Spirit: Samuel
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 15, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C. 

Beloved souls, I am Samuel. May God peel the scales from your eyes so that the veil may be lifted to that which you cannot see and may be seen. That the truth may come to you with all its depth and breadth and beauty as you receive the great gift of the Father’s Love. So these things come to you, so the impediments fall away, so all that is meant to be for you as a gift of Love from God may open up and be your reality. 

For yes, my beloved and beautiful children of God, you pray for the suffering of your world and  you pray for your own impediments and suffering. That of your loved ones and that of those you do not know but feel compassion for. All of these things continue to unfold in your lives and all around you as the machinations of the human condition continue to manifest and be a part of daily life. It is important, however, to be removed from this pain, to truly be in the light and harmony of God. In this way, you can be a powerful channel for others and for yourself. 

It comes as your soul awakens with the Great Gift of His Love and as you awaken ever so slowly, as indeed the veil is lifted, then you can see, feel and understand with great compassion and great love, that which humanity has created for itself in terms of pain and suffering. This pain and suffering will not last forever. It has been a part of Earthly life since the beginning and it shall continue to be so until the great changes that God intends for your world are accomplished and manifest. I ask you to pray for those changes. I ask you to pray for the shifting of awareness of humanity. Even those who suffer now, even those you know who are entrapped within their suffering, that there may be a shift of consciousness, a realisation that the physical body and the physical world are but a temporary manifestation of life. That they will continue on in the surety and wonderment of life everlasting. That they may have this life everlasting if they but go to God and ask for His blessings. 

Indeed, you see the suffering and you understand to some degree the causes of it. You feel the pain and you have compassion for it. You realise that many come to those places of darkness and pain through their own ignorance, through their own victimization of the continued impediments and manifestations of the human condition. Some are very innocent indeed, but suffer nonetheless and some ways of suffering are the result of this unfortunate condition that they did not create but others created. Yet they are the victim of these things. How can the individual circumvent this victimization? They can do so with prayer. Even when they are suffering, with prayer God eases that suffering. With prayer, the individual obtains knowledge and wisdom so that they may circumvent certain aspects of suffering. 

It is reliant upon the individual to choose light, to choose a path that turns away from darkness and the human condition. In saying this, I do not wish for you to judge your brothers and sisters because they have not chosen well. Indeed, compassion is important. Understanding the circumstances brings you to that place of compassion and love and you pray for those individuals because of what has befallen on them, what they feel, what they experience in a life that is often harsh. 

 I say to you, my friends, speak the truth to your brothers and sisters, your loved ones. Give them the key that may open the door to great joy, healing the suffering,  rectifying the darkness and bringing light. Prayer is not enough, beloved souls.Truth must be spoken even if it is a mild and subtle way that you speak of the truth. You must do so and make that effort to help lift up your brothers and sisters, your loved ones, all those around you, who will invariably be a victim of much suffering if they do not understand nor act in the way that will bring God’s Touch upon them. At least in your efforts, you will help them to understand the mechanisms, the truth that will bring them to light, to less suffering, to a way that they may cope and be at peace with what is in their lives. That they may come to God and be nurtured by His Hand, and may truly know that salvation is at hand if they would ask for His Touch upon their souls. That they may indeed find healing and peace therein as love pours in and brings these blessings. 

Beloved souls, you have found your way and so you are blessed. I know each of you suffers to some degree. Each of you have your challenges. Each of you have fallen victim to some misjustice, some situation that brings you pain. But do you not realise that God lifts you up, that God heals, that God brings peace? As you pray for this, so it comes? So, you become the example for many. You must be the example of how true harmony will come as one exercises the truth of love, the Truth of God’s Laws of Love and God’s Law of Creation. I pray that you will do so. You have come to know this. You have come to exercise your efforts and knowledge in order to bring greater harmony to yourselves.

Beloved souls, be at peace. Bring peace to your loved ones. Bring the surety of the Truth of God, the truth of love to those around you. Be steadfast, be humble and be compassionate. 

May God bless you in the fullness of His Love. May the power of this Love continue to heal and to bring greater harmony to each and every one of you and to all around you. The light must proliferate, beloved souls. The darkness must dissipate and you are a channel for this. An instrument for God’s handiwork to help heal humanity and heal this world. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Samuel, and my love is with you. I join you in prayer and supplication to our Heavenly Father. God bless you and keep you in His Love. I am close and I have great love for each of you. God bless you.