Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 29, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God bless you beloved souls. I come. I am Jesus. I have said, “Seek ye the Kingdom and all shall come to you”. You know what I mean in this statement. Seek the gift of God’s Love within your soul and you will know the Kingdom of God. In knowing the Kingdom of God, all else will follow in its stead. So, my beautiful and beloved friends, as you continue in your progress, your searching, your praying, exploring your needs and wants, your desires and intentions, put forth before you the highest of all desires and that is to be with God, to receive the gift of His Love. In this way, the doors will open. The Kingdom shall be won. You will come to that place of knowing, of truly being in the Grace of God.

In this place of Grace, in this knowing of Love, in this experience of God, these desires and intentions to know us who reside within the Celestial Kingdom and to know the Truth of your soul, to know the Truth of God must come reflexively from this experience and blessing of Love. You may ask those questions over and over again from your minds and you may mull over the answers given over and over again in clarity, in Light, in Truth. But until you come to recognise the Truth from your soul, that experience of Truth that is your soul acknowledging, receiving, awakening to the Truth of God, the Truth of His Creation, the Truth of all that is meant for your soul, then it will continue to be an exercise of the mind. It will continue to be a prayer that is mostly of mind but also of soul.

Our intention when we bring you together, beloved souls, is to help you to come to that place of soul awakening, to point the way, to encourage you, to uphold you in your own personal efforts and desires and prayers for this deep and enriching blessing of God’s Love. Seek this, beloved souls, and all shall come. You must put before you great effort, great desire, great longing for God’s Love, for God’s Truth, for God’s Touch upon you.

Until you have come to that place of which I speak, then all continues to be speculation and an exercise of the mind. Yet, because you are human and you live in a material plane, you experience the material world and begin with the mind’s queries and the process of understanding through the mind. This is inevitable. Yet you know, you have felt, you have experienced the qualities of the soul, the faculties of the soul that will bring you to that place of Truth, of knowing, of being in the flow and Grace of God.

So you will continue, my beloved friends, each of you in your respective places upon this path continuing to seek, continuing to long for Truth. Know that I am with you, that the angels are with you, that God continues to guide your way. Have faith in the intention of God to bring you to all these good and wondrous experiences, knowledge, and Truth, and that Love will pave the way. Love is the key to all. May His Love continue to awaken you and bring you into alignment with His Great Soul. We will journey together. We are connected soul to soul upon this journey.

God bless you, beloved souls. May God awaken you. May you come to know God in a deep and profound way beyond the musings of the mind to the knowings of the soul. God bless you. My love is with you. I am Jesus. God bless you.