Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 29, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

I am Michael Collier, and I know it is not usual for me to speak in these groups. But today I am here to encourage and guide you. You are on the verge of great events and great possibilities, my friends. It is building and you are responding with open hearts, minds and souls to be integral in the outpouring and unfolding of God’s plan.

It is interesting that we are communicating in this way. Do you not think that such technologies were first developed in the world of spirit and were given to various individuals who could be inspired and, in their own way, open to the understanding and guidance that has brought manifest such technology? So, you too are instruments in such a way that you are bringing forth information and you are having experiences that confirm this information to be the truth. This, in turn, will allow you to share and teach others of these things. You see, God’s plan is on many different levels, many different dimensions expressed. It is not just one thing, but many things. It is not just one effort and action, but many actions and efforts through many individuals.

You are greatly benefited by your understanding and experiences in this regard where many are not. Though they are willing participants, most of that acquiescence comes not from their conscious mind but from their soul who has a different kind of consciousness. You are diligent in trying to merge the two together into one integrated and powerful channel of light, truth and love in the world. In this, we are supporting you in many different ways to do so. You find yourselves challenged in many ways. For what comes through the soul and the understanding and reality of the soul is often quite contrary to the understanding and consciousness of the material mind interacting in the material world.

Yet you continue to forge ahead, to seek, to grow, to be in alignment with those things that are of the soul and of God. Thus, you bring close to you many, many bright spirits, angels, even stellar beings who are eager to support you in this. For you become the harbingers. You are the tip of the spear, so to speak, penetrating the consciousness of men so that they may come to see more clearly the wonderment that is their own being, the creation of God, the universe of God. It is important that you acknowledge those deeper aspects of yourself, not just momentarily, not just segmented in various time slots of prayer, but in every breath and every moment. That you may not impede this integration that is so important, that you come together within yourself in such a way that greater harmony ensues, and greater understanding comes to you.

Yes, there is much work to do yet, my friends. We are on the verge of a great awakening for humanity, thus, you are on the verge of great awakening within yourself. God is ensuring that this awakening, this understanding true to the soul comes to you effectively, powerfully, and quite soon. It is imperative that you continue to seek out the truth, to seek out your own soul, to bring harmony between these two levels of consciousness, which are actually three. For we cannot forget the spirit mind. But indeed, as these things are integrated, merged together as one, so it will be far easier for you to reconcile the perceptions of the soul with that of your earthly life. 

There will not be confusion and doubt, skepticism, questioning whether you are indeed losing your mental faculties and receding into some terrible pit of insanity. This is only the propaganda that you have been given by those who are empowered in the material world to dictate the terms of consciousness within humanity. Indeed, each of you have been indoctrinated from a very young age in these terms. I am not speaking of conspiracy theories here, my friends. I am only speaking of what is obviously true, that the struggles of humanity are created by the imposition of those in power to create these conditions. 

Of course, humanity also creates their own personal conditions and situations in the world by the act of free will. Yet collectively you have all created a somewhat bizarre and distorted view of creation and your place within it. Many do not even believe that there is a such thing as creation in the Divine sense. Many are skeptical of all that which is spiritual, all that the soul feels and knows. Many are lost within the machinations of their mind, allowing these powerful influences to continue to rule their perceptions of reality. 

Yes, you have a formidable task ahead of you. But it is not just your task, my beloved friends. This is God’s work and God has many upon His roster of willing souls who are on their way to helping to change the perceptions of humanity. They themselves are changing and receiving many blessings. Though, often these things are in the background of the soul’s consciousness as they are with you often. Yet still, the power of the soul is emerging, and the power of the soul shall emerge within the consciousness of humanity to such an extent and to such a degree that it will shift the tides. It will bring about that much needed balance of perception and action in the world that is required to bring greater light and harmony. Each of you have a role to play in this. Each of you are being guided, strengthened, tested, blessed deeply so that your gifts and what you are capable of, as that unique soul that God has created, shining forth and a guiding light for many. 

There is much coming, my friends. This beautiful instrument, earlier in the day, has received powerful guidance and a vision. It is our desire that he may share this with you when your time comes for conversation. So, the awakening continues with each one of you. That awakening is different for each one of you. You will see and feel and hear and know many things that are relevant to your life and relevant to the progression of the world, all of your brothers and sisters. 

It is important that you take note that you do not shy away from these things that are given so generously by God. That you come to acknowledge, accept, and embrace the Will of God, the blessings of God, the great awakening of your soul, which is that which God feeds with His Love. So that in these times of great change and awakening you may step forward as a light, as a comforter, as a strength, as a rock for those who will be in great need and greatly troubled by the instability and conditions of your world that are to come. It is a formidable task as I have said. Yet,  you are growing and preparing to be capable of meeting these requests from God, these imperatives that are so needed and important, so that your instrumentality and the instrumentality of many others may be realised and expressed in your world.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May you indeed come to a place of deep understanding and deep commitment to the Will of God, His plan manifest through each of you and many others. God bless you. I am Michael Collier. I thank you for allowing me the time, for listening to my words in hope that you will be inspired, that you may focus more intently upon the spiritual matters at hand and the soul that is growing within you. God bless you. My love is with you, beloved souls.

Mediums notes:  Michael Collier wished for me to share a vision that I had on the morning of that day. I often sit outside under a covered patio, watching the birds, admiring my garden and praying. Its a wonderful start to my day and it provides very cherished moments of contemplation and prayerful devotions.

On this day I received a powerful visitation from Jesus. He was with me emanating such love and care for me and I was filled with great peace. He also gave me a vision relating to our future global retreat in Laurelville PA. I saw myself standing up in front of the gathered participants talking about the  possibility of receiving the pentecost while we prayed together. I was quite eloquent and forceful in my speech to the crowd. Then, as we were in prayer, the flames of pentecostal love were everywhere. Many expressed deep emotions and sobbing as we were bathed in this powerful blessing. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and transformative. Jesus then said to me that the true work begins from this day on. It was a calling and an empowerment designed to propel each of us forward in our individual purpose and gifts. Everyone was changed from that moment forward. 

I was in bliss, as you can well imagine, and deeply moved by the experience. What will come in Laurelville will be greatly determined by our personal devotions and expectations. I sincerely hope that everything about this vision will be as true as I experienced it. Only time will tell. With deep gratitude……Al Fike August 31, 2023