Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 10, 2022
Location: Durham UK

I too greet you, my friends. I am Orion, you have asked me to come, and so I am here.  There are many myths and many ideas, many things full of fear and projection and misunderstanding in regards to our presence and our support of the human race. 

Let it be known that God intends for humanity to be uplifted.For all of humanity to shed those conditions of which are dear friend is remarking about, to be free of the darkness and the ignorance and the fear and the domination and to truly be what God has meant each individual to be.  That in this equality will be accomplished, but it cannot happen without those brave souls, such as yourselves, who are willing to be instruments of light in the world. Whether you serve those beings of the spirit world, of the Celestial World, or from other worlds, be sure that your intentions are pure and that you have the deep desire to bring greater light into the world.

Yes, you may ruminate on all the injustices and all the difficulties and all those conditions that are not in harmony with God’s creation and God’s universe. But I say to you, it is your universe, the one within, that needs to be observed, and to change and to be purified, and to walk in light.  Without this you cannot be a pure channel, can you?  Without the desire to step forward in light and the eternal progress of the soul continues, does it not? And it continues beyond the physical form. It continues for eternity.  

This one level of existence, the Earth plane as you call it, is but one aspect of the flow of life the soul engages within and experiences, and it continues far longer, far longer than you can possibly imagine.

Indeed, as you walk in the world as a light and have a deep desire to be that light, to be in harmony with all things, to be in harmony with your true self, your soul, so you will accomplish much, not only in your personal life, but in the life of this world of yours or as each individual walks in light and aspires towards light, so they are emanating the energies and blessings of light into the world. 

In this way you effect a change, and you have prayed to be instruments of God, to be lights in the world. And indeed, God will guide you and God will change you as you continue upon this extraordinary journey of life.  Much will come of your efforts if you are reaching for the highest, reaching for the highest and purest of light, the purest of love, the purest of intention and desire. It is this great Essence of God that is His Soul that is and can be given freely to each individual who desires if they but pray for this gift to enter their soul, to awaken the soul, then you may walk the highest path. You walk the path toward at-onement with God. 

As you continue upon this journey, this path towards your Creator, then much comes to you, much understanding, much light, much capacity to love, to forgive, to release those conditions that are not of love. Indeed, if even a portion of your world were to walk in this way and aspire towards this highest blessing and gift and journey, then the world would be changed so dramatically that these conditions that you speak of would not exist. For the light of those who carry the light would be so strong and emanate so clearly that those in the world who aspire towards darkness would be healed of these aspirations and shown the way of light.

I do not say that free will is countermanded by this, but I say that it is the earthly influence, the human condition that continues to direct so many, as has been said, towards darkness and the fulfillment of their carnal desires, motivated by fear, motivated by desires that are not of God but are human, so very human.

So we come to assist you and to bring greater light to you. For we have overcome all of these temptations and conditions that are not of light. We are of light, and we are instruments, servants of God, even though we come from a place that is not this place, this Earth, but another planetary body. One that has progressed far beyond the conditions of this place, and in so progressing, we have a deep desire to serve our brothers and sisters, for you truly are our brothers and sisters. You truly are beings with a soul. A soul that has the same journey as we do, to aspire towards light, towards the source of all love, to be in harmony with this journey and with all that God has to give to each of His children.  You are His children as we are his children.  

We come to assist you, to be by your side. There is nothing to fear. What we give is of light and harmony.  What we give is to uplift, to educate, to inspire, and what we give most of all is a reflection of love.  For it is love that is the great power of the universe. It is love that opens the doors of knowledge. It is love that will allow humanity the capacity to truly understand those things that would bring great benefit to all of humanity, given that they place their perspectives and ambitions upon love, rather than the accumulation of power and wealth to assuage their deep fears, to assuage those things that continue to motivate them towards that which is not of harmony.

Yes, humanity has a long way to go. There so much which is not known, and so many who walk in ignorance and darkness. I applaud you, my friends, for your efforts all those who are seeking the light know that there are many forces that are in alignment with them. In accordance to their desires and aspirations and efforts and understanding of the laws, so they will benefit from many wonderful forces, whether that be beings outside of this world, spirits of great light, angels of the Celestial Heavens, and God’s Great Touch upon all of us. These things will come for those who have the desire for them to come, for all to rain down upon them.

For the world is in need of great change, and God’s plan for the transformation and healing of humanity continues. God has called in many forces upon the world, much that is flowing, much that has been given to all of you, and so this will intensify. So much will be given as long as you are in alignment, and I urge you, my beloved friends, to be in alignment with God. For this is the key: God and God’s Love opens the door. All of the other things of which I speak follow this is one great desire and aspiration to walk in the world as a channel of love, as a being of love, as a light in this way.

You will be a part of the great transformation that is coming. You will be a part of God’s plan for the healing humanity and the healing of this world.

My beloved friends, be in harmony with God’s will, and with this, many things can be accomplished, many blessings may flow, much love will come into your life, and great peace and joy. All of those things that are not of peace and joy and of the highest, will fall away. You will know great freedom, great freedom, great blessings, great awakening. You will come to know your own soul as you have never known it, and the potentials of your soul will flower in the light of love and you will awaken in the power of God’s Touch, which will be beautiful, remarkable, wonderful, powerful, extraordinary.

This is what the journey is about, is it not friends? To walk in the world, growing and expanding, transforming and awakening. This is what brings true joy. This is what God wishes for each of his children. This is what we come to teach. This is what the Celestial Angels have come and come again to the world, starting with the Great Master, your beloved brother, Jesus, he came to teach of love, and the power of love.  

And so you have heard his message, and you have come to follow the way of love. No matter who you may believe, and what ideas and thoughts you may have, and what guru you may have followed in the past, I say to you, follow the wisdom of your own soul. Follow what is in your heart. And this simple desire to seek love, to be love, is the key to all blessings, all work that is to be done to bring greater light in the world. 

It is the foundation for all things, my friends, for all things. Seek this love above all else, and you will find yourself upon a magnificent journey, beyond all that which is of the mind.  For this is truly of the soul, and in the soul you will find all the treasures that you seek. All the things that may come with the blessings of God and the blessings and potentials of your own soul, which God has given you, so that you may grow in this, awaken in this, and be in the greatest, purest light of love, joy beyond joy, light so bright.  So bright you cannot see it without flinching of its brightness.

This journey guided by God will bring to you so much that you will be astounded. There is much awaiting each of you. I know you see your life as humble and not remarkable in as much as the material and all of those things that so many in the human world see as prestige and power. Yet, indeed, you carry a light, you carry a power, you carry many gifts. And this is far greater than any material thing, anything that others may admire is but folly compared to the power of light, the beauty of your gifts, the wonderment of your soul. These things bring great light.

And in the world of spirit, and in our worlds, you are remarked upon by your light. You are seen and admired by your light. And so you draw in many forces, many beautiful gifts and presences that will assist you.  

Seek for the highest, my friends, always.  Seek for the highest, and you will find yourself upon a road less traveled, and yet, so beautiful. May the blessings of God’s Love continue to awaken you. It is God who has brought you together, and it will be God who will guide you and assist you, each of you, upon your journeys of service and of light. May love be your talisman, your guide.  May it be the power that you carry. May it be the source of the light that you are. 

The light of Love Divine is the greatest light of all, and it can be yours for the asking, my precious friends. I am Orion, I thank you for listening to me. I thank you for inviting me, and know that I shall come as often as I am invited. I shall come to be with each of you if you so desire.  Thank you, and God bless you my friends.