Spirit: Leytergus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 23, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the glory of God’s Love touch your souls. Precious beloved brothers and sisters on earth, I am Leytergus and I come to speak of intention and the power of intention in your spiritual life. Behind intention is always your desire. Intention is your desire put forward, articulated by both your material mind and your soul. On your spiritual journey you are in control, you have the gift of free will, the gift of thought, the gift of desire. All of these things come together to open the way for God to bless you and inform your soul with His Love. But without your intention, without putting your intention forth to God you become part of the great ebb and flow of humanity receiving and also expressing aspects of the human condition that are not all together beneficial. When you set your intentions forth, you open the door to God’s blessings through prayer. You focus your thoughts, your feelings, your desires upon God and upon your own soul so that God may answer you. For with your intentions set forth and put into motion the Laws of Activation are in motion. With the Laws of Activation all things are possible because you have allowed it and desired it. 

Make sure you are clear in your intentions, do not sit and pray just from your minds or from a passive pose that says I am willing just to receive whatever I may receive. All this may be helpful to some degree. However, it is important that you focus upon that which you require and that which you desire. Without this activation of your will, focused upon God, focused upon the upliftment and blessings upon your soul, your body, your mind and all aspects of yourself, you will not enter into that powerful grace and blessing which come. With this focus and openness combining together to create a direct connection with God, it opens the portal between your soul and God so that you may receive His Love in great abundance. 

You are the masters of your fate. God requires you to beseech His blessings, to focus upon the journey, to be in alignment with God, to set aside time to be with God and to communicate with God, for when you do so you receive all manner of blessings and benefits. 

I beseech you beloved friends to consider the power and the choice that you carry within you. For every soul upon your world has the capacity to receive many blessings and to initiate the great transformative expressions of God’s Love within your soul, allowing this to be, allowing all that comes with this to manifest. Allowing your gifts, your capacity to love, your understanding of all things deep and of the spiritual to be in your possession, to be a part of your journey of life. Not as a passive flowering but as a powerful awakening which will bring forth all that you desire within your soul provided you allow those desires to come forth, to be manifest. You will come to this more fully with each day as your intentions become more clear, focused and intense. So many things will come, and you will find your way beyond the conditions of this world to that uplifted place of God’s Touch upon your soul. That place of deep peace, bliss and loving embrace which nourishes the soul and brings great joy. 

May God bless you on that journey and may you come to know those true desires within. God’s Love awaits you always bel. His blessings await your desires and your intention. Put them forth at this moment and seek the fulfillment of that which is deep within you. May God bless you and keep you in His Love. Thank you for listening to my words. My blessings of love are with you as well. I am Leytergus. I am happy to speak to you today. God bless you.