Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

My beloved and faithful children of this Earth who gather together and create such a beautiful light beseeching God’s blessings upon them, I come. I am Jesus. I come once again to encourage you in your efforts and prayers to be with God. How important is your effort. How important for the world is this light that is created by your efforts. How blessed are you to have one another.  Even with the long miles apart, you are truly brothers and sisters as you pray together for this gift of Love. So your souls are bonded in this blessing, so your minds become aware that you are not alone but truly a part of a family of love.

Nothing shall break this bond, beloved souls. Nothing will interfere with your efforts together in prayer for even though great changes may come upon this world, you will know and be aware of each of your brothers and sisters who are a part of this great movement of light and love in the world. You will know each other with such depth, such love, such clarity that there will not be distance between you, beloveds, but a great sense of connection and love shared, acknowledgment of the beautiful souls who are in your life at this time.

This will grow as others come, feeling drawn to this great well of light that has been established amongst you. There will be many who are curious, who have a thirsting soul, who desire this gift and feel the warmth and comfort that comes with your prayers together. As your souls continue to awaken and open to this great gift of Love, so your perceptions, your understandings, and your senses of the soul will open and flourish so that you will come to know those things that you desire and long for in your minds and in your souls. That all gifts and blessings, all that honours your soul in relationship with your Creator will be opened and revealed to you. Though you feel distant from these awarenesses, this understanding, I say to you, beloved souls, that as you walk forward in this light, as you come to beseech God to receive this gift of Love, these things will open to you as a gift from God, as an awakening to all the beautiful potentials and wonderments of your soul. God shall bless you thusly, my beloved and beautiful friends. God will bring to you all that you require to continue in this world as a light, to be in harmony with the Truth of God, the Love of God, and the Laws of His Love.

These things emerge and awaken with each day that you tread upon your world. As you go forward in faith and hope and desire and longing, know that God has assigned angels to walk with you, to be with you with every breath and moment of your life. In your world, you are not alone but indeed, you have many, many friends, friends that you are yet to discover and know but are with you nonetheless, beloved angels by your side. Be knowledgeable and comforted by this Truth for as you pray for the Father’s Love in all earnestness and longing, so God sends His angels in your midst to be with you, to assist you upon your journey for God knows the struggle of humanity. God knows each of His children and knows the needs and requirements of those children who long for him and long for spiritual awakening.

God provides the means and ways of this understanding and experience of love for each of His children. You are cared for in the most wondrous ways. You are loved deeply. You are pressed to the bosom of God and kept safe and given peace and Love. You will continue to increase in your awareness of such things that God gives you.

Awaken, my beloved and beautiful friends. Awaken to the wonderment of God. Open your souls to His blessing of Love. Be in at-onement with your Creator and all else shall be given as you seek this one powerful gift of Love. All shall be given. Faith, beloveds, faith in what is possible and what shall become in your lives.

God bless you. I am your brother and friend, Master of the Celestial Heavens. I am Jesus. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.