Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 15, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

May the Father’s Love uplift you, beloveds. I come, I am Jesus. I come once again to be with you in prayer, to beseech you to God, to help you to be uplifted. I am not alone. There are many angels in your midst. Many bright spirits surround you. A great host of lights are with us at this time. I ask you to open yourselves to these blessings. God is pouring out His Love upon you. His beautiful Light surrounds us all. In this, you become a beacon of light in the world, a beacon so powerful that it even stretches out into other parts of this universe.  Allow yourselves to melt into this light, this love, to open yourselves to the great gift God has to give you, His Holy Spirit touching each one of you. The blessings of our wondrous Creator are here for you to savour, to drink, to receive. 

As you are unified in this desire, so you shall be blessed as you are given the opportunity to be in such great light, such beautiful light. Put aside all worries and cares, physical barriers, mindful barriers and be in the light, my beloveds. Share with me in the light. For we are in the light. The Grace of God is upon us. We are truly His children, truly with Him. Do not falter, but rise up, my beloveds. Rise up beyond the earthly plane into this glorious light, this holy place where God beckons us to be a part of this grace. 

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved. You will become love, express love. You shall be the lights. You are the lights. Join us in this communion with God and you will know the bliss of His Touch. You will know the freedom that comes with His holy blessing upon you. My beloveds, there is much to be given so I beseech you to open wide to His great gifts. Feel the upliftment. Seek the flames of His Love. They swirl all around you. It is meant for each of you to receive in all its glory and all its power and wonderment. It is given, it is given, my beloveds. 

My beloveds, you are my brothers and sisters in the truth, in the glory of God’s Love. We are here together to acknowledge this truth and to receive more of His Love. I beseech you to open yourself to all that God has to give to you, the glory of His Touch, the wonderment of His Breath upon you, the upliftment of His Light surrounding you. All is given, all is given my beloveds. For God loves each one of you deeply and wishes for you to know this love from the very depths of your soul to your heart, to your mind, all that you are. May you feel and recognise the Touch of God, His Love, within you. The bell is tolling upon you. You are given great dispensation at this moment. Allow yourself to drift into the river of His Love and swim in these waters that will bring new life, will bring the grace and transform you so. 

God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus and I love you. I pray with you now. Each one, each one a part of the whole, a part of the light. God bless you and uplift you now in the glory of God’s Presence.