Spirit Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 6, 2020
Location: Monroeville, PA

Beloved children, it is Augustine your teacher. Yes, there is great anticipation for this time together, is there not? A special blessing from God, bringing you together in love in harmony, in joy. In these times together, so the bonds will grow. So that inner awareness of one another, the soul seeking to be with others in harmony, in love, will continue to intensify and grow in these experiences of prayer and sharing your time in loving connection, joyful sharing, beautiful openings. You have nothing to fear, my friends, in terms of your time together. You are protected and blessed. All will unfold with such clarity and harmony that you will gain a great upliftment and expansion of your soul, in these times.

Blessed and beloveds, we are very happy that you have come together, that the desire is there and it is strong and that the need to reach out to one another motivates you and brings to you the enthusiasm for this connection and experience. With this joyful enthusiasm, you draw to you the angels who will accompany you upon this short time, this journey together, and there are many of us who will be with you, surrounding you and praying with you. A deep blessing for all is intended and healings, shifts, times of awakening, of knowing, of feeling intensely the blessing of God’s Love. All these things are intended for you, my beloved friends. All things of God will flow and be a part of your Circle of Light.

Anticipation is a blessing, beloved souls. As you open yourselves in anticipation, as you joyfully accept and desire this opportunity to come together, so you open up Portals of Light, great blessings to flow, angels to be with you all, and God’s Hand upon you, beloved souls. His Hand eagerly wishing to touch your soul, to envelop you in His Love, to bring you into the atmosphere and Light of higher realms so that you may enjoy this time, these moments of blessed communion with God.

So your plan has come to fruition. You continue to gather. Things anticipated will unfold. Love will flow. Our only wish is that more would be open to these experiences and desirous of these soul awakenings for God’s gifts to humanity are unlimited and yet, humanity either does not know of its existence or turns away in fear, in judgment, in reluctance. Yet, you brave souls follow your hearts and your soul to these times of sacred blessings from God. So it will be given. So you shall be blessed and all will open as is planned and intended by God. Great peace and joy will be yours. Allow your minds to still, your soul to open. The Grace of God upon you.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. I shall be with you, as will be many. God bless you.