Spirit:  John the Beloved
Date:  April 20, 2023
Medium:  Al Fike
Location:  Sechelt  BC

Each of you have an angel with you beloved souls. I am John, John the Beloved, and I come to pray with you as you continue to beseech God to bless you, opening   the way to light and love, upliftment,  awakening your soul with God’s Essence.  So you draw us to you, those of the Celestial Kingdom who come to pray with you and minister to you. It is the law in action. As you long, so you shall receive.

There are those who do not feel worthy or feel that they do not want to elicit God’s Touch or Blessing upon them because their minds put forth a barrier, feeling that God is not interested in them. And those who do use their minds to discern what it is that prayer accomplishes are missing the point and do not understand the truth. For the consciousness of God is so multi-faceted that one could not possibly comprehend God in all His glory and beauty and abilities. Even we, in the Celestial Kingdom, only have a glimpse of this and you upon the earthly plane cannot possibly comprehend it for your souls are not developed enough to have this perception. It comes from the soul, not the mind but the soul. But indeed you feel the touch of God, you are aware that your prayers have their effect and this is what is important and this is the expression of faith, is it not?

When you beseech God to receive the blessings of His Love and Healing and Grace and all the good things that spring forth from the great Soul of God, then you are exercising your faith and expressing your trust in God. This, indeed, lays the foundation for all of you to carry on in this journey, a journey that will never end, a journey that will bring many, many insights and revelations as time progresses and as your soul receives more of the great Gift of His Love.

You will see the world differently, beloved souls. You will see yourselves differently.  You will come upon truth in a way that you could not have realised before. But this will come with the soul glimpsing all the Creation and Truth of God. Yes, it may be a sliver of an insight but even this is more powerful than any reading or intellectualising  of  spiritual truth. For when one experiences a Touch of God, awakening to the Blessing of God and feeling and knowing God’s Presence as you pray, then all doubts  evaporate, intellectual reasoning is overshadowed by the knowings of the soul and you come to see with different eyes, understand with different consciousness, feel with the sensitivity of the soul and this is your goal, my beloved and beautiful friends.

To be with God in this way, to put aside that cloak of mindfulness and speculation and don the cloak of true knowing, recognising the touch of God within you, so that indeed, you grow and set a course for yourself that does not require the arduous journey of the mind but brings the ease and joy and awakening, like the petals of a flower unfolding,  It comes as the soul awakens, His Love, the blessing of His Touch, can you not feel it in a palpable way? Can you not feel the peace enveloping you, that peace that passes all understanding? Do you not sense the atmosphere around you changing and your mind acquiescing to deeper realisations and  feelings?

You are being blessed by God. You have invoked the laws that bring this blessing forth. You pray for this and so you receive, in accordance to the intensity and flow and intention of your prayer. Beloved, beloved children of God know that you are loved and that we love you, that God loves you beyond measure and that you are entering into the world of Love and that world can be your constant companion, your reality, your truth, provided you are willing to step beyond those worn and tried ideas of the mind.

Step forward in faith and trust to be with your Creator, your Heavenly Father, and all His blessings and all the peace and all the joy and all the comfort and all that is of love is yours, beloveds, in these moments of prayer. Whether you are together as you are now or separate in your own prayer, spend time with God, realise that you set before yourself a foundation, solid and eternal, that will bring you, in time, to at-onement with God and all that that brings in a life transformed, a soul awakened. 

May God bless you. I am John, John the Beloved, and I love you my beautiful friends on the earthly plane. Yes, you struggle, but indeed God meets you in this place of light and is with you in great compassion and love, upliftment and joy. Drink deep these waters, feel His Presence, be at peace beloveds. God bless you. God bless you.