Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 17, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I have come to address the concerns of the individual who has written to you regarding this medium’s capacity to bring forth Truth and to do so uninhibited by his own mind. His assertion that it can be possible for this individual to bring forth messages from what he calls the subconscious mind is not accurate. What you call the subconscious mind certainly exists to some degree as there are many chambers of the brain and mind that work in conjunction together to bring a certain quality of thought and idea forward.

Indeed, when we utilise a channel, a medium, for communication, we utilise some of these aspects and chambers that I refer to. There is no real subconscious mind, merely parts of the brain, the memory, the mindful constructs and ideas that often become evident in dreams and flows of conscious expression.

This instrument’s mind is well-suited to our purposes because there are certain relationships within the brain that make possible a clear communication channel through these areas of the mind and brought into words and expressions of Truth. In conjunction with the soul that is indeed filled with the Father’s Love and a mind who has studied the aspects and laws and concepts brought through other mediums in regards to the Truth of Divine Love, if these things have been a result of a stream of consciousness as has been described by psychologists and scientists regarding the mind, then it would be a remarkable feat for him to do so consistently and often.

A stream of consciousness is often observed to have a free-flowing stream of thoughts that are not necessarily interconnected nor would these thoughts make an entire lecture or discussion that would be a well-constructed essay of thought. A stream of consciousness is not capable of constructing, editing, bringing together these elements of thought to make clear a certain idea or measure of Truth. No, it is the influence and rapport with Celestials and other spirits that make this possible for they are infusing within the mind of the medium the thoughts which they wish to convey and which they have constructed within their own consciousness in a way that hopefully will reach many individuals and make emminent sense to the mind but also upliftment and joy to the soul.

No individual on Earth can do this in this way, bring through such Truth combined with a sense of joy and upliftment and love, those energies that are of God, the blessings that are of God that infuse every word, every communication to some degree. When the instrument is in good condition, as we call it, in close rapport with us, then the power of these blessings combined with the clarity of the message are great.

I would bring forth an example from our dear brother Josephus who spoke through this instrument in some of your sessions for many minutes and many words that that were instructional and uplifting and true. In your transcripts, these instructions made for many pages of notes. I believe at the time, a participant of this circle suggested that one could not ‘off the cuff’, as you would call it, create such a lecture and do so with the eloquence and perception that it conveyed to the listeners.

Each medium begins in a rudimentary way to bring through what is intended by the spirit guides who are in rapport with them. As they continue on this journey, this opening up gifts and expression of gifts, so the capacities of the medium increases. The depth of what may come through the individual becomes more involved and complex. The ability for the instrument to maintain rapport with the spirit that is speaking intensifies with time.

One must also take into account the power of the blessing of Divine Love within the soul for this is the bridge between the instrument and a Celestial. This is what brings the possibility of sustained rapport between these two souls and communication on Earth plane.

In many regards, it has little to do with the education and understanding of the mind. Of course, some acuity with words, some knowledge of the information that is to be given, some experience in life and in prayer forging their connection with God are helpful indeed. But a simple message may be given through any instrument no matter their level of education and no matter their life experience provided they are in alignment with the Divine Love, the Truths of God, in order to give a message from a Celestial Spirit.

So you see, the mechanisms of communication are complex and yet simple at the same time. There are those who are highly gifted in the way of trans-mediumship. There those who are highly gifted in the way of being a channel for healing. There are those who are open to deep inspiration as they write and put upon paper their ideas. There are many other ways to communicate as an instrument of God.

I urge you not to put restrictions, not to overthink the gift of mediumship because few of you understand fully the depth and capacities of communication in this way with your angel friends and with other spirits. Many have glimpses. Many have had different experiences, have had revelations that have come but often they do not come in an ordered or anticipated way but come as a gift from God or an effort from an angel to make rapport with the individual.

Until one becomes a more developed soul with soul perceptions and soul understandings, this possibility of understanding the gifts of mediumship are limited by the mind. As we have said many times, the mind is limited in its understanding. It is the soul that truly knows and will perceive the reality of the situation in a many facetted and many layered way, all coming into the consciousness of the individual in such a way that it would be difficult to communicate the experience of it. It has been referred by some of you as a download which is a mechanical term. Yet, it is much more than this. It is an expansion of the consciousness of the soul, the soul’s mind absorbing Truth.

Until you have come to that place of soul consciousness, soul mind, you will not understand these Truths as they truly are. Unfortunately, you will have to rely upon your mental faculties to come to know what these complex issues and realities are. So we try through various mediums, various channels, various individuals to bring through a measure of Truth which is often just a reflection of Truth through the mind that cannot fully express the Truth of the soul, the Truth of God’s reality and Creation.

Yet, we use what we have. We make efforts with those who are willing, those who allow us to establish a firm rapport, those who have faith in this process, those who do not create barriers to the flow of information, to the experience of this cooperation together in communication.

May God’s blessings continue to rain upon you all, your souls open to His Love. For, one can only guess as to what may come of these experiences, the transformation of the soul, the gifts that may come forward in this transformation. Do not limit yourselves, beloved souls, by your thoughts, by your perceived conceptions and perceptions of what is reality and what is truth. So many in fear must cling to the ideas of the mind to make this their firm ground but not venture forward towards greater Truth and understanding that comes from the deeper place within.

This is why your world is in darkness, my brothers and sisters. Humanity has relied so heavily upon their own will and the capacities of the mind to create their world in their own image rather than the reality of God’s Creation. In the coming times, this steadfast clinging to such a reality will be broken by the coming changes in the world. In this way, for those who have faith, who are willing to walk in a world that is guided by God, the openings of a new reality, a true reality, will come into their consciousness and be expressed through them.

For those who are governed by fear and judgment and cannot move beyond that place, they will experience great suffering as the reality that they know will be rent asunder by the challenging conditions of the world. So it is important, my beloved and beautiful friends, to go beyond the limitations of your mind, to nourish your soul, to have great faith in God, to have great faith in God’s Will for you and God’s blessings for you.

In this way, you prepare yourselves for a changing world, more strengthened each day by your prayers and your efforts to go to God. Much is unfolding. Much will continue to change and challenge and set you to work for the betterment of humanity and for the betterment of your own soul. Change is a constant and change will come.

My hope is that this has clarified some questions and issues that were brought up by the blessed soul. It is our hope that he, along with many, will be able to receive their own guidance and communications from we in the Celestial Spheres so that they may prove to themselves that this form of communication, this way of upliftment and education and inspiration is real and is powerful for God has sent His Angels to minister to His children. So we continue in our efforts to bring forth the blessings of Truth, to bring forth our own gifts for the benefit of humanity, and to work with all of you upon the Earth plane to help awaken humanity.

May God bless you on your journeys, beloved souls. Know that we are always available to be with you provided you are earnest and pray for such a rapport and closeness with us. As you pray for the gift of Divine Love, so this rapport will strengthen. A conscious awareness of our presence will come as you open yourselves to God to receive His Love and awaken the faculties of your soul.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. Yes, it is important that we identify ourselves so that you will understand who is communicating with you. Otherwise, often there is confusion and a lack of recognition by you on the Earth plane who are so enthralled by words and names and many things of the material. So, we come in respect to your needs, your desire for identification, and to help you discern between one spirit and another. So, we give our identity to the medium. We believe this is a productive and helpful aspect of this form of communication. God bless you, beloved souls. It is my blessing, my honour, my joy to communicate in this way. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.