Spirit: Barbara Davies
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 20, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the Father bless you with His Love. I am Barbara. I come to be with you and tell you, my beloved friends, that I am close to you often, that really in essence I have never left your side, but in my prayers and thoughts and all that I am, know that my love is with you, that for every moment of every day that the love bond between us is never broken, but is full and rich and we all carry this beautiful bond together.

I want you to know how happy I am as I have entered my new home in the spirit world. And I want to say that all the descriptions and anecdotes that are given regarding these places are a shadow of what really is. To use a phrase that I was often happy to use, it is mind-blowing. You cannot imagine how beautiful it is.

When I look back at my life and some of my struggles and indeed at times, a great loneliness because of my perceptions and gifts, it was all worth the effort. It was all worth the pain, because now I have received a great reward. And there are more rewards to come, I know. 

But for this time, I am settled in such a beautiful place, such a beautiful home with lovely gardens, and yes, all of my beloved pets are with me. Those souls whom I met in the Earth plane and have a bond with are here, so we come together and pray as you do, and many more, many new friends have I met. And how at home I feel to be comfortable in this environment, an environment that is in harmony with my true soul’s nature and all the gifts that I have of perception are commonplace where I live. So, I am truly home, and I know that I will continue to progress up that ladder of light to greater light and ever greater light as I continue to pray for God’s Love and as I continue to grow in God’s Love. 

There is always more to know. There is always more to come. And God is always blessing us, provided we are open and willing to receive. My friends, be aware that all the efforts that you make today will bring its rewards tomorrow. There is nothing to fear. I realize this now. There is nothing to fear, but God has you firmly in His grasp, carries you upward in light, blesses and protects you and does so with all who are in that frame of mind and soul to be with God, to be in that place of great faith and desire and love. 

The bliss of God’s Touch is but a breath away, my friends. The beauty of God’s Creation is awesome in scope and nature and we are all blessed to be on this journey together. Know that I walk upon this journey with you. And if you could but see all the beautiful souls, all the beautiful angels who are walking with you, who are there to uplift you and support you, who are doing God’s bidding for you, to bring light around you, to protect you from all darkness, to bring to you inspiration, to help you in your desires and prayers for growth and upliftment. Oh, how you would be awestruck in this perception and knowledge of the many angels and beautiful spirits who are working together to uplift humanity. 

You are very blessed, my friends. I was very blessed and so are you, to know this truth, to really know this truth so you may utilize it daily, that you may express love daily, that you may help others who are downtrodden, in the darkness, desperate and in great need for love. These things you can give to another. These things are important to recognize in the world. For if you do not uplift the very lowest, how can you uplift all of humanity? It is important that you walk in the light and express the light, to have great compassion for others. Put aside your judgments and your fears and be in the Grace of God’s Love. You will find yourself there, truly find who you are, what your gifts are, how you can walk in light, freely and know the joy of God’s Touch upon your soul.

How loved you are, my friends. How beautiful you are. And I know many of you struggle like I struggled, though your struggles may be unique. Still, all is worth the effort, all is a great gift to the soul, and you will find your way. I promise you; you will find your way. The rewards are great. The light is great. God’s Love for you is great. And all of this will come together to uplift you, change you, heal you and bring great peace and love to you. 

My love is with you. I am happy to be a part of this circle. And my dear and beloved sister, how dedicated you are to help others. And my love and assistance and appreciation for who you are continues to grow. As I observe you from my side of life, so I see more deeply, more profoundly, the beauty of your soul. So it is, from this place in which I reside, when I come to Earth and I am drawn to those in light, I have come to appreciate so much more the efforts and struggles and journeys that you all take to find God. And my prayers and my love are with you all as you continue on this journey of love. 

May God bless you with His Love, this beautiful Peace, the beautiful Touch from God. It is for all of you. It is for all of humanity. Continue to pray that humanity will be touched by God, deeply, profoundly so. God bless you, my friends. Know that I am close, closer than you think, will continue to help you be uplifted in love. God bless you, my friends. I am Barbara. I love you. God bless you all.