Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 28, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Orion. I come to assure you that there are a great many who are arrayed around each of you and around your world to help you be uplifted in light, to help overcome those conditions and situations and dysfunctional expressions of humanity that are contrary to the laws of creation and the laws of life. We come to help, we come to uplift, and we are just a small portion of all that is available, all that is a part of this great effort to turn the eyes of humanity towards light and love. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to this purpose and this effort. Every time you pray, you draw to you many bright spirits, the angels of the Celestial Heavens, and those of us who come from other places. For there is a great gathering, a collection of many earnest and bright souls who seek to uplift and uphold you and the world, for now is a time of great change, a great shift from darkness to light.

With this effort that is underway, with God’s Will expressing itself in this way upon your world, so many of the light are drawn. They come to be a part of this shift, helping to foster the shifting of darkness to light and awaken humanity. For so many are lost, asleep, and unaware of what is happening in your atmosphere, in your world, in the souls of each individual, in the consciousness of humanity. Changes are happening everywhere, whether they are acknowledged or not. The impetus for change is growing and is exciting a deep need and desire within individuals on your world to step away from the old and tired patterns of human behavior and to seek out that which is new, that which is more satisfying, that which gratifies the soul rather than the mind and all the imaginations of the mind that have been nurtured and grow within the efforts of humanity. Those things that continue to insist upon certain ways and perspectives and expressions in the world that are indeed contrary to the ways of God and the ways of your own creation.

How blind humanity has been, how blind and unaware of all that humanity expresses itself, all this building up of human endeavor, of human desire, of human effort that is gratifying to the mind and human consciousness that has grown and evolved over many millennia towards what it is now. So many feel that this is the pinnacle of human endeavor, all of your technologies and efforts and mass consciousness that comes together in so many ways. That this is a wondrous thing. But I tell you from one who looks from above, from one who lives in a world so different from your own, that what you have accomplished and how you are in the world is but a small and modest effort, which is in great need of adjustments, change and understanding of the true ways of the universe. In time, we will come to teach you, my friends, as will the angels of heaven and the bright spirits and all who are arrayed around you. 

When the time is right, when you are ready and when you are open, much will be given so that you may make great leaps and bounds toward a higher consciousness, a greater understanding, a deeper awareness, all predicated upon love. For love is the very foundation of all things that are of light. Even technologies, even understanding of the mechanics of the universe, without the understanding of love, the power of love, the foundation of love in your life, in the life of humanity, then true understanding, greater understanding, even understanding that involves technologies and human endeavor in the physical way, cannot truly come to its pinnacle, its peak, because humanity has ignored and does not know the power of love. Yet you, my friends, continue to strive toward this understanding, toward all that is of love and all that is of God’s Love, which is the highest of all love.

You will find your way and so in your finding and your revelations and understanding, as you grow in the love that grows within you, you will be able to teach others the way. Even your leaders and scientists and the many who are making efforts and strides to help humanity to grow, once they understand this basic and highest of truths, will make great leaps forward toward that which will uphold humanity, that which will bring harmony, that which will bring many aspects and technologies and understanding and physics and other endeavors so that humanity will grow and humanity will find harmony. For this is what is missing in your world, harmony, love for one another, true understanding, which is of God and all of God’s Creation. 

My friends, I know there is a great ways to go for all of you but indeed, as you grow and as love flows into your life, you will have the impetus to leap forward, to grow in life, to know the truth and to exercise the truth in many avenues and ways of human endeavor and expression. Our prayer for you is that you may grow in God’s Love, awaken in God’s Love, that the scales may fall from your eyes, my friends. That true understanding may come in all its glory and intricacies and wonderments. It is for you to know, to realize, to open to. May it be so. May it be so.

I am Orion and I thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. We grow together, we work together for the good of humanity, for the good of your world. God bless you, my friends, God bless you in truth, in love, in light.

My love is with you.God bless you.