Spirit: Percy Hayes
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 27, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My friends, it is Percy. It has been some time since I have talked to you all. I want to give my love to my dear daughters and say to them that I am close, that I love them dearly and I see that they have with them beautiful angels that are protecting and guiding them both and their families. They are safe, they are blessed, and they are continuing to progress upon the divine path. 

I wish to inform you that I have entered the Celestial Kingdom. I have now progressed beyond the spirit planes and am a member of that beautiful realm which I have aspired to all of my life and all of this time in the spirit world. What joy I have in my heart as I have now released all the vestiges of the material, the mind, and all those things that are related to this earthly life are now integrated and transformed into my soul. Such is my joy, my wonderful experience in God, that I am now released from all that is not of love and am now a true child of God.   

How wonderful it is to be in these realms of light. There is such joy in my heart, and I join some of my friends and family there. So, I am doubly blessed to be with them in this light. And I fully expect each one of you to join me someday, for you are all headed in this wonderous direction of light towards at-onement with God, towards the great awakening of your soul with His Love. Day by day, step by step, you come closer to that place where you are free of the earthly burdens and engulfed in love so that all of you will know, feel, and express the light and joy of God’s Love. 

May God bless you on that journey my beloved and beautiful friends and family. Know that I am close, that I continue to serve God by serving you on your journeys. 

At times we have our circles together as you are in your sleep state. We in this Celestial Kingdom take advantage of this time to truly be together and to pray together. You must know that you pray many more times in Circles of Light than you do upon this earth plane and that there are many opportunities set forth for you to pray in beautiful realms of light and receive within your soul the great inflowing of God’s Love. 

My friends, you are greatly blessed, very blessed indeed to be upon this path so early in life and to make the progress of the soul which is most important of all. To have your soul awakened in the truth of God’s Love. For in this way, God will use you as a channel of Love, a channel of Light in the world. He will use you many ways, in many instances that you are often not aware of, but indeed your instrumentality shines forth, even without your knowing. 

So, God brings blessings through you and to you as you walk upon the earthly plane. May you come to know all the ways in which God uses you as his instruments. May you come to know the power of God’s Love to transform and heal and bring you close. It is a simple path; such a simple path but such great rewards. So much comes as you continue to pray for this great gift of love. May God bless you on that journey my beautiful friends and may you know the wonderment of God’s Touch upon your soul and come to see that you are truly loved and that you are destined to continue to walk on a path of love. 

Blessings to you all. Blessings to my family. Know that I am close, that I come and protect your loved ones. That I too, am an instrument of God and do so with joy in my heart and love in my soul. God bless you and keep you in His Love. Your friend, Percy is with you. And yes, I am with your beloved Barbara often. We have many conversations together and sometimes work together. God bless you. God bless you my friends. My love is with you always. God bless you.