Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 29, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, beloved souls. I come. I am Jesus. I come to bless you, to bless this place as you gather the souls together in this beautiful home of love. Know that we are with you, that we carry the flame of Truth together, that each day will be a blessing, upliftment, healing, peace. The Father’s Love will be here in great abundance, beloved souls. We will be here with you and bring the blessings of Light and Love.

My beloved daughter, who continues to serve many in her quiet and humble ways, know that you are loved deeply and that you have angel guides with you, beloved daughter. As you continue to serve and give and express the love of your soul, know that God knows you and knows the efforts that you make in love. Listen to the guidance that God has to give you, beloved daughter. Carry the light. Embrace those who are in need. Give as you give, but also give to yourself, beloved daughter, in love. Allow the Father’s Love to wash over you again and again. The showering of Light is for you always, beloved daughter, and you will walk in this Light in ever increasing measure. You are a channel of Love and Light. May God bless you, beloved daughter, and keep you in His care and walk with you always in your life. You are never alone. God is with you.

Beloved daughter, who loves deeply, upholds her family, and upholds those whom she reaches out to be a sister to many, you are continuously blessed, beloved daughter, with the Love of God that pours upon you. You will find your way through all your dilemmas and situations in life that impede your spiritual life. These things will be resolved and will come into harmony as you continue to walk in the Truth and receive the Blessings of God, His Love pouring into your soul. So all things that are not in harmony with love will dissipate and you will find the joy and freedom that you seek. It will come in surprising ways. It will come in deep shifts of your soul and your mind merging together in Truth and peace and Love. Know that I am with you, daughter. Know that I am with you and that many angels help to carry the burdens and dispel that which may be of a burden. Gifts and blessings, love and peace are yours, beloved daughter. Put aside your mindful concerns and be in the peace and flow of God’s Love and all will be well. You are amongst your brethren. Take full advantage of your situation together and blessings will flow abundantly and give you many insights and perceptions of Truth. God bless you, beloved daughter. I am your brother and I am your friend. Know this. Carry this within your consciousness. As you are about your daily chores, know that I am with you. I am your brother and your friend.

My son, you continue to walk in faith. You continue to be true to the Father’s Love and all that this is. You are my brother and you carry the flame of Truth wherever you go, beloved brother, and God will continue to guide you forth. May you come to see that the Will of God and those things that God wishes for you to do may be very simple and humble and that you, as His child, shall walk in this flow and Blessing of Love. Know that each day will bring many things to you, beloved brother. Each day will be a lesson. Each day a blessing. Each day an opportunity to serve. This is your purpose and gift of God. Walk in the Holy Light of God’s Love. Carry this Light. Feed this Light with your prayers and all will be well, all will be well. Know that I walk with you, my son. I walk with you. My love is great for you beloved brother. My love is great.

My daughter, you continue to grow stronger, not only within your body but within your soul, in your mind. You are seeking harmony. You are seeking to serve and to be a clear channel of God’s Love. Allow your soul to dictate your thoughts and your actions, beloved daughter. For your soul carries great wisdom, is bright with the Father’s Love. The more that you listen, the more that you are humble and that you simplify your thoughts, the greater will be the flow of Love, the more powerful will be the service for God. For when you walk as a channel of Love and Light, it is a simple life. It is a life dedicated to uplifting and upholding your brothers and sisters, to being a channel of love wherever you go, to be in that place that God has guided you with each day, serving, loving, bringing Truth, bringing healing and comfort to many. This is your purpose, beloved, this is your purpose. Allow the free flowing of the love of your soul to inform all that you do and in this way you will have deep joy and satisfaction in your work. For God continues to guide, to show the way, to clear the obstacles in your path. Know that you are surrounded by angels always, always in the Grace of God. I am with you, beloved daughter, in your efforts. I am with you and I love you.

This beloved son continues to serve God in his gifts, to be dedicated to this work, to seek out Truth and to express Truth where he may and can in the world. He continues to fulfill his purpose, to fulfill the Will of God in his life. The Light grows stronger. The flow of Truth and wisdom continues to be great and deep and of Light. He will continue upon this course for many years to come and his gifts will grow. He is at another crossroads and stepping point where gifts will begin to emerge and inform his work. There is much coming.

As there is much coming for each of you, beloved souls, if you are willing and desire to serve God as a channel of His Love and Truth. So many blessings come. Many doors opened. Many gifts awakened as the Father’s Love continues to flow into you and make you into that being of Light that will in time, come to at-onement with God.

May God bless you, beloved souls, upon this journey and know that you are my disciples, that you carry the Truth that I taught, that you express the Truth that is meant for all humanity: to know that they are loved, to know the power of God’s Love, to know the Truth of their existence in this world and the next. These things must be considered by all humanity and consider their choice and destiny and purpose that a soul is a Great Gift from God. A soul has purpose. A soul lives on and by the Grace of God, may live on for all eternity.

May you convey the words of Truth, beloveds. May you walk in the Light of Truth. May you give Truth with love, always, with humility and grace, strength and purpose. For each time you speak the Truth, you add Light to your world. Each time you say a prayer for another, you add Light to them and give them the opportunity to strive and reach for Light. For you are needed to dispel the darkness of this world, the ignorance, all conditions that have brought pain, suffering to humanity. You are needed to bring Light and Truth, peace and joy to all mankind, beloved souls.

I will lead you upon this journey of service, this journey to serve God. I will help you to see your journey, your path and express all the gifts and wonderment of your soul. Continue to pray for the Gift of God’s Love that will awaken the potentials of your soul. In so doing, you draw to you the angels who will help to teach and tutor you in the ways of love, in the ways of service, in the ways of Truth. We work hand in hand, do we not, upon this journey? We are all God’s instruments of Truth and Love and we work together in this great journey and need to bring this world to Light. God’s Plan continues to unfold and each of you may be a part of this Plan that is in motion and will grow in strength and purpose and effect in your world.

Have faith, beloved souls. Have faith that you serve God in this way. With faith and trust and an openness of the soul, you will be guided and shown the way. I am with you. My love is with you, beloveds. I love you dearly. I am truly your friend and your brother. I am Jesus. God bless you.