Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 11, 2022
Location: Durham UK

I am Seretta Kem. I have been working with your group, my son, for some time. For we work with many groups around the world, many groups with different ideas and philosophies and perceptions and interpretations of spiritual truth. But essentially all those who aspire towards light are souls who are yearning for truth. In this way we are drawn to assist those who are yearning for truth. 

So, we have drawn you together with these friends, and we will continue to establish links, bonds of love, between you, so that we may work more harmoniously together and that you may benefit from the angelic beings, those from the Celestial Kingdom, to help you in your progress.

You and your small group of friends who are seeking to progress in the light, I urge you to take the words of truth and love and light as your foundation, to be discerning as to who you may have rapport with, and realize that in your thoughts and deeds, there is a response. 

As a medium you are given great responsibility, and that responsibility can be squandered if care is not taken to be in the condition of light, and to draw those who are in a condition of light. I urge you not to be overly concerned for those spirits who are in the darkness, for there are many other spirits who are with you that can attend to these poor lost souls.

I urge towards light, my friend, towards greater light and love that you may be that beautiful being of light. And in this you will draw the high spirits and angels into your midst, and you will find a great rapport and upliftment in this relationship.

There is much coming to you, my dear friend who just begins this journey. There is much work to do, as we have said, and you know so well, that there is much for you to do.

The world needs leaders. The world needs those who can share truth. The world is lost in ignorance and darkness. So those of your brothers and sisters, mortals upon the Earth plane, are in great need of those who can demonstrate the truth and bring greater light to those who are curious and those who are in need of upliftment and blessings of light.

Seek the Love of God, for it is in this love that all is made possible. The strengthening and empowerment of your soul comes with this gift. So you will find that the struggles and those things that bring you confusion or challenges will be lessened by your prayers, a daily dedication to God. To beseech God to guide you with each day will open many doors and will bring much influence into your life that is of light, that is more controlled in regards to your instrumentality and what might come.

You will be protected. You will be guided. You will be blessed in light. I urge you to pray for the gift of God’s Love to enter your soul.  Even though in your mind you feel that this may not be a necessary thing, I urge you to make that effort to sincerely try to open yourself to this gift. I assure you that with the gifts that you carry and the sensitivity and perceptions that you have, you will see the power and validity of this blessing, and it will bring a deep change within you, a deep strength, a great opening so that you may carry on this work in ways and directions that you could not imagine at this time, but will unfold in accordance to God’s plan for you.

May God bless you, my friend, and keep you in His Light. And all of you here, blessed souls, may the peace that passes all understanding, the Love of the Creator, the light that is of spirit and life be with you. God bless you, I am Seretta Kem. I lived in Egypt thousands of years ago. I am one of the guides of this instrument, and am happy to speak to you today about the choices that one has in life. The choices for light, and how that choice for light may bring about greater light and greater blessings.  God bless you, my friends. God bless you.