Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 4, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is a gift to you, this day, my friends. I am Yogananda. I come to greet you this day and remind you, that each day is a gift. Each day, this touch, this sweet nectar of Love is offered to your soul. I am happy to be here with you who seek to know truth, who seek God out in your lives, to know meaning and truth, to know love and joy.

You, beloved souls, seekers all, are surrounded by the angels of Heaven, carried by God’s Touch into Light, awakened in this touch so that you may truly see the wonderment and know the depths of God’s Love for you. I am humbled by your efforts, for I see such eagerness in your hearts, such a desire for God in each of you. Your dedications at prayer, your dedications to support one another and to be God’s instruments on Earth. Oh, how the world needs more like you, how the world is in need of so much that is spiritual.

Yet so many are consumed by the glamour of the material world. They do not understand that these moments on the earthly life are brief and do not require such dedication and focus upon the material. But as you have been told, this will all change soon. The world will be set on its head and everything that so many aspire towards and believe in will no longer be relevant to their lives.

You, my beloved beautiful friends, begin to see how unnecessary so much is in your material life. What has been built by humanity over many, many years, these ideas, these priorities, this focus upon the material that in some way this will give happiness and joy, this will make a success of each individual who is enamored by the inclinations of the material mind. So, the soul is neglected. The soul is misunderstood. The soul is lost under all the layers of thought and misunderstanding in the world.

It is your challenge to strip away these layers and bring forth your emergent soul in love, that you might walk in light, pure and simple, powerful and true, that you might let go yourselves of these things that you cling to so tenaciously that are a part of your world and have clung to your soul.

Beloved, beloved friends, we who support you and love you, continue to encourage you to do so, encourage you to build such power within your souls through the prayer for God’s Love, that these things will fall away, will burst from the pressure and power of love within you. You will see with insights of the soul what is truth, what is important, what is necessary for the awakening of mankind.

You continue upon this path of awakening. Each of you is compelled to step forward and to slough off that which is not of light and love and truth. So, each day is the beginning of the journey, the beginning of awakening, the beginning of knowing God. Treat each day in this way, my beloved friends. Treat your soul with an honoring and a dedication to its awakening, bringing life to its being, and integrating this level of consciousness and awareness to your conscious self. You know the ways in which this may happen and be realized. Continue in these ways, these prayers, this questioning of the human reality that is for the most part illusion. Do not be obsessed with revealing error and hypocrisy and darkness. Rather, focus upon being an expression of love, a channel of love in the world. In this way, you exemplify truth. In this way, you bring the truth to whomever you touch in your day.

So, this child was honored for her birth. What were the words that were given, the expressions and descriptions of her? She is not a deep intellect. She does not live her life seeking out error and revealing such to the world. No, she gives of her soul, her love in simple ways. She is a child of God, a beautiful child of God. This is your example, beloved souls. For with her gifts that sparkle and shine, she touches many souls. This is how God reaches out through a soul of light.

Though you are each individuals and different in your expressions in this world, you may take this example to heart and make efforts in your daily life to express yourself in positive and light-filled ways and thoughts, to care, to give, to not allow the conditions of this world to hold you back and drain you of your vitality. But to step forward and make that decision, “that I will be a joyful child of light, a beautiful expression, an example of God’s Love that resides within my soul. That which my mind may induce me to be and express that is not of love and light, I will contradict and refuse this well-worn invitation within me. Instead I will walk in light and decide to be light, to not let those conditions of the world hold me from light. I will be God’s instrument of light”.

This is a choice, my friends. Each and every moment, it is a choice. Those conditions within your mind that do not speak of love, whether it be love of yourself or love of another, vanish them. Vanish these thoughts and say, “I refuse to believe this error within me and I will walk in light. I am light. I am a child of God.  In this way, you will be free from that which holds you from this clear and beautiful expression of love to everyone that you meet.

It is a deep challenge, my beloved friends. It is a challenge that must be taken seriously and must be resolved within your being for within you there is great light. There is nothing that would hold back this light. But within those well-worn patterns of your mind, you continue to be reticent and to falter from these barriers of thought. This is not your true self, my friends. It is the illusion of the mind that has been implanted within you from the very beginning. This whole reality in your world is infected with error, the human condition that continues to hold humanity in pain. Are you strong enough to break this illusion, to truly walk in light and love, to be a channel of love in the world?

It is God’s desire for each of you and for all who are willing and strong and of great faith and understanding of truth and light and love. Are you willing to say no to the darkness and live and walk in light? Yes, there are times when you do and times when you do not. Be vigilant, my friends. Be vigilant of what may carry you from your intended goal and purpose which is to be a channel of light in the world, a channel of love and truth. Do not delude yourself but be honest and forthright and do so with love and compassion rather than judgment and condemning yourself. For this too re-enforces the darkness. You must walk in light. Make this choice with each breath. Make this choice and you will come to know a way of being, a way of expression that will bring deep joy and beautiful outcomes in your life.

I thank you, beloved friends, for listening to my talk. I will come again for I continue to serve God with a desire to bring truth to the world, as do many of my colleagues, the beautiful angels of the Celestial Heavens. We all work together to these ends, to guide you, to continue to speak of the truth, and to walk with you as you awaken to truth.

May God bless you deeply, my beautiful friends. May this Love of God be your singular desire to receive. God bless you. God bless you, my friends. Yogananda, at your service and I love you deeply. God bless you.