Spirit: Abraham Lincoln
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 28, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Abraham Lincoln. Since this medium has been reading of my endeavours in spiritualism, it has drawn me close. As you well know, I am a part of the Celestial Kingdom and have had a great and meteoric journey through the spheres of spirit to the Heavens of God. I have come to know the power of Divine Love to transform me and make me a spirit of light and love exemplifying the truths of the beloved brother and Master, Jesus, who has taught these truths.

I am interested in communicating with individuals on Earth, a place that has continued to degrade into darkness and on such a vast scale that it brings great concern to we in the spirit world to see how fast things have escalated and conditions have worsened. That even those who hold the high office which I was a part of when I was on Earth, lack integrity and contribute to this degradation that is the human condition.

Indeed, those who are elected to office often reflect the conditions of the electorate and reflect back to them their attitudes, desires, and perspectives of life. So it is not surprising that those who are elected to high office have demonstrated the baser desires of the human condition and sought further wealth and fame. Yet, this office within my country, the highest office, was meant to be an instrument of service to the people, of looking towards the welfare of all within my country and applying oneself with wisdom and love for all people in a way that uplifts and brings solution to the many dilemmas of life. 

Unfortunately, those ideals are long gone, replaced by a fervent desire for power and control, of wealth and prestige. Humility is nowhere to be found in these administrations of late, merely a tragic reflection of what is now the norm in everyday life, what is now a downward spiral of my country and many countries in the world. Because the morals and spiritual aspirations of humanity have gone down a dark tunnel of need and desperation, of hollowness and superficiality, whose goal it is to gain notoriety, to teach the common masses ways of behaviour, attitudes, and judgments which lack love, which degrade every individual rather than seeking to uplift and educate and encourage everyone to seek light, to have integrity, to conduct themselves in a way that they may contribute to society rather than seek to gain as much as they can by ignoring the needs of others around them.

This is not the American way. The American way was founded on edicts and principles and religion which taught that one must share, one must consider, one must seek to do God’s Will in the world. Unfortunately, these ideals are long past and in their wake is a pathetic attempt to enact baser desires and goals. How unfortunate, and how my country suffers from its illusions, its pettiness, its inability to see beyond the superficial.

It is my hope that there will be those in my country and in this world of yours who will seek to rectify these wrongs, to bring greater clarity and inspiration to the souls of humanity that they may see that their baser desires and materialistic ambitions will not satisfy the very core of the individual. Their souls are in great need and in great deprivation not because they have willfully placed themselves in darkness but because they have listened and sought out examples of men in leadership, who are talented, who have the ear of the people, reflecting those things that are of wrongdoing and of a darkened soul.

So, the common man pays a great price for their comforts, for their desire, for materialism and materialistic goals, and to be acknowledged in society. Many are downtrodden. Millions are suffering. Oh, how this country which was once mine and which I led, has grown to such a gargantuan size and population with so many currents of thought and ambition and expression making it into a huge conglomerate, a powerful expression in your world that is often admired and despised at the same time. These great currents, some of light but most of darkness, have come to alienate many in the world since the influence of my country is great upon this world.

 I beseech the people of America to put aside their distractions, those ideas and ambitions and structures of thought which cause them to not consider that all men are indeed made equal, that all are indeed children of God. Instead, judgment falls in the way of true brotherhood and sisterhood. Without a sense of unity, without the acknowledgment of every individual in our world, including the world of America, there is no strength and the core is rotten. That rot spreads out through the people and contaminates so many with anger and judgment and a lack of unity.

This can only intensify as the polarisation of my country, that is the political and spiritual polarisation, continues to divide and conquer what once was a great country. I am saddened that so few see through these conditions, environments which conspire to denigrate this beautiful country of America. Yet, there are some, some who are wise enough, some who have enough love within their hearts and desire within their mind to walk the high road and who see beyond the veil of human deception.

My prayers are with those who are strong enough to see these things, who have awakened to the reality of the situation that not only affects my country but many countries. The world is in great distress. The peoples of the world are either deeply asleep or greatly concerned. There is very little joy, very little appreciation of life, merely the relentless ambitions for the material, for power, for safety, all because there is deep fear and a lack of spirituality. The mind and the soul continues to languish in delusions and deceptions and a lack of love, a lack of the motivation of the heart.

These things must come to the fore to be in the light of God’s Touch, to find the Grace of God’s healing and peace, to be truly a child of God and regain innocence lost so that they may be strengthened in light, that they may see with clarity and humility and grace who they are truly and who their brothers and sisters are in the eyes of God. 

My prayers are for this world. You must know that there are many millions of angels who are praying for your world, who are poised to do God’s bidding to help lift up your world beyond these degrading conditions and attitudes to something that is sustainable and of light. God has a plan indeed to foster conditions of light and to dissolve conditions of darkness. 

We in the Celestial Kingdom and the bright spirits of the spirit world all conspire to help in this effort to save humanity from its own self, to be within the flow of God’s Will and work within the framework of God’s plan. To eliminate the darkness and suffering that continues to plague the vast majority of humanity even those who are well-ensconced within their comfortable world where they may sleep a sound sleep of the soul that they have found in the material that brings them comfort and distractions. Even they know that what is at this moment is not in harmony with what must be in a world created by God.

That knowing is deep within them, within their souls, but so few are awake enough to recognise this inkling of truth, understanding that the world has gone awry because humanity has stepped beyond the path of true harmony to that of willful efforts that are contravening the Laws of God. 

We will continue our efforts as I am sure will these dear souls and many others in your world who seek light, who desire greater equality and harmony in the world. Leaders are often born of necessity. I encourage each one of you and the many who are in association with you to take up the mantle of leadership and speak the truth. I spoke the truth when I led my beautiful country. Yes, I paid a great price for this but I have no regrets, no regrets whatsoever.

Indeed, I did my part to help lift humanity up from error and darkness. Thus, you know of me today because of my efforts and because of my history. I tell you that each one of you has the power to stand firm in truth, to walk in the light, to demonstrate and speak of the Light of God’s Love, the truth of expressing oneself with integrity, compassion, honesty, and love. This is what is needed in your world. This is what is needed to reverse the unfortunate direction of humanity which continues to spiral downward in a great effort from those who are dark and evil, to continue to degrade humanity with the baseness of human desire.

Work against these dark efforts. Walk with your head held high in the light. Know that we in the Celestial Kingdom will walk with you, will gather about you, and insure that you will be protected and that God will insure that you will be a clear and beautiful channel of light and truth and love in your world, that someday when you speak, many will listen. That day comes, my brothers and sisters, that day comes closer than you might think.

Continue to prepare yourselves in the Light of God’s Love, to be in harmony with God’s Laws of Love, to seek the great blessing of His Love within your souls, and much will come your way, my friends, many opportunities surprisingly with many avenues and doors opened so that you may reach many and speak to many of the salvation of Love that is available to all.

Thank you for listening to my words. I thank this instrument for allowing me to speak today. I hope to come back at some other time and speak of things that are of God, that are of the higher aspirations of man and all things that are a reflection of love and truth.

God bless you. I am Abraham Lincoln. I join you in your efforts, will continue to forge ahead in this great battle for light, for love, and for harmony in the world. God bless you, beloved friends. God bless you.