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. You will be given every opportunity to walk with God’s Will and plan. You will be provided for. Your families and loved ones will be provided for. You will know peace in the midst of chaos. You will have the wisdom required to walk the road that God has designated. You will have the insight and strength and compassion to lead your brothers and sisters and to teach them of His Truth. All will come in the timing and flow of His Will for humanity. 

We are with you, beloved souls. We are truly with you. We will come ever closer as times of need will dictate. Much will be given to those who wish to walk the path of transformation, of change, of truth, of harmony, of love. God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and your friend, Jesus. God bless you and good day.