Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 18, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you my beloved friends, may His Love pour into your soul on this sunny day  in which you come together in prayer and a desire for fellowship and unity and blessings from God. I am Josephus and I come to speak to you of the soul, this vessel within each one of you that God has imbued within your being that will allow you the capacity to understand who and what you truly are and who and what God truly is. Though the souls of most remain incomplete, a vessel half full, full of life, full of light, but yet incomplete and often covered by the human condition, those aspects and elements, memories and energies that cover the soul through one’s experiences on Earth and so the soul is a mystery to many.

Although when the word soul is mentioned, there is a glimmer of understanding, but that understanding is weak and feeble. To truly understand the soul, one must put aside those conditions and barriers of the mind,  to penetrate these conditions of the soul so that the soul becomes a real and viable aspect of your being.

It is a great struggle to know the soul. There are so many distractions and barriers to this knowing. Though within each one of you and all of humanity, there is a sense of its existence within you. It is often vague and without true substance which the mind may recognise, for the substance of the soul is a reflection of God. God is not of the material nature. God is purely spiritual and of the highest and most refined quality of energy of Love, Light and creativity, compassion, and many, many more qualities of God’s Soul.

Within your soul is the possibility to reflect and express some of these qualities of God provided the soul is ignited with the Essence of God, the Divine Love, as we call it. With this gift to Divine Love, the many faculties and qualities of the soul are ignited. As more of this Essence, this energy, flows into the soul, so there is more vitality within the soul, and a vitality that will cleanse the soul, awakening the soul to all its possibilities and gifts.

Until you have come to some measure of awakening, you cannot truly understand what I speak of for these aspects and qualities of the soul come to the fore in your consciousness as a result of the Presence of the transformative energy of Divine Love. All of you are upon a path of soul awakening whether that be through the arduous journey of natural love and discovering the beauty and qualities of the natural love which emanate from the soul, or that of the Divine Love which transforms the soul into something different and unique and beautiful.

Whatever your journey, beloved souls, it is an awakening process and eventual discovery of your own soul and what this means to your life, your perceptions, your thinking and your doing. For this great engine of the soul which is the origin of many things. Though often, within your minds, you have come to the conclusion that these aspects of soul are merely of the mind, for it is the mind that recognises these things in some way. A mind open and receptive to understanding the soul will surely come to a deeper understanding than that of the mind uninformed and untouched by the light of the soul.

Uncover your souls, beloveds. Seek to uncover your souls in prayer, contemplation, in loving acts, and nurturing love for yourselves and your brothers and sisters. This quality of light that emanates from you when engaged in loving thoughts and actions and the expression of love, and the quality of being a channel of love for God which comes with the opening of your soul to this gift to Divine Love. So you will know the treasures of your soul. You will know what emanates from your soul, what originates from your soul. You will know many things provided you are receptive and have faith.

In this process of uncovering and recovering the soul from the darkness and conditions which you have all drawn to yourselves, not necessarily from your actions but often from the conditions in which you live and are immersed in, for you live in a dark place, and yet you reach for light and light is given. Light comes to you through the yearnings of your soul. Light comes to you because your minds are in agreement with your soul in that you are in need of this healing blessing of the Divine Love.

So you will come to an understanding of your own soul. That understanding will be deep and broad and in some ways inexplicable by your words and thoughts but present within your feelings and knowings of the soul. These things, I urge you, beloved brothers and sisters, to pursue, to long for the gift of God’s Essence, that part of God’s Soul that He will give to every soul who so desires this gift, the highest of gifts, the most powerful activating agent of the soul.

You may activate your soul in other ways, through efforts to clear and cleanse the conditions around you within your minds and your souls. In this task, you will uncover a purity, a beauty of the soul. This, in time, will entitle to you to enter the Kingdom of Light that is the Sixth Sphere in the spirit world where great joy and happiness is experienced and a clarity and light like nothing you have experienced in your world.

Yet, beyond this sixth sphere are other spheres, the Seventh and then the Celestial Kingdom which are higher in light and knowledge than that of the Sixth. For those who dwell in the Sixth Sphere, often it is something that they are unable to accept or recognise, for they have developed within them a very keen mind and ideas and expressions that are more of the intellectual nature, and a desire to discover the wonderful aspects of God’s Creation. It is often a mindful pursuit, one that is rich and full, joyful and creative. Yet beyond this there is so much more.

I urge you, as you continue to forge a relationship with God and awaken yourselves to the inflowing of God’s Love, bringing the transformation of which I speak, opening the faculties of the soul that cannot be opened by the efforts of the natural man however perfect and pure he may be. It is the workings of God’s gift through the Holy Spirit to the souls of those who long for this that will awaken the many dormant faculties of the soul that are a reflection of the aspects of God awakened and vital.

May God carry you upon this path of true soul awakening. May God show you the way in which this may be accomplished. May God guide you and protect you and bless you upon this journey. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus. I am happy to come to speak to you today on the wonderment of the soul and the journey that one must take to discover this beautiful gift that God has given you, that of the soul. God bless you, beloveds. I will come again and speak in times in which you are open and desirous of teachings of truth. God bless you. My love continues to be with you, beloveds, as are many in the Celestial Kingdom who have great love for you. God bless you. God bless you.