Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

I am here, Yogananda. I am pleased to hear that you are discussing your plans and projects regarding this manuscript which has been started but certainly not finished. I have many things to share yet regarding spiritual Truth and spiritual teachings that the world needs to know and understand. So I will continue to work with these two instruments (A&J) to help furbish this book with the highest Truths and inspiration for all.

Spiritual teaching is so lacking in your world, my friends. I was admired in your country (USA) because I was a novelty, so unusual. I dared step foot within what was then a very culturally monotone community as someone from a very different culture and very different skin colour. For you, my friends, this is not the case and there is nothing really that makes you stand out in a crowd. But God’s blessing and Hand upon you all will indeed bring some notoriety and attention.

This is a dilemma, I know, to understand the road that must be taken to feel within your heart what you must do to be strong from that place of feeling and sensing your way through. Like a blind man in a forest you must sense your way through all the obstacles upon your path to arrive at your destination, which is God’s guidance and Will that you be His instruments of Truth in the world.

Yes, it takes great faith. You have great knowledge, my friends. You’ve had many experiences, all of you. What is lacking is an audience who is eager to hear your stories. Yes, there are those who come and gather around you and pray with you and this is a great blessing and a great gift to you all. But in the world, there is great need, great need, and confusion. Within the souls of all of these dear and beloved brothers and sisters who walk with you in the world is indeed a deep desire for Truth, for God, for Love. But to come to the attention of all of these bereft souls is a great challenge for you. Not that you are lacking will, nor gifts, nor Truth, nor Love.

It is because most of the world is blind and deaf and dumb to Truth. So, to rile them from their slumbers, from this place of muted desperation, will take a great deal of effort and drama and crisis. So, as you have been told, the dramas continue to mount, do they not? The crises crop up here and there around your world. Yet, still humanity continues to be asleep.

But your time is coming my friends. Your time is coming. You must be ready, not in a quandary as to what you should do and how you should fulfill God’s mandate to serve. These things will sort themselves out. Instead, go to prayer each and every day and have faith that you will be guided, that circumstances will bring you to that place of being a teacher, a healer, a comforter, a channel of love.

This may come in surprising ways. Doors will open that you have never imagined will be opened. Opportunities with individuals and groups will open to you like flowers bathed in the sunshine. Have faith, my friends, and know that I continue to work with you as do many of my friends in the Celestial Spheres continue to dedicate themselves to your efforts and desire to serve with truth and love. Many angels are working on your behalf to bring about the possibilities of these great doors to open to you.

As you know, God’s Hand rests upon us all, ensuring that there will be success and that these quandaries that you have will turn into joyful delights of service, of meeting many souls, of being in the great flow of the great river that is God’s Love and His Will. Be reassured, my friends, that much in the way of opportunities and experiences and blessings and revelations and gifts opening and flourishing in your soul in its continuance of awakening, will continue and continue on. For is this not an endless journey into light and at-onement with the Source of All?

May God bless you, my friends. Know that I am with you. Know that there will be a great flow of information and teaching and Truth that is meant for you all and for humanity. For now is the time when the road is paved with Truth and the Light of God lights the way for all. May you be blessed upon that road and others will surely follow in your stand.

God bless you, my friends. I am Yogananda. I am your servant, as I am God’s servant, as we are all God’s children in the great firmament of His glorious Creation and Universe. God bless you. God bless you, my friends. Great love comes from the soul and my soul shines in the reverie of knowing the greatest Love of all. God bless you. God bless you.