Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 27, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the Father’s Love continue to awaken you, my beautiful friends. I am Orion. I come to speak a little more about what you call the crystal gift that has been implanted within each one of you and many more upon your planet.

Your species has begun to understand how frequencies and vibrations are a deep and powerful avenue of transmission of information and energies. Without such, we would not be communicating here today. But as you can well imagine, our understanding of these things is far greater. We utilize the laws in more complex ways in order to establish communication, establish many things through the harmonics and vibration of various things and individuals joined together in whatever purpose may be deemed appropriate in order to further continued growth and harmonization, not only of your race but of ours. In time, we will share much of our understanding regarding these vibrations and harmonics that infuses all of the universe and how potent they are in helping to establish communications, rapport, continued upliftment, and  light, for light and vibrations are very integral and are firmly connected to one another. 

As for the gift that has been given, it is a source of light and vibration within you. It helps assist you in many ways as you continue to reach out to God and to reach within yourself toward your soul, helping to bring your soul and your mind together in a unity and a resonance that in time will feel flawless and powerful. This gift emanates its own vibration, its own energy, so to speak. This in itself is a great benefit to you. But as this gift is strengthened by the great harmonic which is the Divine Love growing within you, so its ability to reach out beyond your being and connect with other beings and to resonate with others who have this gift which grows and is awakened accordingly.

You will find as the years progress, for this gift is a permanent blessing upon your being, the abilities and functioning of this gift will increase and multiply exponentially in accordance to your practiced use of it and your continued growth and light which is the result of your soul’s awakening and your mind’s harmonization with all that which is of the soul. This gift will assist you in this process, amplifying the experiences that your soul at any given moment is experiencing but often not consciously as your minds block much of this information.

It is often when you are in prayer that you come to know the experience of the soul. You allow yourself to sink deep beyond the chatter of the superficial mind and life experience and come to that place of deeper resonance, perception, and awareness. I urge you to ask God to strengthen all of your gifts, that indeed, this gift that has been given is something you may asked to be blessed and strengthened. Although it will not grow in physical size, it will grow in energetic pulses and strength. 

When we have accomplished the awakening of this gift in a substantial way, then we will be able to utilize it in many ways because as you know, it amplifies your gifts. As your gifts grow, so this amplification helps with the expression of these gifts whether it be a gift of healing or a gift of love expressed in the world. These things will become more powerful, partly because of the gift that has been given.

Most importantly at this time, this gift helps to connect your conscious mindful self with your soul. In this way, you are more readily able to make your connection with God. As your soul grows, so it will feed the gift. As your gift grows, so it will feed your soul. As these mechanisms continue to awaken, so your relationship with God will continue to strengthen and deepen. You will come to truly know what love is and how wonderful and powerful is the gift of love. The gift of God’s Essence within your soul will continue to awaken many things within you. As these things awaken, so they become interconnected with this crystal gift. As such, the gift will amplify what is stirring within you, thus, it will become more consciously available to you.

You will come to know the inner workings of your soul in such ways that you will not only accept it but understand it. In this acceptance and understanding, you open the avenues to expressing these gifts and to have confidence in these gifts for is it not human nature to doubt everything? Once you have seen clearly and felt the power of these beautiful capacities within your soul awakening to your consciousness, so it increases your faith. It is in exercising your faith that you allow the process to continue, to strengthen and to deepen so that much that is within you may come to the fore, and may be expressed in creative and beautiful ways in your lives.

In this way, you will touch many other souls. You will carry a wisdom, a perception, an understanding that few have in this world. You begin to see how the power of the Love Divine has brought you many blessings and many experiences that few have experienced in their lives. Doors will continue to open and blessings will continue to come and gifts will continue to be bestowed upon you, my friends. 

For now, we work together in earnest because the world needs all who can bring truth and greater clarity to truth, to bring love and greater expression of love, to be a channel for God as are all of us who are in alignment with God throughout the universe, reinforcing the power that comes from the Great Source, reinforcing the Will of God which its purpose is to bring harmony to the universe.

You step upon this path with great purpose, great desire to serve, great love for all as harmony amongst you is growing and this beautiful gift that has been given pulsates and resonates amongst you, further focusing and strengthening this bond that you share. Do you not feel the love that you carry for one another, a true bond which feels like family? You are a part of this great effort. You are continuing to grow your bonds with us, with your angel friends, and with your Creator. This all grows with each day, awakening with each moment.

Soon the scales will be peeled from your eyes and you will see with clarity, with such depth and knowing that all doubt will be removed and all hesitancy will fall away. You will see yourself in the great flow of God’s Will and God’s Love as are all of us, a part of this great unfolding, great purpose, great plan that God has for the universe and each one within it. You are blessed, my friends. You all glow with this gift that has been given. It is pulsating, resonating, drawing you together, bringing comfort to one another, bringing a sense of unity, peace and joy. You are truly blessed, my friends. We give you all of our love and appreciation for your efforts and your desires, for that deep longing to be in alignment with truth, in alignment with the great Essence of the Creator which flows and continues to accumulate within you. 

So we venture forth. Be aware that the insights and experiences that are coming will start as a subtle beginning, maybe missed within your consciousness but it will grow and become more a part of you until it becomes so familiar that you will be comfortable with this new reality, this new way of being in the world.

At this time, there is some discomfort and adjustment but it will pass. You will see the purpose for it as you look back upon this experience. You are being blessed mightily, my friends, from all directions, from different sources, from beautiful spirits and souls who are gifted, blessings upon blessings upon blessings given to you in love.

God bless you, my friends. I am Orion. I am glad to be your friend and to work with you all, beautiful souls, beautiful souls, blessings of love. My love is with you. God bless you.