Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 15, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you by brothers and sisters, true followers of my teachings, the teachings of the Christ spirit. I am Jesus. I come to assure you my beloved brothers and sisters that I do not abhor your celebrations of the coming of my presence in the world. Merely, I do have distaste for those who are inclined to worship me as the son of God rather than the son of man. 

When I came to the earth I came as any other mortal would come and yet I had a mission to fulfil. A promise to God which I made before I incarnated into this world. As such, I was given special dispensations that allowed me to fulfil this promise which gave me an advantage over other men by being born with a purified soul and having  protection from the angels that allowed me to continue in this pure state. Because of this blessing and advantage, I was able to communicate with God as I would communicate with you, beloved souls. Our conversations were many, and went on for hours and hours and I knew I was different in as much as my life would be a reflection of my purpose, my mission, rather than that of an ordinary life in the world, one with family, and children and responsibilities. Though indeed I had many of the experiences one may have in a childhood and in growing up, learning the lessons of this world of yours. But still, within me was a knowing, an understanding that I had to do what God had asked me to do. 

It took some years for me to flesh out this mission, to understand it within me and to grow in the Father’s Love as I continued in my relationship with Him. But when I was  indeed ready, I knew what I must do. I followed my soul’s intuition and guidance, and knew God’s guidance as I walked each day upon the Earth.

So, if you wish to thank me with love for what I have done and what I continue to do, I do not take offence in this. But do not worship me. As I have said previously, I would prefer that you would worship your Creator and acknowledge the great gift that He has given to each of you, which is His Essence, His Love, pouring into your souls. For is this not the message that I brought and taught on your world? Is this not the message that others have come to understand and also to teach? Is this not the message that you understand and have come to share with one another and affirm this great truth that God is love and that His Love, the essence of His great soul, may be gifted to each one of you in ever greater measure in accordance to your prayers and desire, so that you may receive this great gift and grow in this great gift and so you may be at some point a purified soul that in time transforms into a divine angel joining us in the Celestial Heavens?

Is this not something to celebrate? Is this not something to acknowledge with one another? This great gift of love, this boon to humanity that will lift all up from the darkness and ignorance of the uninitiated soul to that of the soul redeemed and awakened in love. This is something of great joy. This is something which we encourage you to pursue, to acknowledge, to have great gratification and joyful expression of, this wondrous journey of love and awakening of the many aspects and faculties of your soul. 

In this, we celebrate your efforts. In this, we encourage you to celebrate your efforts. You are all children of God. Celebrate the wonderment of God’s Creation, the wonderment of your presence within His Creation. The wonderment that is all of Creation and all of the Universe flowing all about you, the great expressions of God. This Universe teeming with life, this planet of yours alive and expressing all the different creations of God. Is this not worthy of celebration? The act of life, awakened in movement, swirling all about, expressing the joy and love of God. This is your world. and this is our world, a world where we see and know more deeply than yourselves the great expressions of God and the wonderment of our own souls who are in deep rapport with God, receiving his Love in ever greater quantities. Magnificent blessings and awakenings. 

So, this will come to each and every one of you who so desire this. Pray for the gift of His Love. Acknowledge what is of His Creation, what is of His Truth, what is of great light and harmony and joy. That love may abound within your hearts and within your lives. Be at peace beloved souls. May the joy in your heart be expressed to all you meet. 

Do not dedicate just one day to celebrate life and love and God, but dedicate every day to this pursuit and every day will be a blessing. Every day will bring an unfolding and awakening of greater truth, greater love, and greater joy. All this comes through the great blessings and compassion that God has for each of you, His Love shining forth with each and every moment that exists. You shall walk in this love and in greater measure for all eternity. For all eternity we shall walk together in the great Light and Love of God, exploring the wonders of His Universe, capturing the droplets of truth that God rains down upon us. Awakening, refreshed and alive to all that is that God has created. 

May God bless you beloved souls. I am Jesus and I walk with each of you upon this path of soul awakening, of Love Divine, of joy never-ending, of awakenings upon awakenings, truth upon truth, love eternal. God bless you beloved souls. My love is with you. My love is with you. God bless you.