Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 1, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, Florida, USA

You all continue upon your journeys of life and for those who are younger, there is an eagerness that that journey be swift and clear, full of results that satisfy the mind. Yet, life is not like such a journey. It meanders. There are changes in course at times. It is never a straight and narrow path but one full of distractions, conditions that interfere. Life that is part of this earth plane and does not comply with your desire for swift action and results.

Beloved souls, know that you are each held by God, that God indeed has a plan but because God does not interfere with free will, there are always compromises and adjustments and the aspects to your life that will be challenging. This is how the course of life is in your world. It requires a tenacity,  patience, and a consistency in prayer, a desire from the soul to serve, to be in harmony with God’s Will. All of these factors help to make that journey swift, to avoid the greater distractions, the greater loops in the river so that it is indeed swifter than those who travel with you down life’s river.

Faith, beloveds, faith in God’s Will, faith in God’s plan, faith in your own soul’s desire to be in harmony with God, these things come with faith and faith strengthens these things so that you will have patience, that you will have reception, understanding that life is not just a swift river, a swift pull to the results and things that you wish. No, my beloveds, each day brings the opportunity to grow, to experience life, and to savor the experience of the moment knowing that you are indeed travelling down that river, that there is progress, that you are coming closer to that time when you are in alignment with God. God seizes these moments to further strengthen you and nurture you and test you.

There is much work ahead for each one of you. There are many opportunities awaiting. Yes, God waits patiently for the opportunity, the timing, the harmony to ensue, so you may indeed fulfill these plans and actions that are a part of God’s plan. You will find your way, beloved souls. You are finding your way. You will come to know your own beautiful soul in all its glory, in all its abilities, in all its gifts and perceptions as you continue to pray for the Father’s Love to infill all those aspects of your being and bring into greater alignment that which you are, God’s child, imbued with many things. As you awaken so these gifts awaken. As you journey in life so there comes many opportunities to awaken, to stimulate the capacities of the soul, to strengthen the resolve of the soul, to awaken the love within the soul.

Each day is a gift, even those days when you struggle, you struggle towards greater light. You have the opportunity to grow in light and so it will be, beloved souls, so it will be upon this great journey of life, this river that God has set you upon and brings you many blessings, so it will be.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew and my love is with you. My love is with you and God’s Love is always with you.