Spirit: Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Yes, I have come to affirm the dear and beloved soul’s (S) experience of receiving a message through me in regards to this gift of Direct Voice or manifestations of spirits through individuals where she resides and in other places in the world. At the moment, there is a flurry of activity by the angels in heaven in correspondence and efforts to be with mortals on Earth. This flurry and great effort made is ahead of a great wave of change that is coming. We wish to establish deeper connections with you all and to initiate efforts and actions that are in accordance to God’s plan for the salvation of humanity.

Part of God’s plan is the manifestation of His angels upon the Earth so that many may take notice of the message that you will impart. This is just one aspect of a great deal of efforts ignited around the world through many circles and individuals who are aligning themselves with God and with their own purpose and relationship with God’s plans. Some will do so without any sure knowledge of it but many will come to the understanding and awareness of their roles to play and efforts to be made in regards to bringing greater light to the Earth and greater wisdom and truth to the Earth, all done in love, all done in light.

You would be amazed if you could see all the activities, interactions, communications, and spiritual efforts made on behalf of humanity in your world at this moment. It is quite a tremendous effort, one that will bring many results, surprising results that will be seen in places that you are not even aware of in the world for there are many souls who are praying forth to God, who are eliciting the response of which I speak. There will be surprising outcomes, remarkable manifestations, great blessings of light and love, healing, and truth spoken through many languages and cultures, through many humble souls who are willing and ready to do God’s bidding.

You will have the opportunity to make a relationship, a connection, with many of these individuals in time. It is a matter of being patient and faithful and prayerful. Allowing yourselves to be open to the world through the use of these wires and technologies, through your loving prayers for the world, through your efforts with the individuals that you know already who will in turn reach out to others until the effects are multiplied exponentially in the world.

When the tipping point comes, you will be amazed at what will be given to the world and what will come of God’s plan for the world. So much is at the rudimentary beginnings of a great and wondrous journey of the awakening of humanity. You will find yourselves in the forefront of this. You will find many wanting your attentions, your love, your teachings, your blessings that may come through you from God.

Be strong, beloved souls. Strengthen yourself in every way so that you may be ready for this great wave of a change that is building, a tsunami of light that will affect everything upon your world. None of you will be unaffected nor immune from the effects of what God is bringing to humanity with a spiritual foundation, a foundation built in the Love of God.

You will be ready and you will be guided in accordance to what is needed and what you may provide with your gifts and service and love to bring to humanity that which is so sorrowfully needed. That all may be awakened and may see for themselves what is necessary in order to bring balance and harmony back to this world and back to the world of man which is so out of harmony, which is so imbalanced because of these deep desires and need for material well-being and wealth.

Humanity must learn humility, must see the world through the eyes of the soul and to see their own actions in harmony with God’s Laws and Will. This vision and wisdom and understanding is pathetically lacking in your world. Though there have been times of violence and disruption and darkness and negativity in the history of humanity, the sheer scale of the inequities, the violence, of the dark thoughts and fears of humanity at this time is so very overwhelming and seems to be an impenetrable barrier to God’s ministrations and Touch upon your world.

Yet each of you provide an opening, a way in which God may penetrate this great barrier of darkness. In so doing, you will bring forth many blessings of light, truth and love to you and through you to many others. This great barrier of darkness is riddled with holes created by your prayers so that the awakening may begin, that these beachheads of light may strength with your prayers and your efforts. You will have all the resources that you require in order to be God’s instruments in this world.

It is not that you are chosen, but that you have chosen to be God’s instruments. You have stepped forward in the light. There are many more like yourselves who will continue to make that choice and effort to be in the light. Do not concern yourselves with the beliefs and the cultural biases and understandings of the mind of these individuals. Rather support them in love, support them in light as they will for you, beloved souls. Within their souls and within your soul, there is a knowing, an understanding that you work together for God. This is what is required and important to acknowledge.

These other facets of knowledge and belief are superficial and unimportant. Rather, it is the yearnings of the soul to be instruments of change and healing and light, beauty, truth, and love for your brothers and sisters. You will each be guided. You will each come to know your own gifts, your own souls. God is making great efforts to awaken you all, this great wave of light that will counteract the barriers of darkness, will continue to build and wash over your world changing everything.

You will witnesses this, beloveds, and be an active participant in lifting up humanity to a higher place of thought and light. To a place where their souls may be awakened more readily and the knowledge of all things spiritual may come and be given abundantly to humanity. At this time, it is as if you are paused before the great storm of awakening. Use this time wisely so that you may awaken more readily and fully to the light and truth of God and His Love. We work behind the scenes in many places with many souls to help set the stage, to help trigger the awakening to truth and love.

We are with you all, shall continue to work with you all. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Elijah. My love is with you always as are my prayers. God bless you.