Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 10, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

(Al’s prayer)…the inflowing of your Divine Essence. Awaken our souls. Awaken our conscious selves to those deeper places within us that are informed by Your Love and created by the Blessings of Your Love that all the faculties and abilities of our souls may come forward and be a living part of our lives, as we live it each day, that Your Gift of Love, the power of Your Love, the power of the Essence of Your Soul may indeed impregnate us with all its richness and glory and beauty; that we are uplifted always in this Gift of Your Love. Father, we are here now to be awakened, to be enlivened and to know the great peace of your presence. Thank you beloved Father.

I am Andrew, and I come to you as your brother. I come to you beseeching you, beloved souls, to put aside the concerns of your minds so that you may be fully with God in this sacred Circle of Love. As you are unified in this beautiful desire and intent that comes from your souls, you then allow the teachings that you so desire to be given to you to come readily. By putting aside those conditions of the mind, the material mind, you step forward in faith allowing your soul’s awareness and expression to be present with God, opening a channel of possibilities of knowing Truth, Truth that is impregnated by the Father’s Love, Truth that is a reflection of the Father’s Love, Truth that is far and above any truth that the mind may know for it is of the soul.

Open now, beloveds, open to this gift. Open to God.