Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 3, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s Love continue to bless your souls, my friends. I am Michael Collier and I have come because you mentioned my dear and beloved charges, Susan and Michael, whom I am with often and whom I try to assist in all of their spiritual efforts and desire to serve humanity. 

Indeed I see in your world that there are so many in need and this has always been the case. So many walk in semi darkness, so many are confused, so many victimize themselves with their desire for the material and for the desires of the flesh. So many aspects of the material life continue to bring many down to a base level of existence. It is good that you pray for these individuals, it is good that you pray for your loved ones, your families. And isn’t it remarkable that so many who know you, who are your families and your friends, often take no interest in your spiritual life; maybe a passing thought or curiosity, but generally they are not so interested. When you see this in your families, is it not easy for you to recognize that so many in the world are not interested in spiritual life, they find the material so alluring and attractive. And often they seek to distract themselves from that gaping hole within their souls, that place that is not nourished, is empty, and is in deep need of love. 

Because of the harshness of your world, many turn away from that need and they do not see how that need may be fulfilled, or in their relationships they have compromised for something akin to a basic fulfillment of their material needs with a measure of love, but nothing that is truly transformational or brings great fulfillment. This is the way of the world, my friends, this is truly the way of the world. I’m not discussing this to discourage you, merely that you will have a clear and balanced view of the worldly conditions and in hopes that you will continue to pray for this world and for all within it. 

For truly this world is in deep desire and need of healing and love and harmony and peace. We know that these things come from God and that the power of healing the world rests in God’s Hands, and we may pray that we are used as His instruments, in some way a channel of love and light, so that indeed we may play our part, that we may lay down our willful desires and take up the yearnings and desires of our souls which are different from those mindful things. 

So we all wish to walk in light, to be a channel of light, to be a beam of light in the world. Indeed, within each of your souls is a powerful need and desire and longing to be with God, your Creator, to be in alignment with He Who brings all that is of Light and Love, that you may seek harmony, that you may proffer those elements and aspects of the spiritual nature so that harmony may ensue amongst many around you. It is a great challenge, I know. At times very difficult, even frustrating. I know that each of you in your own way, in your lives have found that the challenge of reaching out from the darkness into light a difficult one. But you have found your way, you continue to seek truth, you continue to feed your minds and your souls with all that which God has to give to you to help you awaken, to release those conditions within you that hold you back from God.

So my friends, we are together in this great struggle, this great earnest effort, this prayerful longing, this deep desire to seek for the highest, to long for the great gift of God’s Love and to allow the power of this gift to rectify all within us that is not in harmony with love and light. There our faith carries us, the Love of God uplifts us, the ministrations of the angels continue to inspire and to teach. So you are in that blessed place where God’s Hand is upon you, His blessings pour forth upon you, His loving touch brings healing and peace and your souls respond, yearning, reaching for the great Soul of God. 

We are with you my friends, always with you upon that journey that at times is difficult, but indeed there is always light, there is always upliftment, there is always joy that can be had by the earnest soul. You will know this, my friends. Even those of you who struggle so much will come to know this and realize that your struggles and your efforts have not gone in vain, but are indeed reaching its mark and bringing its blessings. It cannot be anything but this, for this is the Law. For every earnest prayer is answered in some way and every longing for God’s Love gets a response, a blessing, as your souls open to this great gift. May you continue to find yourselves in the Grace of God, in the joy of knowing God, in the wonderment of knowing your own soul in the beauty of all that God has created for you and for your benefit, and a life, a life that seeks light and truth and love. 

God bless you, my friends. We are with you; know this, feel this, recognize that you are never alone, but we are with you and God has embraced you, never to release His children from His grasp that carries and loves and nurtures and heals. God bless you my friends, I am Michael Collier. I’m happy to once again speak to you and be with you today in your prayers. God bless you. God bless you deeply, and the joy of love be in your countenance, your thoughts and your feelings. Joy my friends, joy is so important. God bless you.