Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 24, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you fellow travellers upon this Path Divine. I am Yogananda. As the waves of God’s Love breaks against the shores of your souls, may you continue to welcome this Gift. May these Living Waters wash forth into your souls through the cracks and crevices made by your prayers and efforts to welcome God into your life, your consciousness.

Oh the time that you spend in your world. A life is so short and yet within that life there is so much potential and possibility to awaken all of your gifts, all of your capacities to know yourselves in relationship to the great Universe of God. That Love may be your talisman, your way to express your life, that you may choose those deeper understandings of the soul to be conscious and expressed beautifully in all that you do in life.

Can you but open yourself, my friends, little by little, allowing Truth to wash into you as this Love brings its gift of awakening. This Gift of Life that is given to you, this great Gift will bring forth many, many experiences and awakenings helping you discover those hidden places within you awakening all to Love, awakening all to Light., awakening all to Divinity, that indeed you may not hide in the dark corners, but come forth into the Light of Truth.

You may not be fearful or anxious or lost but come forth into the Grace that is God. God awaits you in the Light. Love and joy awaits you in the Light. Stroll with all your heart and desire into the Light and be with God, a constant communing, a constant acknowledgement of your yearning soul and curious minds to the great Light and Truth of God.

There is nothing to hold you from this my beautiful friends. There is nothing that will direct you away. There is merely the great Will of God to embrace all of you in Love. Be that beautiful child that God intends for you to be. Be that wise sage that can emerge from your soul. Be that joyful creature that is of God’s Creation, full of many talents and gifts and Light and beauty. Be within the reality of God and all will unfold in this dance of life with precision, with power, with Grace, with magnificence.

Each of you is capable of all of these things provided you are attuned to the Divine Dance that is God’s expression towards you and all the universe. Be awakened to your own potentials. Be sure of yourself, for if you cannot love yourself my friends, how can you love your brothers and sisters? If you cannot have acknowledgement of your own creation, how can you be a teacher of the Truths that you know exist? They must be lived and they must be clearly expressed. They must be your devotion to your brothers and sisters and to God acknowledging the gifts that He has given to you.

All the wonderment, all the glory, the joy, the expressions, the capacities are for you to discover and express in your lives. This gift of life, though it is short, has within it layer upon layer of discoveries of Truths, of awakenings and expressions. Through this great gift called the Divine Love, all these things are made possible and will be expressed in your own unique fashion and capacities and gifts.

May God continue to touch you deeply within your soul and light your path that is wholly and completely your own, given as a gift from God. As every snowflake is unique, so every soul is unique in its patterns and expressions. May you find all that is unique within yourselves, all that is wonderful and joyful and full of Love, full of Love for yourself, for each other, for this world and for God.

May God bless you deeply and keep you in this Light. I am Yogananda and it is my joy to speak through this instrument at this time, to have his voice express my thoughts. I will use other instruments to do so as time goes on. There is no exclusivity in this effort to communicate, but merely that I take advantage of what channel is available to me in order to reach you and be with you in Truth. May God bless you all. My Love continues to shine towards you all. God’s Love embraces us all upon this great journey of Light. God bless you my friends. God bless you.