Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is Andrew. Prayer is the key to spiritual work for when you engage God in prayer, you open the doors to light, to the influence of bright spirits and angels, to guidance, to the development of your gifts. All beautiful things come from God. When you open your heart to God’s Love, so these gifts and blessings and perceptions and light are intensified and enhanced by this gift.

Seek for the highest, beloved souls. Seek for that which develops and awakens your soul. Seek for the Essence of God to enter to your soul, transform it with its blessings. In this way, wisdom, perception, truth, and a great capacity to love will all unfold in your conscious self and be a true expression of your true self which is your soul, that part of you that endures, that part of you that is the very core of your being when nurtured in this way through prayer and longing and recognition of the needs of the soul, becoming a powerful component, motivator, force within you that will act through you as God’s instruments in the world.

Every soul has a choice to receive this gift of Love. It is not given with your creation or your experience on Earth unless you ask and have a desire to receive it and know it. Prayer will open the door to these many blessings. Sit in prayer each day and you will come to know a whole world awakened within you, the beauty of God’s Touch deep and profound, the wonderment of your own soul awakening to this deep Touch opening the faculties and gifts of the soul. So much awaits each individual provided they are willing to reach to God, to have faith that God is indeed there for them and that His Love will heal and transform and bring each soul into harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

Seek you the Kingdom as has been said time and time again and indeed the Kingdom will be yours in time provided you are consistent and earnest in your efforts in prayer.

May God bless you upon that journey, beautiful souls. May you come to seek for the highest and know the greatest of gifts from your Heavenly Father who is God, the Creator, the Source of All. God bless you. I am Andrew. God bless you.